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Friday, October 30, 2009

[NEWS] “Heading To The Ground” to be Early Cut After 16th Episode, Flooding Criticisms from Viewers

MBC drama “Heading To The Ground” will call its early ending after the 16th episode airing this November 4th. The drama was previously planned to have 20 episodes, however due to the poor rating record, finally its episodes are cut and will finally have an early ending.

“Heading To The Ground” crew on the 29th after the broadcast of the 15th episode said, “The final episode will be aired next Wednesday,” announced such caption informing the viewers.

The drama ending episode is too early even than the previously expected, caused many dissapointment from the viewers.

Earlier before, on last November 14th, “Heading To The Ground” crew confirmed, “The final is planned to happen after 18th episode.” Therefore, “Heading To The Ground”’s successor “Heroes” would kick off its first broadcast on November 11th, a week earlier that it’s previously scheduled.

Nevertheless, after the episodes were cut by 2, it went another further drop to only 16 episodes which is shorter than it’s first announced, gathering strong complains from the viewers.

After the announcement of “Heading To The Ground” early final, the drama message boards was flooded with many dissatisfaction messages from netizens. “20 episodes were cut to 18, and now to 16… it’s really too much. Next time I won’t watch drama which has low TV rating anymore.” “With the unfinished problems being left in the drama, I really don’t know how they’re going to solve it. This sudden reduction will leave the storyline development being absurd.” “If the rating is good, the episodes are extended, when the rating is bad, they’re cut. The viewers seem to have no rights at all.”

Meanwhile, “Heading To The Ground” is starring popular idol group TVXQ’s Yunho who is starting his acting career for the first time. Modern actors Ara, Lee Yoonji, and Lee Sang Yoon have been co-starring with Yunho in the production and received lots of anticipation. However the series has been receiving much criticism of acting skills, uncreative story development, etc and been ignored by netizens.

Especially since the recent drama “Iris” starring Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee has been broadcasted, it has recorded a shabby viewing rate of 3~4% and received an insulting review such as “The Viewing Rate is Heading to the Ground”.

source: Newsen
summarized+trans by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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