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Monday, November 30, 2009

[NEWS] 091130 TVXQ’s JaeChunSu trio to hold “secret” fanmeeting in Korea

Looks like the rift between TVXQ members may be widening - latest rumor has it that Jaejoong, Junsu & Yoochun (JaeChunSu) have been planning a secret fanmeeting with Cassiopeians without Yunho & Changmin (HoMin).

"Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun will hold a fanmeeting in Korea with their fans," an official from Best Hits Song Festival reportedly revealed. "The December event is still being planned, and the date and location have not been confirmed yet."

Although this may not be any indication of a personal dispute between the members, the disunity will undoubtedly be glaringly obvious at this event. Furthermore, what will SM Entertainment think of this "secretive" act of defiance?

Stay tuned as this event develops; this will undoubtedly be interesting to follow. Make sure to visit the One TVXQ Forums, the top hotspot for international Cassiopeians worldwide.

Source: allkpop
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[NEWS] 091125 Mozart to be Portrayed as Modern Rock Star

By Chung Ah-young
Staff Reporter

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is a fascinating figure whose life has been covered in various films and theater arts. Now the beloved musician will be recreated in the Korean rendition of the Austrian musical “Mozart!” which will be presented by EMK Musical Company in Seoul early next year.

This time, the genius musician will once again be the center of the work, but, besides classical music, he’ll also be accompanied by rock ‘n’ roll. The muscial’s Grammy Award-winning composer, Sylvester Levay, said that he decided to write a musical about Mozart’s life rather than his music with his writing partner Michael Kunze.

“We decided to use his music only at some certain points but most of the time, the rest of the music is our works. We also put rock ‘n’ roll parts in it. So we can represent a nowadays Mozart. I think maybe when he was alive he could have been one of the rock ‘n’ roll stars in the world,” Levay said in an e-mail interview with The Korea Times.

In the musical, Mozart will dress like a rock star, a distinct contrast from the other characters, who are clad in 18th-century costumes.

The Hungarian composer collaborated with Kunze on other musicals, including “Elizabeth” and “Rebecca,” which were well received in Europe and Japan.

From there, they sat down and mulled over how to dissect a famous person’s life. They wanted to create a similar musical to “Elizabeth,” which focused on the main character’s life rather than her successful career. “That touched the audience and was a success. Like this, ‘Mozart!’ was also made about his life. He is very well known as a genius composer but he was also a human. The scene where he has a conflict with his father shows that Michael Kunze and I focused on the life of the person, and a human Mozart,” he said.

To better immerse himself in Mozart’s world, Levay tried to get a sense of how the Austrian composer felt by looking at his body of work. Levay visited where Mozart used to live and read many books on him.

“Also, I tried not to work continuously but also rest for several weeks and come back to the studio and listen to the work I had done. Once I felt this was the right music, then I used it, but if not, I just said ‘no’ to the music,” the composer said.

Levay said that Mozart also had a good sense of humor and was open-minded.
“I looked at more than a thousand of his works and read thousands of books about him. This actually made me connect with him a little bit closer. Also, I tried to feel the emotion he had while he wrote his songs,” he said.

The 64-year-old composer said that telling about his life through his music was the most pleasurable thing. “But the most difficult aspect was thinking, ‘What if I tell his musical life in the wrong way?’ It was a very challenging work to do,” said Levay.

Localizing foreign musicals is another difficult task due to the language difference, the composer said. Levay said that he constantly tells cast members from certain countries to feel the lyrics rather than reading them.

“I have felt that the quality of the Korean artists is very high. They are the best cast members I have seen so far. Also, the EMK production is well organized so I think the Korean version of ‘Mozart!’ will be of high quality, too,” he said.

Levay lived in Hollywood and concentrated on composing music for films from 1980 to 2000. His most famous and popular work was written for the mid-1980s U.S. TV action series “Airwolf” (1984-1986). Since the 1990s, Levay has dedicated himself to musicals.

For the Korean rendition, musical heartthrobs Im Tae-kyung, Park Gun-hyung and Jo Sung-mo will alternate playing Mozart.

The musical will be staged from Jan. 20 to Feb. 21 at Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets cost from 30,000 to 130,000 won. For more information, call (02) 6391-6333 or visit www.musicalmozart.co.kr.


[INFO] 091129 Junsu Wearing "Raise Your Voice Louder, Louder, Louder"

Korean singers, especially idols, promoted well Dior Homme this year. But one item was endorsed more than the other.

The "Raise your voice louder" shirt. This time, it’s DBSK tenor singer to show it at the airport of Gimpo.

We already spotted the white version of that shirt on BigBang members such as Seungri (Gara Gara Go MV) and G-Dragon (Breathe MV). The black version was endorsed by the maknae of Shinee's Taemin.

The words really suits to DBSK members, especially in those hard times, but we know that Junsu will have to raise his voice really loud for the Mozart musical!

Dior Homme – Fall/Winter 2009-10 collection

Credits: kenoa@sharingyoochun
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[INFO] 091129 Tohoshinki in Japanese TV This December

Tohoshinki in Japanese TV This December

♥ Fuji 2009
FNS Song Festival December 2nd (Wed) 19:00 to 23:30

♥ TBS Channel
TVXQ 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~ The Secret Code ~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME December 24 (Thu) 23:00 - 01:00

TVXQ THE 3RD ASIA TOUR CONCERT MIROTIC December 28 (Mon) 22:00 - 24:00

TVXQ THE 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT "O" December 28 (Mon) 24:00 - 02:00

TVXQ 2006 LIVE CONCERT RISING SUN December 28 (Mon) 02:00 - 04:00

General The 60th Festival for NHK December 31 (Thu) 19:15 to 23:45


Source: http://www.kntv.co.jp/tohoknsp/index.php
Credits: www.tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com
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[TRANS] 091128 Max Matsuura E-mail to His Friendlist

I believe even many of you have noticed there are a lot of messages from TVXQ fans which contains support, advice, anxiety, and even frustation.

There are quite many things are sent to me.

Would everyone give these serious idea and/or feedbacks to AVEX as well?

I would like to thank you for all the advices you sent me.

Meanwhile, for me not being able to respond anything, I’m truly sorry.

The first time I began writing about Tohoshinki on my blog was on December 29th, 2006 “Tohoshinki single Step by Step is coming out next year!!!”. It’s been 3 years since then. From the promotion, to the first appearance in Music Station, to appearance in Red and White, etc… the staffs have put so much effort to all those events, my heart is trembling when I try to recall everything.

We’ve done our utmost effort (to support the boys), however, there are a lot of things we’re not given any information.

Therefore, please understand that this is not the right time to release any official statement.

Indeed, we’re going to do everything we’re supposed to do.

source: max matsuura + yukabon’s room
Shated by : DBSKnights + sharingyoochun

[INFO] 091129 Netizens Spot Similiarities Between Micky YooChun and Amber

Some netizens have spotted some similarities between Dong Bang Shin Ki Micky YooChun and f(x) Amber.

We all know that Amber is known to be lookalike to many male idols. Add one more to the list?

Netizens points out the similarities. Do they lookalike?

Credits: KBites
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[INFO] 091129 2009 Melon Music Awards

Credits : DBSKnights
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

[INFO] 091128 Idol who Has The Most Successful Transformation to Actor

Just another random poll from yahoo korea ^_^

As we can see, our Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho is listed on the poll

Go vote by clicking this link:
(no log in required)

Credits: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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[TRANS] 091128 Kikuchi PD’s Blog: FNS Music Festival 2009

In 5 days!
“2009 FNS Music Festival”
Today, we started to build up the hall!
(T/N: Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa, Hiten Main Banquet Hall )
The picture was taken around 23:00.
We are trying our best.
We are starting to feel nervous.
Today, our “Otogumi staff blog” has achieved 1 million hits in 3 years!

Kikuchi P Nov 28, 2009 (01:19)

source: Kikuchi P’s Blog
translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[INFO] 091128 Big Bang and TVXQ receive the Gold Artist Award

On the Best Hit Song Awards 2009 aired through Japan TV on the 26th, two of Korea's favorite male idol groups received the Gold Artist Award. They were none other than Big Bang and TVXQ.

This has actually been the seconds THIRD time for the senior TVXQ boys to claim this glorifying title, whereas it's a first for the rookie Big Bang boys who only debuted in Japan five months ago (though they have released many ENG songs in 2008)

As many already know, TVXQ is still in a dispute with SM Entertainment regarding their unfair contracts. Due to this reason, the special stage for this event was extra special for the fans who have waited a long time to see the five boys come together as one again. U-Know Yunho expressed during rehearsal, "I really want to go up on stage. I am very happy to be awarded the Gold Artist Award."

091126 Interview;-TVXQ-

credit: 33okilove33@YT

091126 Stand By You TVXQ

credit: 33okilove33@YT

In contrast to TVXQ, Big Bang does not have many achievements in Japan yet. However, after releasing their first single My Heaven, their popularity skyrocketed in Japan, reaching up to the second place on the Oricon Daily Charts. In addition, their second single Gara Gara Go! successfully climbed to third.

091126 Gara Gara Go! BIGBANG

credit: Junko7777@YT

Congratulations to both of the groups!

Source: asianfanatics.net
Shared by: Cielo and Yoochun! @ OneTVXQ.com

[VID] Bigeastation#140



[INFO] 091129 Tohoshinki feast after TV Best Hits Music Festival 2009

On the 27th, ぐ る な び shop owner, publishes the entry on his blog, saying that THSK came on the night of the 26th for a feast.

Fromぐ る な び the shop official net, November 27 post, contributor: Shopkeeper KATSUBE.

Eastern Gods (THSK), arrived.

In the evening we received a call to set up a reservation for a feast.
Because the reservation is at a later time, so guessing its for after concert celebration.

Just happens that today, they attended [BEST HIT Song Festival], possibly related to that. . .

When the reservation time arrived, they were still not here, staff called
[To avoid the Taxi following us, it may take some effort, we may be late!!]
Since it was said like that, so I thought, what kind of big celebrity is coming?
It turns out, they were very very big celebrities that arrived.

Although when they arrived, I did not know who they were
Asked the staff here [Who are they?]
They are going to be appearing on Kohaku Utagassen, so it seems that everyone knows them~~ (staff)

With such famous people, how wonderful would it be to take pictures with them together and post it on the blog~
I had thought about this idea, but, I was too scared to ask. (laughs)

Finally, when I was watching them leave
Jaejoong broke the container for the shop’s business cards. . .

So as an apology, he said next time when he comes back, he will wash the dishes for free.
Happily waiting ~

source: ぐ る な び BLOG
credit: 在啊花
trans by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

Just see the blog address: http://kuchikomi.gnavi.co.jp/shop/diary/c8...cle/242340.html (credit: Vina@sharingyoochun)

[TRANS] 090826 Avex Press Release

T/N: I know that this has been released a while ago, but since I believe that not all of you have read this or have had time to track back to this; O! Japanese translators decided to translate this article again and we took care of every word to make sure that this translation conveys Avex's statement accurately. We have checked back Avex website time to time, and their statement has not changed since August, so this is the current official stand of Avex regarding this issue.


Regarding Tohoshinki
August 6th, 2008
AVEX Entertainment Co. Ltd.

Regarding Tohoshinki

The three members of Tohoshinki, Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun, have filed an application for a provisional suspension of the effects of their exclusive contract against their company, S.M.Entertainment Co.Ltd. (Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea), to the Korean court. Regarding this matter, the three members said, "This provisional suspension application does not imply that Tohoshinki will disband by any means."

S.M.Entertainment Co.Ltd. also stated, "Tohoshinki is not as such that belongs to an individual or a corporation; but rather, it is a group that represents Korea, as well as Asia. For that reason, we would like to have Tohoshinki's activities to be continued." Based on their statements, both parties expressed that they do not wish for Tohoshinki's disbandment.

Regarding the continuation of Tohoshinki's activities in Japan, our company has also received a response from S.M.Entertainment Co.Ltd. that said, "Basically, the (three) members and their law firm both desire to continue their activities in Japan."

We would like to apologize to everyone for all the worries and troubles that this has caused. We will continue to do our very best to support Tohoshinki's activities in Japan, just the same way as we had done until now, so please continue to warmly support and watch over them.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: http://toho-jp.net/
Translation: linhkawaii and junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com
Special thanks: smiley and diana© @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[INFO] 091127 Heaven's Postman Book Release

Price: USD13.625

Release: 2009-12-03

This is available at DVD Heaven

Credits: DVD Heaven
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[INFO] Hallyu Festival in Hiroshima

Date: December 5th – 7th, 2009
Time: 10:00 – 19:00
Place: Event Square in front of South Exit of JR Hiroshima Station

source: cyonje
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + DBSKnights

[TRANS] 091127 Tohoshinki - Gold Artist Award

The five members of Tohoshinki finally stood together again, standing together on the same stage after the start of the problems.

At 7o'clock on the 26th, the three members who were in a turmoil with SM, along with the other two members approached the "Best Hits Festival 2009" stage together in Japan.

This day, Tohoshinki was awarded the "Gold Artist" award, and was the 19th artist to perform out of the 21 performers. The five members appeared in white suits on the stage, and received a lot of the audiences cheers.

Leader Yunho spoke as he held the award, using his fluent Japanese to convey his joy and feelings of thanks towards the fans. This is the first time they stood on stage after the release of their 28th single . [T/N i'm not too sure about the "first time"..]

On the other hand, apart from Tohoshinki, artists like Big Bang, Koda Kumi, JUJU, AAA, EXILE and others also attended.

Source: [tvxq-yard]
Translation Credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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[TRANS] 091127 Jejung Replies To Dating Rumours

A Japanese womens magazine reported on the 26th that Tohoshinki's member Jejung was dating with a certain Japanese actress, talking about their date during the late night. This magazine reported: "witnessing the two dating at 3am."

Jejung's reply to this: "This report has no evidence, and we've never met before, and i do not have the heart to date anyone at the moment."

One of Jejung's friend has stated: This report has no proof and Jejung has been in Korea after finishing the Shanghai concert in China on the 2nd of October, and has been there right up till arriving in Japan on the 24th. As well as that, Jejung has never gone out by himself at night, this is all a rumour.

Source: [artsnews + tvxq-yard]
Translation Credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
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[TRANS] 091127 JaeChunSu Planning For a Fan-meeting This December

Dong Bang Shin Ki members Hero JaeJoong, Xiah JunSu and Micky YooChun who are involving in a lawsuit issue with their respective agency company are currently planning a fanmeeting in korea secretly.

A staff from ‘Best Hits Song Festival’ mentioned, “The 3 members will be holding a fanmeeting at korea to meet up with their fans.” One of their assistance also stated, “Fanmeeting this December is in the process of planning, but the exact date and location are yet to confirm.”

Source: Newsen + HeyJJ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 091127 Junsu's Mozart Time Schedule

Xiah Jusu will act as the music genious---Mozart, together with other three musical actors as main characters.

Xiah Junsu himself stated"Although the schedule is busy, but regarding this as a challenge if act skill also, having watched many great musicals carefully, I chose this perfect production--Musical Mozart which has both artistic value and bright perspective, as my debut!! I will have Japan's acivities well arranged. "

Musical made part claimed, "Original writer Sylvester Levay have met Xiah Junsu once before, and Xiah was interested in and eager for acting this musical. The original writer expects his performance as a elit in music! We reflect the writer's opinion and set it down. " And added, "Xiah Junsu has been accepted by many fans by his activities, this chance as a musical actor is a brand new challenge for him. Hope fans give him attention and lynette"

Jan. 20th 2010, the musical will meet with the audiences!

I've heard the O.S.T MV ! It is wonderful~
^^ imagine the Xiah version~it will be awesome!

This is the schedule of the musical.

Junsu will act on Jan. 26th , 28th.

Source: (article)Baidu (pic)Mozart Offical web 
Translation:zoe91 @ site / community Credits: onetvxq 
Shared by: zoe* @ OneTVXQ.com

[PIC] Mozart The Musical Site Updates

Credits: DNBN
Shared by: DBSKnights

[TRANS] 091127 Xiah Junsu's Role as 'MOZART' Confirmed

TVXQ member Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu) has been cast as the lead role in the 2010 production 'Mozart!'

Xiah Junsu plays the role of genius musician Mozart, who yearns for freedom, and plays alongside musical stars Lim Tae Kyung, Part Gun Hyung, and Park Eun Tae.

Xiah Junsu's side stated, "We were thinking of a new change for him amidst his busy schedule so we looked through several good musical performances and we decided on 'Mozart!' that possessed the performance qualities and the audience attraction qualities of a perfect performance which required slight changes in his Japanese schedule."

The production side stated, "When the original writer Sylvester Levay visited Korea, he met with the casting crew and Xiah Junsu once and then he fell for Xiah Junsu's willingness and passion. The original writer stated that Xiah Junsu's superior skills would make him a great Mozart and we decided to cast him as the main role."

They also said, "We hope the fans give their love and support for Xiah Junsu, who has already been noted for his great skills through various activities, for his first challenge as a role in a musical."

Musical 'Mozart!', which will begin on January 20th, 2010 in the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, is an Austrian musical written by world renown playwright Michael Kunze and Grammy Award winner Sylvester Levay.

Source: [osen+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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[VID] Tohoshinki Live Performance at Best Hits Interview Eng Subbed

Credits: as tagged@YT
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[TRANS] 091126 NHK MJ EYESBLOG Update 2

Ishihara PD is so considerate!

Once again, there is a lovely article in the Music Japan staff’s blog, EYESBLOG.

To all Tohoshinki (TVXQ) Fans

As you know, Tohoshinki will participate in some music programs in this year end in Japan, such as Kouhaku.

We can see English comments sent from international fans, and also Japanese messages written using the translating engines. Also, there were many messages sent from many international fans for our program, Music Japan.

It may be presumptuous for me to ask you Japanese fans, but I will be very happy if you support Tohoshinki, thinking that you are the representatives of all the Korean and International fans.
Though we are staffs of the Japanese TV station, we are planning to produce programs that our international fans could also be delighted in watching.

Well, I could not request any specific examples.
But I am especially in tears when I read messages sent from abroad…
(Especially, when I think how Cassiopeia members are feeling)

(Ishihara PD) Nov 26, 2009 15:24

Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[INFO]091127 TVXQ #11. Arashi #18. 2009 goo Search Ranking

#1 Yahoo
#2 You Tube
#3 Google
#4 Mixi
#5 2 Channel
#11: TVXQ ranks the highest for the actual person or the group in this ranking.

You may be able to spot words such as MSN, JAL (Japan Airline) ad ANA (Airline).
(Wow our TVXQ beats MSN and Japans two top airline company You know people travel all the time.)
followed after that.....
The second in ranking of the person or the group in this chart is Arashi, ranking in #18.

I would say this marks another Top 1 ranking won by our TVXQ in Japan in 2009!

Source: Goo
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[NEWS] 091126 'What Tohoshinki Can Do' A News From Korean Media

Tohoshinki, as they are called in Japan, is set to resume their activities in the country, according to reports. According to Japanese media including "Daily Sports", the group is set to appear on Nihon TV's year-end awards ceremony "Best Hit Festival 2009" on November 26. They proved they remain a force to be reckoned with, being nominated for the Gold Artist Award alongside top Japanese singers including EXILE and Koda Kumi. TVXQ has also decided to show up at Fuji TV's "FNS Kayousai 2009" on December 2 and have also been juggling their schedule to make appearances on NHK's "Kohaku Uta Gassen", translated into "Red and White Song Battle", and other year-end music ceremonies.

Hence, TVXQ will undertaking their activities in Japan as a five-member group for the first time in three months since last performing together at the A-Nation Osaka concert on August 30. After Japanese media quoted Korean reports saying the group may be on the verge of disbanding over legal disputes, TVXQ's fans in Japan had been as worried as fans in Korea over what lies in the future for one of Asia's most popular boy bands. NHK broadcast a rerun of an episode featuring the group in its music program "Music Japan" upon receiving endless requests from viewers. And Ishihara, producer for the program and also executive producer for NHK's "Kohaku", wrote on his blog, "I know many of you TVXQ fans out there must feel insecure in many ways these days. I really hope this rerun makes you happy and we hope to be able to make a second TVXQ special in the near future."

Meanwhile, TVXQ's Japanese agency Avex reaffirmed its stance it announced on August 6, saying it will continue to carry out full-fledged support of the group's activities in Japan. Other than making TV appearances, the band is also set to release their 29th single "BREAK OUT!" in Japan on January 27 next year. But fans will get to hear the lively dance tune ahead of the single's release, as it will be the theme song to NHK's Thursday night drama "Tomehane! Suzusato High School, Calligraphy Club" premiering January 7. TVXQ also plans to meet with fans thereafter, starting with Kobe between January 19 to 20, a week later in Sendai and on the two last days of the month in Yokohama.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: asiae News (Partially taken from the original source.)
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 091126 TVXQ Fans Submit Retaliation to SM's Statement

TVXQ fans submitted a civil appeal to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism stating that SM Entertainment began selling tickets for TVXQ's Shenzhen concert before receiving permission from the Chinese government. To this, SM explained that, "We asked the concert planning agency in charge of TVXQ's Asia Tour, and they said all legal permission and procedures pertaining to ticket sales for the Shenzhen concert had no problems whatsoever." However, fans are stating that SM's statement is a lie.

Recently in an interview with a journalist, SM stated, "The 'Nanjing Asia Pacific Correspondence of Culture Exchange Corporation' was informed by the People's Republic of China's Ministry of Culture that 'Permission is granted for TVXQ's Guangdong (Shenzhen) concert' on the 21st of October. The Chinese agency also received the 'Ratification by the Ministry of Culture of Korean TVXQ's Concert in Guangdong (Shenzhen) [2009] Number 2146."

Therefore, SM stated that ticket sales began on October 21st, when Dream Maker was given permission to do so.

▲TVXQ Shenzhen concert ticket sales authorization transfer certification The authorization certification stated that the rights to sell tickets were transferred from the 'Nanjing Asia Pacific Correspondence of Culture Exchange Corporation', who is the Chinese company in charge of the concert, to the general agent for tickets, 'Piao'. ⓒDNBN

However, fans stated that, "'Nanjing Asia Pacific Correspondence of Culture Exchange Corporation' gave the authorization to sell tickets to 'Piao' on September 30th," and "Ticket sales actually began before this date," and presented evidence. The actual date of the transfer of the authorization of ticket sales did indeed begin on September 30th.

Fans stated, "'Piao' believed that by being given the authorization to sell tickets, permission for the concert had already been given. Therefore, they did their job and began selling tickets. However, September 30th is quite far away from October 21st. Therefore, SM Entertainment blatantly disregarded China's procedures for such an event."

Fans also stated, "For the Chinese companies, as they work with concerts in China, they are allowed to draw up contracts regarding sponsors regardless of whether or not permission has been given. However, if the Chinese company, SM and Dream Maker are planning to hand over the authorization of ticket sales, they should have waited until after permission was give before doing so."

To collect evidence that ticket sales began before permission was granted by the Chinese government, fans presented receipts and lists of order confirmation of fans who had bought tickets for the concert.

▲Shenzhen Concert Ticket Sales Confirmation List A confirmation list of a ticket buyer in China. The date on the receipt states October 5th. However, SM stated that ticket sales began on October 21st. ⓒDNBN

According to this evidence, the payment bank account and money transfer receipt are both listed under the date October 11th. Other ticket confirmation lists are even dated as October 5th. This proves that ticket sales were occurring before permission from the Chinese government was given.

Fans stressed that, "If this isn't a violation of ticket sales, then what is?" and "This proves that ticket sales began even though permission wasn't give by the Chinese government."

Fans also said, "The Shenzhen concert is a concert directly linked with SM," and "No explanation can let SM escape from their responsibility for going ahead with a concert regardless of the fact that the government had not granted permission yet."

On the 16th, regarding TVXQ fans' civil appeal titled 'SM Entertainment's Disregard for the Chinese Administrative Procedures may obstruct Culture Exchanges between Korea and China', the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism stated, "In the case of China, a license system is used for foreign concerts," and "As you have stated, the actions of disregarding a country's appropriate procedures may have a negative effect on the growth of the Hallyu Wave, the image of the Korean music market and the nation as a whole, as well as the cultural exchange between the two nations."

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also stated, "We will call a representative of SM forth to clarify and set regulations so that such an event will not occur again."

Source: [ohmynews+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

[TRANS] 091125 SM Blinded By Money, What Lie Will They Come Up With Next?

I dare to say that TVXQ is one of the best singers in all of Korea. Truth be told, there are few singers who can sing well while dancing rigorously like they do, and there are few singers who not only sing and dance well, but look good as TVXQ does.
However, what is unfortunate is their agency SM. When one looks through all the unbelievable actions SM has carried out, one begins to wonder how such an agency was able to bring to Kpop so many singers.

Lies only bring more lies
To sum the case up, SM suddenly added an activity to TVXQ's schedule. (The concert that came after the lawsuit was instigated) So the three members of TVXQ (Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun) stated that they would not be attending a concert that had not been planned in advance, and SM retaliated strongly and viciously. They gave off a nuance that TVXQ was being very immature by not attending a pre-scheduled activity because of a confrontation with the agency.
But the problem is that all of the procedures and results that SM has been stating are lies.

1. A Pre-scheduled Activity?
: What is currently causing controversy is the signature happening; in which it is stated that a concert can occur only if the singer signs the documents him or herself. Therefore, if the singer did not sign the documents him or herself, this is the same as the singer stating that he or she would not be attending the concert. The problem is, SM forged these signatures.
To restate that, to make the concert look as though it had been scheduled in advance, created this situation from lies. There was no "pre-scheduled activity" that they claimed there was.

2. The Concert Was Given Full Permission?
:This is sounding like a lie as well. People must receive permission to advertise or sell anything related to concerts in China. To calm down the controversy, SM stated that they began selling tickets on the 21st. However, evidence from Chinese fans in the form of e-mails confirming that money was transferred for tickets that were sent on the 16th are appearing here and there. SM's statement has once again been proven as a lie. To restate this, SM is trying to cover the situation with lie after lie.

-TVXQ's attitude is quite mature. They are too grown up to be called idols.
SM is busy trying to criticize and tarnish the names of the members of TVXQ with lies. The company even forged signatures for the Shenzhen concert and canceled the concert only to place the blame on the members. As stated above, they used lies.
TVXQ, on the other hand, are not using media play or taking direct action against SM. They did so for their worrying fans, and to reduce, at least by one, the number of times the name TVXQ appeared in the media. What about SM? They, on the other hand, tried to make TVXQ look like schemers and kept them in the media spotlight to tarnish the image of the group. It's as though the agency has the mindset of 'Since you left our house, I'll make sure the rest of your lives are miserable. Is this really how the nation's top, leading agency should act to youths in their 20s? It makes one wonder who is the real adult and who is the child in this dispute.

-Those who criticize TVXQ, do not criticize them if you don't know what you're talking about.

1. Impatient TVXQ?
: Currently, there are netizens who are quietly observing this case, but then there are some who cannot control themselves and criticize TVXQ. I ask for them to think their position over one more time. It's actually quite laughable.
SM began selling tickets illegally although the members of TVXQ continued to decline the notion, and they even forged the members' signatures without authorization from the members, until when do you expect them to grin and bear it?
Have you no clue about the legal system and laws of our country? Forgery is an extremely serious offense in Korea.

2. TVXQ is greedy for money?
: Let's pretend that there is a businessman who worked his way up through this own had work and determination to a reasonably good status in a company. Truth be told, he's receiving unfair treatment, but he is receiving a bigger salary than the average businessman. In any case, he continues to diligently do as the company says for the sake of the expectations put upon him and the development of the company. So the company grew and became developed, and that businessman continued to bring forth results that met or exceeded expectations. However, the treatment he received from the company changed only slightly. All he received was more work, and bigger expectations.

Is this situation very fair? Is this a situation to look over just because the salary is not on the bad side?
This is not being greedy for money. How is wanting as much as one worked being greedy for money? This is something we should be supporting. Because this is not something wrong to do. When taking the facts that the company would become better in quality and environment, the company should be thankful.

Whatever the reason, everything has been revealed. Due to these lies being revealed, it makes one feel as though everything SM has said in the past were lies as well. I don't know about anything else, but I'm very curious to see what explanations, no, lies SM will come up with next.

SM's abilities to raise and debut skilled singers is notable, however, they are advised to fix themselves and mature into an agency that can communicate and listen to its singers.

Source: [Daum View On+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

[VID] Bigeastation #139 EngSub

Credits: whisperpuppies
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[VID] JaeChunSu At Gimpo Airport

Credits: farahmicky8@YT
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[NEWS] 091124 Shenzhen Concert Note of Confirmation Signatures were Forged

-Note of Confirmation-

-Personal Number:
-Phone Number:

I, the writer of this note of confirmation, followed orders from ooo of SM Entertainment in March of 2009 and signed the documents for the Shenzhen concert instead of the three members. In signing these documents, neither the writer of this note nor SM Entertainment received permission beforehand and afterwards from the three members to use their signatures. The Shenzhen concert was completely unknown to the three members at the time of the lawsuit and it was confirmed after the lawsuit began.

Written date: November 15, 2009 Sunday

Three members of group ‘TVXQ’, Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun, who are locked in a legal dispute with SM Entertainment, has stated that their signatures were forged on the note of confirmation for the Shenzhen concert and this is expected to cause major ripples in the case.

Regarding SM Entertainment’s stance that ‘The three members suddenly notified SM of their nonattendance two weeks before the Shenzhen concert which was to be held on November 21st and there are no legal problems with our ticket sales,’ the three members’ side stated on the 24th that, “The China Shenzhen Concert note of confirmation holds signatures of the three members that we are attempting to prove were forged.”

They also stated, “Some Chinese and Korean fans notified us that the signatures used on the note of confirmation looked forged, and after thorough examination, we were able to know that the signatures were indeed false,” and “SM Entertainment stated that there were no legal problems regarding their ticket sales of TVXQ’s Shenzhen Concert, yet they forged the members’ signatures for this.”

The note of confirmation for Chinese performances is a document that proves that the musician will be attending the event through their signature. This document is placed where tickets are sold so that the consumers will know that the singer will be attending.

The three members’ side also stated, “In the case of the Shenzhen concert, the three did not sign the documents saying that they would attend but SM had someone forge the signatures,” and “The person who forged the signatures submitted a hand-written note stating that he was ordered by a representative of SM to forge the signatures.”

The fake signatures (left) and the real signatures (right)

They also stated that, “SM added this Shenzhen concert into the members’ schedule after the agreement they made with the three members that all pre-planned activities would be performed. They are trying to distort the facts to make it seem like it was an event planned from before the trial,” and “The three members have asked SM to tell them of the 배경 of the forgery of the signatures as well as to reveal the full contents of the Shenzhen concert contract. The three hope to dispel any misunderstandings the fans may have felt from this happening.”

They also released the real signatures of the three members along with the fake signatures on the note of confirmation.

Before this, SM stated that the three members knew of the Shenzhen Concert before the exclusive contract suspension request was submitted and that they pulled out of the event suddenly two weeks before the concert which was why the event was canceled. SM also stated that the three members never asked to see the details of the Shenzhen concert contract.

source: [nocut news+DNBN]
translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net
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[TRANS] 091124 Kitagawa Eriko's Blog Update 6


(T/N "ToJaeTen" is a word made by Eriko. It is an abbreviation for Tohoshinki + Jaejoong + Tengoku [heaven].

2009-11-24 19:11:45

I thought that this topic was finished…
But, ToJaeTen seems to be continous.

Just now, I received a telephone call from everyone’s Jaejoong.
He seems to abroad the airplane.
Yes, the airplane coming to Japan.

I kept my promise with everyone!!
I told Jaejoong how he is loved by the Japanese fans.
I told him little by little, one by one, in details.
First of all it was "Do you know how much you are loved by the Japanese fans?"
And next one was,
"For everyone, Tohoshinki is Jinsei (T/N life) itself….Do you know the meaning of Jinsei?"
"Oh, yes, I understand" ← this is Jaejoong’s words.
"You are the light, support, and encouragement of their lives."
I was saying to him, "I made a promise with your fans that I will convey their feelings, as far as time permits."
Jaejoong was saying "Yes, yes", during my words.
Everyone is so worried about you.
"Say a word to your fans"
"Well…What should I say? For this case, what is the correct answer?"
OMG~~~ are you joking?

Jaejoong seems to be a very shy person.
He is a good "Boke" (T/N: funny man).
He was earnestly listening to what I was saying.
Since I was the one to speak out, he seemed to be constantly offensive.
But I was the one who wanted to cry. The ToJaeTen project cost a lot of trouble…
(I can say this now)
I said that I did my best not for you, but for all of your fans.
Yes, I said all what I wanted to, in that short telephone call. Please praise me.
I also told him that there were over 32,000 comments. He said "That is great".
(The great person is you, Jaejoong.)

Lastly, he said that the airplane will take off soon, and will change to Yoochun.
Who is Yoochun?
HAHAHAHA, I heard their big laughter through the line.
Good bye~ See you~ and the telephone call was over.
Who is Yoochun? ( Writing this, I know that dome class comments will come out.)

T/N Up to this time, I can see more than 1200 comments for this article, all thanking Kitagawa for her supports. 1200 comments in only 3 hours!

Source: Eriko Kitagawa’s Blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[NEWS] 091124 Selling Tickets Without Government's Permission, TVXQ Fans Are Complaining

TVXQ fans has filed a complaint to SM (CEO Kim Young-min) to relevant department about the starting of ticket sales of Shenzhen concert scheduled on last November 21st before getting any permission from China government.

On last November 16th a complaint file entitled “SM Entertainment ignores China’s Administrative Procedure-A concern to China Cultural Exchange Inhibition” was received by Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism from TVXQ fansite DNBN.

“According to the complaint filed in homepage of Department of Cultural Affairs, the official approval for TVXQ concert that was supposedly held in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China was out on October 28th, however the ticket sales was already accomplished at the end of September, eventually SM had sold concert tickets without any permission from the Chinese government.” the fansite pointed out their complaints.

“Eventhough now there’s a ticket refund for the audiences that are supposed to go to the concert hall, however it’s still not considered transportation costs, visa fee to enter China for especially foreign audiences including the opportunity costs damage everyone has suffered.”

(the screen capture of TVXQ’s fans complain in Ministry of Culture website)

In particular they continued, “SM ignored the administrative procedure as they announced the concert to public in the process of China’s approval. This unreasonable South Korea Entertainment ticket sales could leads to national image damage as the Chinese government would think other South Korea singers may do the same act of holding concert before getting any permission.”

“Usually SM artists’ concert is held at least 4-6 months after gaining the permission, thus this process of Shenzhen concert is definitely unreasonable.”

Towards this accusation, SM official responded on the 24th to Star Money Today, “TVXQ’s 3rd Asia Concert in Shenzhen is their 12th stops which was planned already when the contract with Dream Maker was signed back then in July 2008. Under the agreement, all aspects that are related to the concert including ticket sales and permission approval from local government are obliged to Dream Maker.” he said.

“Therefore, the claim of selling of TVXQ concert in Shenzhen ticket without any permission from Chinese government shall not be directed to SM.” he strongly refuted. “We also had contacted Dream Maker earlier about the plan to conduct the last November 21st-scheduled TVXQ Asian Tour in Shenzhen and they confirmed that there’s no problem at all in ticket sales and any related legal procedures.”

Dream Maker, in other side, explained, “For this last stop of concert in China, the Ministry of Culture of RRC autorizhed TVXQ’s concert in last October 21st. ‘The content of Korean TVXQ Guangdong (Shenzhen) concert agreement is ratified by the Ministry of Culture [2009] No. 2146′”

SM said, “(related to fans’ complaint) the permission approved by the Cultural Affairs of Guangdong Province issued on October 28th was unrelated to the ticket sales permission, it’s merely about visas for foreign artists which will perform and relevant documents and information submission.” he also added, “Because the cancelation of concert in Shenzhen, we’re now in the situation where have to pay for the damages. As we already sold the tickets, canceling a concert is definitely not our intention. In the future we hope there’s no more false claim like this being refrained.”

source: ohmynews + star-mts
um trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Shared by: DBSKnights + sharingyoochun

[NEWS] 091124 TVXQ To Appear At NHK's Red And White Song Battle

Korean idol group TVXQ is set to appear on NHK TV's "Red and White Song Battle" next month,
according to the Japanese broadcaster's website.

NHK announced on its official website on Tuesday that the K-pop boy band will appear on "Battle",
which has been Japan's signature year-end festivity for the past sixty years.

The show brings together the most successful music acts in the country and Asia and divides them
into two teams -- the Red Team for female artists and the White Team for male artists.
The singers or groups perform for their teams and the winning team is decided at the very end of the show,
which ends shortly before midnight.

According to the report by NHK, TVXQ will be performing for the White Team which includes 24 other
top singers and groups such as Arashi and SMAP.
This makes TVXQ the only Korean artist to appear on "Battle" for two consecutive years.

TVXQ, a five-member boy band, is one of most successful K-pop acts in Asia.
Recently, the group has not been performing as a group since three of its members are
currently in a legal dispute with their agency SM Entertainment.

SM, however, was quoted as saying that they are,
"working on having all five member make an appearance."

"Battle" airs live on NHK channel on December 31.

Credit: asiae.co.kr News
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[VID] Bigeastation#139


credit: yunlinjae

[NEWS] 091124 SM Entertainment VS 632 Fans

The 632 fans of TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, and SHINee are in process of filing application of collective disputes against SM Entertainment-Dream Maker for the cancellation of the planned August 16th SM TOWN LIVE ‘09, demanding compensation for property and mental damages.

Korea Consumer Agency (KCA)’s Consumer Dispute Resolution Committee on last 23rd was asked by applicants related to the case of unilaterally cancellation of “SM TOWN LIVE ‘09″ as they demanded property and mental compensation which follows in collective dispute resolution procedure process on the 24th.

Dispute Resolution Committee initiated this collective dispute resolution procedures, and the committee will receive registration from other victims of this issue to have the same batch remedies from November 25th until December 9th.

Consumers that are willing to apply can log in to Korea Consumer Agency website (www.kca.go.kr) – consultation area (상담 마당) – dispute resolution group (집단분쟁조정), ones need to apply in order to join the collective resolution remedies.

Applicants must be ones who purchased Dream Maker Entercom’s “SM TOWN LIVE ‘09″ through domain auction and in case the applicant is a minor (a person who is under the age), the minor’s parents must apply for the participation as legal representative on the minor’s behalf.

The presentation of this case is about the past contractor’s act of concert postponed or canceled unilaterally therefore asking for liability to refund for any damages had been occurred.

Source: eto.co.kr
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Credits: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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[INFO] 091124 Bigeast Project: "Send a Thank You Postcard to AVEX", Let your voice be heard!

Message from Bigeast fans:

Dear Cassiopeia Members,

This is Kocha from Bigeast, Japan.

This may not be the appropriate place to post this news,
but we do not know exactly where to, since most of us cannot
write Korean.

First of all, we would like to thank you all for always protecting TVXQ and keeping the faith in them.

Because of the differeces in organization and in culture, we cannot do as much as you do in SK and the rest of Asia.

However, now that TVXQ are in Japan, we would like to do our
best to avoid their disbanding.

We know from the news TVXQ are very close to disband.
And we've learned fan's power is very needed.

We are working on this movement, called "Send A Thank You Postcard to AVEX".

It is to let Mr. Matsuura know our appreciation for his support for the five, and also to beg him to guarantee their activity in both S.Korea and in Japan (and the rest of Asia).

We believe there is no Tohoshinki without Dong Bang Shinki.
TVXQ is the precious star that was born in S.Korea.
It is unbearable to see them not able to sing in their own country.

The thank-you post cards are supposed to be arrived at AVEX on
November 30th.

It is important that all the mail arrive on the same date so that Japanese media will pick up the news.

But this may not enough, because Japanese media this year tend to focus on Arashi's 10th year anniversary and their first time attending Kohaku.

We would like to make sure that this "send a thank-you post card to AVEX" to be broadcasted and told through Korean media, so that
SM will hear it clear.

So, we need to ask all the bilingual(English/Korean/Chinese etc.) writers a help.
Because we believe this may be our last chance to keep the five together.

PLEASE!! spread this news here in DBSK Knights, DNBN, Korean TV Stations, Korean newspaper, Korean magazines, and any other media possible.

We don't want to lose our last chance!!

Make sure to let them know that even the QUIET Japanese fans are raising their voice!!

However, we are not hoping for a battle.

If there is 1% of possibility for them to avoid disbanding,
we would like to bet on it.

Again, all the mail will be ARRIVED at AVEX on November 30th.

Thank you very much for your support.

This is the time when Bigeast and Cassiopeia get together to fully support TVXQ.


Kocha from Bigeast, Japan

Source: http://ameblo.jp/teapuyopuyo/

[INFO] 091121 Hungarian dance troop danced to Wrong Number

At Hungarian talent show, a dance troop danced to a remix of "Wrong Number".
(And "Energetic" by BoA, too!)

(Wrong Number is played first 30 seconds or so. No singing.)

For those of you who are interested,
the dance troop danced to more K-pop in a previous episode:
Rainism by Rain, Where you at? by Taeyang and My Ear’s Candy (내 귀에 캔디) ft.Taecyeon (2PM). Cool, huh?

T/N: So, TVXQ and Kpop is popular among Hungarians too?! rolleyes.gif WOW! laugh.gif
And this dance group's name must be "BAD", huh?
What is SMS1799 mean?

Always Keep The Faith!

YT: roland0689
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[TRANS] 091119 Where is "Share The World?!" One Piece Home Page on Fire!

"One Piece" is a popular anime that has been broadcasted for ten years at Fuji Television Network.
Their Title Songs had became a big hit one after another, and their previous theme song, "Share The World"
sang by TVXQ had acquired 1st place by Oricon ranking chart and also at the cable network request chart.

As soon as the change of the theme song had happened on November 15, 2009
the viewers had fired up the One Peace Hope Page mentioning that they prefer the previous song
much better than the new one.

Fuji TV sporkes person had explained that at this point of time they plan to keep on playing
the new song until the viewers get used to it.
(T/N: Yep, everyone wants TVXQ at everywhere! ^^)

J-cast News

A Maniac YT: Yuchun "Hey!" collection version, "Share the world": LOL

Japanese Sub: I collected Yunchun's "Hey" only (LOL).

TVXQ hand made hearts: Which one do you wish to have?

Always Keep The Faith!

Source:J-cast News+as tagged
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

[NEWS] 091122 Music Awards Has Fresh Yet Disappointing Start

The Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) came to an end Saturday, but unfortunately, there were some shortcomings despite it being called Asia's best music award event.

The much-anticipated event was held at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, with young fans lined up near the entrances in hopes of catching a glimpse of some of their favorite K-pop singers.

Mnet Media scrapped its 10-year Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF) in October, announcing that it was bringing an upgraded music event for not only fans in Korea, but throughout Asia as well. While the overall show was entertaining, it failed to truly captivate fans with its results and concept.

The red carpet entrance was a good way to kick off the six-hour event, with female singers donning stylish outfits, mostly in black, some in fur and others in leather.

MAMA offered eight main stages, or ``waves,'' each with special concepts and performances.

The first wave, ``Asian Fever,'' featured Drunken Tiger, who later won the Best Male Solo Artist. The award for the Best Female Solo Artist went to Baek Ji-young. The Best New Male Artist went to the Supreme Team, while 2NE1 won the Best New Female Artist, and two other awards eventually, including the Best Music Video and, one of the grand prizes, the Best Song of the Year for ``I Don't Care.''

The second wave, ``Girls x Girls,'' featured top girl groups the Brown Eyed Girls, which won the Best Female Group and Best House & Electronic awards, and KARA, which won Best Dance.

Seo In-gook, the winner of the Mnet's popular reality program, ``Superstar K,'' also performed in the third wave, ``Super Stardom,'' while the fourth wave, ``21st Street,'' featured the girl group 2NE1 performing in a short musical skit. The stage was decorated like a small village with shops and a two-story house, which was where Park Bom sang her solo number ``You And I.'' The musical was lively with the members singing ``I Don't Care,'' with a chorus line twist, but the signboards were embarrassing, misspelling a couple of words, including ``coffee.''

After former g.o.d. member Kim Tae-woo received the Best Ballad/R&B award, the stage made way for the Best Asian Star, TVXQ. The first official appearance of the three members Xiah, Micky and Hero since the dispute with their agency started surprised fans for two reasons: one was because the group's agency SM Entertainment boycotted the event citing flaws in the judging system and the second was because they appeared without the other two members. The three members are currently engaged in a legal dispute with SM regarding their contracts and cosmetic business.

``We are very happy as the award was given by our Asian fans. For our fans, and also our two friends who may be watching this somewhere, we would like to say that we love you,'' Hero said.

The fifth wave ``Free to the Women'' brought an exciting lineup of female rappers, while the sixth wave ``World of Temptation'' captivated fans and singers with a vampire-inspired stage featuring sexy singer Ivy and 2PM's Nichkhun.

Park Jin-young, the creator of the Wonder Girls, also made a special appearance to receive the Best Asian Composer award.

Big Bang members Tae-yang and G-Dragon rocked the seventh wave, ``Korean Dream,'' dressed in black and white with impressive dance moves. The last wave was a tribute to veteran singer Sim Soo-bong, who was the first singer to make it to the MAMA Hall of Fame. Singers Kim Tae-woo, Epik High and Seo In-young sang some of Sim's best songs, while all the singers came on stage to congratulate the singer.

Along with 2NE1's win for Song of the Year, the other two grand prizes went to G-Dragon for Album of the Year and 2PM for Artist of the Year.

``Thank you, Jae-beom. I know you're watching. We love you,'' Chan-sung said in tears, referring to the group's leader who left the group after being criticized for his comments he made of Korea when he was a trainee. Fans also expressed their excitement and sorrow by screaming out Jae-beom and the group's name.

The event ended with Tiger JK from Drunken Tiger promising a bigger event next year and, indeed, MAMA needs improvements to live up to expectations.

The event did surprise fans with congratulatory messages from famous singers, including Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas and even Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls.

However, despite the title, there was nothing Asian about MAMA. No Asian singers other than ones from Korea were nominated in even one of the main 19 categories, nor were there any foreign artists performing on the local stage, except for two short performances by Asian Recommended winners Bang Bang Tang from China, which was carried out in Chinese with no subtitles, and Japanese group AKB 48 in Japan.

Along with frequent camera mistakes, the event did not include some of the most popular groups, including Girls' Generation and Super Junior, while famous trot singers such as Jang Yoon-jeong and Park Hyun-bin also boycotted the event, questioning the fairness in selecting candidates for the newly established Best Trot award.

The launch of the new event this year seemed like a teaser trailer, full of catchy acts and sequences, minus some key players and reasonable ratings. According to Mnet Media, MAMA will be held in different regions in Asia next year. Perhaps this will help the event live up to expectations as Asia's best music awards, but for now, it has a long way to go.

Source: The Korea Times
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

[TRANS] 091123 Dong Bang Shin Ki Given Asia Best Star Award – Fans were Touched and Tearful

On the night of the 21st of November 2009, one of Korea’s music media channel, Mnet, held the Mnet Asia Music Awards ceremony, and invited Hero Jaejoong, Xiah Junsu and Micky Yoochun of Dong Bang Shin Ki to receive the ‘Best Asia Star Award.’ While delivering their thankful speeches, Yoochun said, “I’m grateful for everyone’s support.” Jaejoong said with teary eyes, “I want to thank the fans from all over Asia, and our two friends who were not able to attend. I would like to say, I love you all.” Dong Bang Shin Ki’s fans from all over the world left comments on their forums after seeing this scene, and they expressed that the three’s speeches touched them deeply, and made them tearful.

On the other hand, the group who won ‘Best Artist of the Year’ and ‘Best Male Group’ was 2PM; they also had tears in their eyes while receiving the awards onstage, and expressed their wishes for the return of their leader Jaebeom.

Source: China News
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 091123 Kouhaku 2009: TVXQ IS IN! Bigbang Not

[TRANS] 091123 Kouhaku 2009: TVXQ IS IN! Bigbang Not
[YT/TRANS] Naughty TVXQ at Kouhaku 2008 + Best Hits Kayousai

(Do you spot Big Bang's name on the screen?)

TVXQ is in, Big Bang not chosen

Around 03:02, they announce the name of TVXQ (東方神起) as a chosen performer of Kohaku 2009,
but interestingly, Mezamashi TV had already placed a flower on TVXQ's name.
So, they must have known about TVXQ's appearance at Kohaku 2009 already. ^^

Big Bang had mentioned many times in their interviews in Japan that
their wish in Japan is to perform at Kohaku this year.
However, they did not make it.
(In clip, we can spot Big Bang's name on the list,
and they had a special "watch" mark in front of their name.)

Everyone knows that Big Bang's members are talented performers.
(And we wish for them to make it next year, along with TVXQ, right? ^^)
It's just that being selected to perform at Kohaku is something very special in Japan.
Like Jero who made it to Kohaku for the first time with TVXQ last year;
he openly shared his dream in life to perform at Kohaku and he cried there.

Jero on Wikipedia:

So, for the Japanese TV stations and the newspaper companies to predict TVXQ's Kohaku
appearance undoubtedly is indeed an amazing news itself. ^^

Let us look forward to TVXQ's performances to come one after another in Japan
starting this coming Wednesday! Yeah!! ^^
Below is the program TVXQ will attend on Wedensday.

[YT/TRANS] Best Hits Kayotaisho: TVXQ won a "Gold Artist Award" in 2008

Translation: TVXQ part

MC: TVXQ! Wow, lots of cheers for them.
MC: How many times did you travel between Japan and Korea, Mr. Yunho?
YH: Yes, we released an album in Korea, we released albums in Japan,
so we traveled around 20 times or so. We also had concerts.
MC: Wow, 20 times?! But it must be rewarding to travel around.
YH: Yes, it was fun.
MC: Okay then please get ready to perform.
They are amazing, both in Japan and Korea, they are so popular.
Yes, indeed. Okay then, TVXQ please perform.

"Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattan Darou"

Naughty TVXQ at Kohaku 2008

Here is Kohaku TVXQ talk from 2008 with Chinese subs.
They are not supposed to laugh here. Naughty TVXQ! LOL


MC: Any comments? Mr. Junsu?
Junsu: I am looking forward to it, a big costume.
00:15: JJ and CM are not supposed to giggle here. Naughty TVXQ! laugh.gif
(CM is usually very polite. A rare video where CM was caught being naughty. ^^
Is it JJ's fault?! What do you say? LOL)

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Mezamashi TV + Best Hits Kayousai + as tagged
Translation: Junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com
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[INFO] 091122 Changmin Spotted Shopping at a Grocery Store

Oh dude, seriously, no wonder he was happy. He was buying food 8D.

According to the blog owner, Changmin was spotted in a grocery store buying tuna, crab, cucumber and other stuff.
He was wearing a baseball cap (duh we can see =x), orange jacket (duh we can see too XD) and jeans.

He was looking very happy and she (blog owner) mentioned the obvious: Looks like he must be eating a lot and barely goes out.

CREDITS: sharingyoochun@wordpress and kimonii@naver

[NEWS] 091123 TVXQ Back on TV!

Korea’s popular idol group TVXQ, said today that it will resume its activities in Japan.

The group announced through its official homepage that it would be appearing on Nihon TV’s
“Best Hits Song Festival 2009” on Wednesday and Fuji TV’s “FNS Music Festival” on Dec. 2.

It will be TVXQ's first public appearance together since they performed at
the A-Nation Osaka concert on Aug. 30.

Meanwhile, the main office of Japanese state-run broadcaster NHK announced that,
carrying on their schedule from last year,
TVXQ would appear on the network's annual year-end variety show, Kohaku Uta Gassen.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Joongang Daily News
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[INFO] 091123 Tohoshinki is Confirmed to Attend 2009 NHK Uta Gassen

According to the newspaper above which was posted in 2ch today (a very popular Japanese community forum) and was also pointed by many netizens in poplez, Tohoshinki is confirmed that they will attend 2009 NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen!

This is their 3rd confirmed attendance for Japanese year-end events after Nihon TV “Best Hits Song Festival 2009″ and Fuji TV’s “FNS MUsic Festival.

Source: 2ch + poplez + dnbn
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[INFO] 091121 Official! TVXQ LIVE! FSN & Best Hit 2009

091126: (Thu) 19:00~20:54: Yomiuri TV: "BEST HIT KAYOSAI (Song Festival) 2009": Live performance!

091202: (Wed) 19:00~23:30: Fuji TV: "2009 FSN Kayoyai (Song Festival)": Live performance!

(T/N:Yep! Five of them perform live! Can not wait to see them!)

Source: Toho-jp

[TRANS] 091120 Jung YunHo, in the Eyes of His Dad

In a year of 365 days, YunHo only gets around 1 week to 10 days of rest time, but he would normally spend half of his time in Gwangju, while the other half in Seoul, because many relatives are at the city of Seoul. There are many to visit, therefore his schedule is always packed even during this 10 days of rest time. In addition, he also has to go church etc.

YunHo has always told me that he wants to go on a 3 days 2 nights trip, but the time he has doesn’t allow him to do that. This time he got to visit the orphanage, which is something that he has wanted to do long ago. He treated the visit to the orphanage just like meeting up his friends, he went quietly and helped them to clean up, prepare for dinner, playing around with 100 over orphans and even gave out his signatures. The day before his visit, he received a call from Director Park from MBC, regarding the interview for HTTG and to meet up with him after he have read the script for the drama. YunHo told me that he would take the project if he was selected, therefore he needs to quickly go through the script, which means he might not be able to go to the orphanage.

However, YunHo has already made a promise to the orphanage, therefore he insisted to go, even if he has to cancel all other schedules, which also would result in him not being able to have time to go through the script. YunHo, has always had a one-track mind, where he doesn’t want to give in. If you were to ask him to give up the thoughts of going to the orphanage for the sake of reading his script, he would never agree to it. In the end, he visited the orphanage and sacrificed his sleep at night to read the script ; this is YunHo. He always takes extra care of his health because he knows that health is really important, but for the sake of doing something meaningful, he would do it even if he will be exhausted. Therefore in the future, whenever he was to face any problems, he would remind himself of his past experiences and to go through the problems with his own strength.

I often reminded YunHo that all the staff around him; his manager and cody have suffered a lot because of him. His task is to do a good job at the very last stage, for all of the preparation they have gone through just for him to shine on stage. Therefore, he shouldn’t complain of tiredness. I have brought him up, but I’m not tired.

Yunho and me have differences in opinions, which would usually result in arguments. However, Yunho agrees with my way of raising and educating him. Therefore, he has always respected me for that.

Source: uknowbar
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
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[NEWS] 091122 The Unfortunate Story behind Mnet and SM Entertainment

Last night's MAMA, hosted by Mnet, was certainly a feast for numerous Kpop fans out there. However, as enjoyable as it was, the event was (and still is) swamped with layers of controversy, with SM Entertainment's boycott being the eye of the storm. Mnet and SME appear to be mortal enemies, but many still remember the fact that they used to be very friendly with each other. Exactly what made them become such bitter adversaries? Let's examine the dispute between Mnet and SME.

What exactly is Mnet?

Mnet is a media company owned by CJ Media which focuses on music, media, entertainment and web content business. CJ Media is a part of CJ, a South Korean conglomerate that is one of the top five largest companies in the country. Mnet is involved in pretty much every aspect of the entertainment industry, ranging from album production, distribution, sales, management, television broadcasting, online media and many other businesses. With these expansion, Mnet has become a giant in music industry, with market share of 44% in album sales and over 20% in online music sales.

Mnet and CJ are also shareholders in major entertainment companies DSP Entertainment and YG Entertainment. Although they own no more than 20% of shares from each company, the fact that CJ is a conglomerate means the aforementioned companies are now affiliates of CJ. Smaller entertainment companies with famous names such as Shinwha, Kim Dong Ryul and Wheesung are "affiliates" of CJ as well. Similarly, 30% of JYP Entertainment is held by SK, another conglomerate that is one of top 5 largest companies in Korea, making JYP a faction with as much support as Mnet has.

How has SME and Mnet's relationship developed over the years?

Before 2008, SME and Mnet were quite friendly. MKMF, now known as MAMA, featured numerous artists from SME which were given many awards. However, during 2008, Mnet proposed to SME that they would like to be the distributor of music produced by SME; in return, Mnet would receive certain percentage of profit from the sales. Mnet had already been distributing music of JYP, DSP and YG, and with the right to distribute SME's music they would become undisputed leader in the industry. SME refused the offer as they had the ability to distribute their own music and did not feel the need to pay Mnet for a job that they could do themselves. Mnet undoubtedly held a grudge against SME for obstructing their dominance of the industry, and the friendship ended there.

CJ has also attempted hostile takeover of SME but failed. If they had been successful, CJ would have acquired control of Korean entertainment industry. These facts have not been well-publicized, until recent controversy involving SME and MAMA have brought the public's attention to the relationship between the two parties. With SNSD's Gee and MAMA, we have now witnessed the nature of their relationship.

How does MAMA play into this tense relationship between SME and Mnet?

One of the biggest controversies brought on by MAMA was the fact that the three members of TVXQ, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, made their appearance for acceptance of Best Representative of Asia Award. Although some may argue that SME's outrage was uncalled for, and that the trio is free to do whatever they want, the choice to make an appearance at an Mnet event was deliberate and could not have been a spontaneous, wanton decision.

So what's the significance behind TVXQ's appearance?

Many have suspected that the three members were able to act in such bold manner against SME in recent months because they were being supported by an organization more powerful than SME. With their unabashed appearance at MAMA, it now appears that Mnet and CJ might be the ones that have the three members' back. It is very possible that CJ and Mnet are backing the three members in order to win their fight against SME for dominance in the industry. If that is so, then TVXQ members have become mere pawns in a battle between two corporations.

SME, a company now known for its oppressive, big-corporate attitude towards its artists, is ironically under attack from one of the largest corporations in Korea. Both companies are profit-motivated organizations that are pursuing whatever action that generates more profit, so there is no good or bad in a situation like this. What is unfortunate, however, is that the artists have become the victims in this corporate power struggle. TVXQ, SNSD, and SHINee are all victims in this dispute between SME and CJ/Mnet; MAMA could merely have been the beginning of penance for these artists.

Credits: allkpop
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

[VID] Jaejoong at Heaven's Postman's 2nd Fanmeeting Unsubbed

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[TRANS] 091022 Tohoshinki to resume Japanese activities after 3 months

It was announced on 11/21 that popular Korean group Tohoshinki is going to attend "Best Hits Song Festival 2009" (live broadcast on NTV at 7pm) at Kobe World Memorial Hall on 11/26.

After their last a-nation performance in Osaka on 8/30, Tohoshinki went back to Korea. It has been 3 months since the Tohoshinki had activities in Japan with full members. It has also been decided that they would attend "FNS Music Festival 2009" (live broadcast on Fuji TV at 7pm). Their attendances in Japan Records Awards and NHK Kouhaku are also under discussion, therefore, they are expected to be back to Japan soon.

After Seoul District Court ruled partial provisional disposition of exclusive contract terms, Tohoshinki was forbidden by their Korean company to perform activities as a group, and the media has been flooded with break-up rumors. However, in Japan, Tohoshinki will still follow the planned schedule and perform as a 5-member group.

Source: Daily Sports
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
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