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Friday, February 26, 2010

[TRANS] 100225 Japanese Idol NEWS Changes Release Date Because of TVXQ

Johnny's Entertainment idol group NEWS has decided to postpone the release of their new single 'さくらガール(Sakura Girl)', which was scheduled to be out on March 24th, by one week.

A representative of the Japanese Records Association analyzed the situation and said in an interview with 'Saijo Woman' that "Korea's top idol group TVXQ is releasing a new single '時ヲ止メテ(Please Stop Time)' on the same day," And "It can be analyzed that NEWS moved their release date because they are afraid to meet TVXQ on the charts."

He also said, "NEWS holds the record of 11 consecutive albums ranking first on the Oricon Charts ever since their debut. It can be seen that they fear this record might be broken if they release their single the same day TVXQ does," and "If it had been Arashi, who ranks first in overall annual sales, or KAT-TUN, who sold 350,000 copies of their single 'Love yourself〜君が嫌いな君が好き〜' that was used as the main theme song of drama "Sassy girl Snako", they would have gone up against TVXQ but this decision was a wise one."


But despite their soaring popularity, they seem to be showing a weak side in front of 'TVXQ' and fans felt upset at this saying things such as, "This makes me feel complicated." and "Why are they pushing back their release date?"

On the other hand, NEWS' '恋のABO' that was released last year has sold an accumulative 234,000 copies. 'Saijo Woman' says "These sales may reflect the best of NEWS' capabilities."

Source: [NewDaily+Yuaerubi]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

[TRANS] 100225 Shinjiroh Inoue Blog Update

2010-02-25 00:24:13
Celebrating Oricon Weekly Album Number 1!

Tohoshinki’s "BEST SELECTION 2010" has been honorably ranked number 1 in the Oricon weekly chart!

And, they have made a new record for foreign artists, updating the past record of Bon Jovi’s initial sales, great accomplishments!

I am really honored that as Lambsey (T/N: street live group of two members, Inoue and Yuki Yamashita) we have provided 2 songs, and 4 songs as Shinjiroh Inoue!

These kinds of wonderful groups will not appear again in a long time.
At any rate, I want them to continue their activities.
It' is my sincere wish that they will continue.

Today, we made the set list for Lambsey's Club CITTA live. (T/N: scheduled to be held on March 26, in Club CITTA KAWASAKI)
In this happy day, I want to do something special for Tohoshinki and their fans, who have purchased the tickets for our live performance.

Receiving an official approval from avex (T/N: Lambsey also belongs to avex), we have decided to have a self-cover corner of Tohoshinki’s songs!

Since this is Lambsey’s concert, we cannot sing all the songs we’ve provided to Tohoshinki….
Lambsey and Shinjiroh Inoue has provided these songs……..

* Doushite kimiwo sukini natte shimattandarou?
* Bolero
* Stand by U
* Tokiwo Tomete
* With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~

We have already covered by ourselves “Doushite~”, so we will sing the song. If we are to sing two more, what songs will you like?
Please give us your requests!
(few sentences omitted)

Source: Shinjiroh Inoue Official Blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com

Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }


CD - On sale March 24th, 2010

1. Intro
3. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
4. Secret Game
5. Take Your Hands
6. Survivor
7. Kiss The Baby Sky
8. Nobody Knows
9. 9095
10. 忘れないで (Wasurenaide)
11. COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~
12. Stand Up!
13. Shelter
14. TAXI
15. Bolero
16. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Doushite)
17. Beautiful you
18. Tea for Two
19. Box in the ship
20. ウィーアー! (We Are!)
21. Share The World

DVD - On sale March 17th, 2010

1. Stay With Me Tonight
2. Somebody To Love
3. My Destiny
4. 明日は来るから (Asu wa Kuru Kara)
5. Rising Sun
6. Begin
7. Sky
8. miss you
9. "O"-正・反・合-
10. Step by Step
11. Choosey Lover
12. Lovin' you
13. Summer Dream
15. Forever Love
16. Together
17. Purple Line
18. Beautiful you
19. どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Doushite)
20. 呪文 -MIROTIC-
21. Bolero
22. Kiss The Baby Sky
23. Survivor
24. Share The World
25. Stand by U

★First press inclusion:
Recorded single at the first visit memorial “HUG-International ver.-” video clip!
HUG-International ver.- offshot video!
Calendar filming Offshot movie

Source: Tohoshinki Official Site
Credit: SYC + DBSKnights

[FANACC/TRANS] 100225 "I'm a Man & I love TVXQ!" By Bigeast

13 years old, Junior high school student: My mom loves TVXQ and since my friends tell me I look like Junsu, I started to watch their DVDs and became a fan. ^^ I have a few guy friends who are also TVXQ fans at school and it is so much fun to share new stuff about them with my fan friends.

18 years old, student: My young sister loves TVXQ. We are really close, so I watched a DVD with her, and without knowing how and when it happened, I became fan of TVXQ too! ^^ They sing and dance so well and all five of them look great! I love the fact that they are such good friends with each other. That's how we guy friends should be! I purely love all members of TVXQ!

21 years old, student: I am Xiah fan. I am a guy who likes women. But, TVXQ are the guys who look super cool in my eyes. I love “Purple Line” and I often imitate TVXQ fashion. I would love to find more male fans of TVXQ to be my friend.

25 years old, businessman: I liked the Backstreet Boys in the past. TVXQ is from Korea which is near to Japan so it makes me feel closer to TVXQ and I easily became their fan. When I sing TVXQ song, everyone loves it. (Do I sound like I'm bragging? hahaha.) I wish to know even more about TVXQ!

35 years old, businessman: I was interested in Korea before. And when my friend gave me TVXQ’s album “T” last year, I loved it! So I joined Bigeast and after a-nation I became an even bigger fan because real TVXQ was even cooler! At my company's karaoke gathering, I sing “Beautiful You”. When I attended Kobe Fan meeting, Yuchun and I made eye contact with each other and he yelled “Oh, there is a man here!” And he looked so happy! LOL

I LOVE fanboys! w00t!

Source: Bigeast Male Fans
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

[INFO] 100224 TVXQ's New Japanese Single in March, Will TVXQ have new activities in Japan again?

According to the latest news in their official Japanese website, TVXQ will release their new single including "Ceasing the Time" (Toki wo Tomete) and "TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL. 2"

The new single, which is for the advertisement of a Japanese cosmetic brand MENARD, is being highly focused on. Yunho"s solo "Checkmate" would be also included.

"BEST VIDEO CLIP" and "4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME"'s Blu-ray version will be released on 17th March.

TVXQ's "BEST SELECTION 2010" reached the top spot with sales of 228,542 on the first day. Since TVXQ's first hit in the Japanese market in 2006, it is the first time to have such a record, which is much more than their first, second, and 3rd formal albums' week sales.
Als, "BREAK OUT!" (released on 27th Jan.) set a sales record of 250,000 sold within one week.

In addition, part of the members actually don't have official activities at this special time during their contract with their agency. Their plans in Japan and Korea can't be predicted presently.
Therefore, fans are guessing whether they would see new activities in Japan because of this new single in March.

Source: newsen + tvxqfamily.com
Translation: zoe91 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

[VIDEO] 100223 TVXQ on Zoom-In News - Best Selection

Credit: FR110043candy

[VIDEO] Tohoshinki - Best Selection Offshot (Eng Sub)

Credit: http://exotsia.livejournal.com/ + ceskjj2@youtube
Shared by: DBSKnights

[INFO] 100224 Paradise Meadow Character Diagram

Source: mingjiscm + Mr.TVXQ
Translation: suhanASHLEY @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

[FANACC] 100223 JaeJoong’s Sister: “Jae is not in Love”

T/N, this is a fan account by a Japanese fan who had visited Korea this February and had visited JaeJoong's 6th sister's cosmetic shop. This obasan (housewife) fan is really cute, no matter how old she is, she is still a girl in the heart ah~~

* * * * *

When I arrived at the shop, there were 4 to 5 people in there, however it was quiet.

Jae’s sister is really quiet; her food was squished and untouched, because it’s a little scary? I think.

Then, leave it to obasan ba~ (T/N, I think she mean herself here.)

“JaeJoong not coming?”

“He was here 10 minutes before opening, yesterday.”

Her Japanese is really good.

“Eh~~~ Is it? Where did he sit?”

“Right here.”

One of the customers already took that seat la~

“Ah, here.” Suddenly the shop becomes very lively.

“Sister, let’s take a photo?”

“No, I did not put on any make up today, too ugly.”

“It’s alright, I came here all the way from Osaka~”

The moment I mentioned Osaka, Jae’s sister became very attentive because 4th sister is currently at Osaka. We chat congenially and she took a photo with me in the end.

There are a few of her movements that are very similar to JaeJoong’s, felt like he was there as well, it’s very amazing.

“What did JaeJoong use?”

“Because we give it to him, that’s why he uses them. Shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, body lotion.”

I’ve no resistance towards things that ‘JaeJoong use’; therefore I bought all of them. Using them everyday now, felt like my hair and skin are shining, having good mood every single day!

Also, I don’t dare to ask, but… but… to my surprise my friend actually asked her the rumor about ‘Abiru Yu’.

She responded that when that piece of rumor was out, JaeJoong was there with her in the shop. He was shocked and even asked his sister, does he need to contact a lawyer. Therefore they did not date, so everyone, please do not worry!

How I wish to stay in the room where I can feel JaeJoong’s presence.

The gentle, attentive and considerable JaeJoong who is loved by everyone that we know today is all because he had grown up among all the wonderful and kind sisters of him.

Source: JapanFanBlog + Mr.TVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

[TRANS] 100223 Junho Showcase in Bangkok, Thailand in April

It’s time for Kim Junho to debut as a single artist along with his twin brother (Kim Junsu)
at the 1st show case in Thailand on 23 – 25 April 2010.

After letting his twin brother (Kim Junsu) on this entertainment career for a long time, it’s time for
the bigger brother to join the same career too and of course with fully support from Junsu.

His official debut will be around the end of March in Beijing and he will keep on promoting all over Asia
such as China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.

Kim Junho said he feels very excited to visit Thailand in around 23 – 23 April.
Although it’s the summer time in Thailand, that is not gonna be any obstacles for him to do activities here.
At his 1st show case, you will see his singing and dancing skills and many activities on the stage with the fanclubs,
such as hand shaking and the very special show from his beloved brother Junsu.

Do not miss this showcase and visit www.do-concert.com for more details.

Event: JUNHO 1st Showcase in Bangkok presented by Do Concert
Date: 25 Arpil 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 16.00 – 18.00 (Door opens 3:00pm)
Place: Royal Paragon Hall (Siam Paragon)
Ticket Price: 4,000/3,000/2,000/1,000 (Thai Baht)

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Pingbook Entertainment
Translation: sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

[INFO] 100222 The TVXQ That KBOOM Loves, Emergency release(?)

Ever since TVXQ's debut in Korea, KBOOM has always been focusing on Korean entertainment news. In the supplement that comes with this month's KBOOM, the editing team will publish everything that has got to do with TVXQ ever since their Korean debut, plus the readers' comments and so on, in a TVXQ fan's point-of-view. Everything that TVXQ has given us will be summarised in a page-long report. Please look forward to KBOOM.

Date of release: 27th March 2010, Saturday (tentative)
Publisher: GAMU
Name of magazine: KBOOM May Edition's Supplement
Predicted price: 630 yen (pricing might be changed)
Size: A5 size, a total of 100 pages, printed in 2 colours

This magazine can be bought in all bookstores and online bookshops.

Source: ROCKJJ + Mr.TVXQ
Translation: suhanASHLEY @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

[TRANS] 100222 Lyrics for "TOKIWO TOMETE", Full Version!

Credits: risagonta3928


Lyrics by Shinjiroh Inoue
Music by Ichiro Fujiya
Arranged by Daisuke Kahara

急ぐように 夏の星座たちが ビルの谷間に傾いて隠れてく
Isoguyouni natsuno seiza tachiga biruno tanimani katamuite kakureteku
The summer stars are rushing away and fading out behind the buildings

通り過ぎる僕らの毎日 ちっぽけな事で 泣きそうな時もある
Toorisugiru bokurano mainichi chippokena kotode nakisouna tokimoaru
As the days are speeding by, I’m almost in tears even with little things

いつか君が行きたがっていた あの店はもう無くなってしまったけど
Itsuka kimiga ikitagatteita ano miseha mounakunatte shimattakedo
The shop that you have wanted to go has gone

どんな日も僕たちは 「ふたりの恋は終わらない」と信じていた
Donna himo bokutachiha futarino koiwa owaranaito shinjiteita
We have always believed that our love will never fade away

時ヲ止メテ ずっと君の そばにいたい
Tokiwo tomete zutto kimino sobaniitai
I want be with you forever, my love

見上げた空 願い込めて
Miageta sora negai komete
Looking up to the sky, I wish with all my heart

ひとつひとつ 輝く星 繋げながら
Hitotsuhitotsu kagayaku hoshi tsunagenagara
Connecting the sparkling stars one by one

君の形・・・ 探してた
Kimino katachi ... sagashiteta
I am longing… for your shadow

好きだよって 上手に言えなくって 波打ち際で震えた 幼い恋
Sukidayotte jouzuni ienakutte namiuchigiwade furueta osanai koi
I’m not good in expressing my love for you, my first love is trembling at the water’s edge

たどたどしく 並んだ目と目が 瞬きさえも 惜しいと感じていた
Tadotadoshiku naranda metomega mabatakisaemo oshiito kanjiteita
Haltingly, side by side, our eyes can’t even spare one blink

砂に書いた誓いはすぐに 引く波にさらわれて 消えてしまっても
Sunani kaita chikaiha suguni hiku namini sarawarete kiete shimattemo
Even though our words are written in the sand, it will be immediately washed away by the waves

あの頃の僕たちは 「ふたりの恋は変わらない」と信じていた
Anokorono bokutachiha futarino koiha kawaranai to shinjiteita
During those days, we have always believed that our love will never fade away

時ヲ止メテ ずっと君の そばにいたい
Tokiwo tomete zutto kimino sobaniitai
I want be with you forever, my love

もっと君を 抱きしめたい
Motto kimiwo dakishimetai
I want to hold you, again and again

ひとつひとつ 君の事を 覚えながら
Hitotsuhitotsu kiminokotowo oboenagara
As I’ve recognized you step by step

Eiendake shinjiteta
I just believed in an eternal love

時ヲ止メテ ずっと君の そばにいたい
Tokiwo tomete zutto kimino sobaniitai
I want be with you forever, my love

見上げた空 願い込めて
Miageta sora negai komete
Looking up to the sky, I wish with all my heart

ひとつひとつ 輝く星  繋げながら
Hitotsuhitotsu kagayaku hoshi tsunagenagara
Tying all the shining stars together

君の形・・・ 探してた
Kimino katachi sagashiteta
I am longing… for your shadow

時ヲ止メテ ずっと君の そばにいたい
Tokiwo tomete zutto kimino sobaniitai
I want be with you forever, my love

もっと君を  抱きしめたい
Motto kimiwo dakishimetai
I want to hold you, again and again

ひとつひとつ 君の事を 覚えながら
Hitotsuhitotsu kiminokotowo oboenagara
I’ve recognized you step by step

Eiendake shinjiteta
I just believed in an eternal love

T/N: The title in Japanese is 「時ヲ止メテ」, and can be directly translated as "Stop the time". Here, Shinjiroh Inoue (the lyrics writer) is using katakana characters, not the usual 「時を止めて」 with hiragana characters. I believe that Inoue has included a special meaning, and the meaning is especially difficult to express in English.
In the very last part of the song, there is the lyrics 永遠だけ・・・信じてた (T/N: I just believed in an eternal love), so I thought 「時ヲ止メテ」 maybe a symbol or symbolic representation of the song, meaning "forever". Therefore, though not literally correct, I've made the trans as above, not including "Stop the time". I also personally think that "Stop the time" is not really poetic....Thank you for your understanding!

T/N2: As you can see, many of our O! staffs have given their precious time in order to post this topic up in such a fast timing. Thank you, staffs!!

Source: BEST SELECTION 2010 & risagonta3928 @ youtube
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Special thanks: deevinne, ミ♥ Lovedust, linhkawaii, junsulv, Lexy @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100221 Mozart Goes to China in April! - Daily News

(YT: as tagged + xiahssi + xiahdec)

Daily News Korea
2010.02.22 14:45:01 입력
Summarized translation

It is announced that the Musical Mozart! will be performed at the Chinese stage.

Musical Mozart's Seoul performance ended on the 21st, and it will move to Daegu from February 26th through
March 7th. After the performances at the other two locations, it will move to China in April 2010.

The Korean side's production representative Mr. Kim announced that the discussion with the Chinese production
representatives went well, and as a result, it has been planned that the Korean Mozart! team will perform in China.
In China, the musical will be shortened to 2 hours instead of 2 hours and 50 minutes (in Korea).

The Musical Mozart! has been recorded to have sold-out tickets after the announcement of TVXQ's member Xiah Junsu’s appearance in this musical.
(*T/N: No words written about Xiah going to China in this news. But he may???)

On the 20th, at the last performance of Mozart! in Seoul, Korea, Xiah Junsu expressed his gratitude by saying,
"The time in deciding to perform at Musical Mozart! was a challenge for me, accompanied by much anxiety.
But because of the existence of the other actors, I was able to finish my performances well."

(*Above YT is from the curtain call of the Mozart on the 20th.)

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: http://news.mk.co.kr/se/view.php?sc=300000...No=&sID=507
Translation: Junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100221 YH+CM Sent Messages to Kangta’s Fan Meeting

Innolife.net News
2010/02/21(Sun) 19:06
-Partially translated-

Singer Kangta held a fan meeting after being discharged from military service in the afternoon of the 20th.

600 fans from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China and other parts of the world filled up the art center of the women's college at Seoul, Korea
where his fan meeting was being held.

He told fans, "I learned a lot in the past two years of my military service, and there were times it was tough but
it was my decision to go there and I am so thankful that the fans waited for me. I thought I would cry a lot
today, but I am overwhelmed with the happiness to be here, so I did not cry. I would like to perform as much as
possible in the future to express my thankfulness to the fans."

After the fan meeting time of around 90 min, Kangta shook hands with all 600 fans to express his appreciations.
At Kangta's fan meeting, Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ and others video messages were shown.
Kangta will have fan meetings in Tokyo and Beijing as well.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Innolife
Translation: Junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[NEWS] 100221 YH Las Vegas in March! Confirmed by Chosun News!! "TVXQ's U-Know to Perform in Michael Jackson Concert"

Feb. 22, 2010 11:04 KST

TVXQ's U-Know to Perform in Michael Jackson Concert U-Know Jung Yun-ho, better known as U-Know of the boy band TVXQ,
will perform in a commemorative Michael Jackson concert scheduled for March 27 and 28 in Seoul.

Titled "Band from Michael Jackson's 'This Is It' the Movie with U-Know," the joint U.S.-Korea show will reenact
the last concert planned by the late King of Pop.

Jackson had planned to perform a series of fifty concerts in London last year which would have been his first
major performances since the HIStory World Tour in 1996, but died on June 25 just 18 days before
the date of the first show.

U-Know will travel to Las Vegas in early March to join the American team.
The Korean concert producer S2 Entertainment will reveal the final cast and content of the concert on Friday,
and tickets will go on sale from March 2.

Source: http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_d...0022200626.html
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

[TRANS] 100221 Another Star Fan of TVXQ! "Yaguchi Mari Confessed: My Recent Boom is Korean Wave"

Ameba News Japan
2月21日 13時09分

A female Japanese talent (*a former idol female singer) Mari Yaguchi (27) confessed her recent boom in her blog.
Yaguchi who reported that she fell into perfume, an animated cartoon, and a game in the past has a new boom now,
“I reveal my secret boom. I am falling into Korean wave right now! Hehehe. Does it sound bit late?"
She said that she is feeling great charm toward Korea and its culture recently.

A Korean drama "My my name is Kim Samsoon” which was broadcasted at Fuji TV in daytime was her first boom in Korean wave.
As for Yaguchi, this popular drama's last episode to earn the audience rating of over 50% was the reason for her to stir her interest.

Yaguchi reports that she was presented a male idol group TVXQ's best album "BEST SELECTION 2010" recently.
And she was super happy and wrote,
"Yey! I am going to listen and listen and listen to this one!!"

T/N: Yaguchi was one of the first members of a legend female idol group "Morning Musume" in Japan.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: http://news.ameba.jp/weblog/2010/02/58209.html
Translation: Junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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Monday, February 22, 2010

[VIDEO] Toki Wo Tomete w/Eng, Romaji & Japanese subs

Credit: luvdbsk71

[VIDEO] With All My Heart Piano Cover

Credits: bloocoothagirl
Shared by: DBSKnights

[VIDEO] 100217 Zoom In! - Best Selection 2010

Credits: jackpoket
Shared by: DBSKnights

[TRANS] Ray Magazine April Issue – Welcome to Changmin’s room!

Welcome to Changmin’s Room

Changmin Data

Date of Birth: 1988/02/18
Blood Type: B
Height: 186 cm
Habit you cant fix: i sleep talk… there’s nothing i can do about it….
Gestures you like for a women: When they are bewildered
What you were afraid of as a child: i found out Santa Claus doesn’t exist and I lost trust towards the world
What guys need: To be nice
What girls need: To be charming
What you do when you can’t sleep: That never happens. Really! There’s nothing i can do about it!
What you want to do the day before the earth ends: drink with my family and people i love

– Article–

I get attracted to girls with a pretty smile and eyes.
I love to drive, my wish is to go on a date with my car.

“The only time i dress so formal is only when i go to my friends wedding” says Changmin as he laughs.

When he debuted in Japan he was still an innocent 17 year old and now hes already 22.

He’s tall and slim who matches black formal outfit.
“I like outfits like this that makes me look slender/slim. What i look for in fashion is the style more than the color. I try to choose something that’s simple yet stylish.”

In his private life he said hes got his license and now his hobby is to go on a drive.

“I want to go on a drive date once. Usually I can’t show my feelings but inside a car I can relax so I think I can express myself better. There are so many places I want to take my girlfriend to! I really want to go to a theme park (amusement park) and have fun! *laughs*
- Even though your the youngest out of the member theres an image of you where your calm and cool. Are you passionate when it comes to relationships?

“Actually I am! I’ve had a few love at first sights in the past too and it’s not like I have anything specifically that I want in a girls looks . The only thing they have in common are girls with pretty eyes and a pretty smile. I’m more like as we date we get to know each other and then match our personalities to each other. I think that’s my pattern.

Slowly with his own words its surprising how much Changmin’s Japanese got better in this 5 years.
“Every time we release an album I said the word “growth” all the time *laughs* but this best album is really something you can feel our growth. And around the debut songs you can listen to us trying hard to sing in Japanese!”.

source: Ray Magazine
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
shared by: DBSKnights

[TRANS] Ray Magazine April '10 – "Welcome to Yuchun’s room”

I’ve had love at first sight twice. Once I like someone, I’m a committed guy. My date outfits are usually causal. I like being natural.

Yoochun says once he likes someone, he’s a committed guy.
“Once I dated this girl who I approached so many times and I dated her for years. I’ve forgotten how relationship like that feels now *laughs*”

While joking around and talking like a little boy, once he stands in front of the camera his expression becomes like an adult.

His image when he debuted which was “cute” seems to have changed.
“When you listen to the best album I can feel that time has past. I want everyone to remember those times while listening to it”.


Date of Birth: 1986/06/04
Blood Type: O
Height: 180cm
Habit you can’t fix: I seem to not have much interest in my cellphone and I tend to forget it.
Gestures you like for a women: When shes cooking with no makeup on.
What you were afraid of as a child: Bike! I’ve been in an accident so..
What guys need: Motivation towards the future
What girls need: Calmness.
What you do when you cant sleep: I think about the future.
What you want to do the day before the earth ends: Eat with my family.

Yoochun can naturally pull off a classic vest and a hat. We thought he would usually wear clothes like this but
"I wear casual clothes all the time!” is what he said.
“In the fall/winter I wear mouton boots (sheepskin boots) and in spring/summer I wear flip flops. But sometimes I want to look cool so even though I don’t have an appointment with anyone I wear suits and drink coffee alone. Also I have 2 dogs so I take them on a walk in the park in my suits. One of my dogs, when it stands up its about 170cm tall so it's a hassle *laughs*. These days I like shoes that match suits so I’m going to buy the shoes I wore today in the photo shoot!”

-Do you wear formal shoes like this to a special date?
“Sometimes it’s good but on a date I like something more casual. When I date a girl I want to travel a lot and make a lot of memories. So I want my girlfriend to wear something like a denim jeans with a black sweater with a color stole. Something simple like that yet feminine. I want the girl I date to not show so much skin *laughs*.

Source: ray magazine
Trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
Shared by: DBSKnights

Sunday, February 21, 2010

[TRANS] 100220 japan.internet Weekly Chart, Our boys on the chart again!

Chart 1 - Original Ringtone Chart
9th - TVXQ With All My Heart

Chart 2 - Television Soundtrack Chart
6th - TVXQ Break Out!

Source: TVXQcn, tvxq-yard and japan.internet
Translation: faithintvxq @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100221 Shinjiroh Inoue Blog Update

2010-02-17 18:10:56


Today is the release date of the "BEST SELECTION 2010".
I couldn’t wait for the CD which would be sent to me, and bought one by myself. (Lol)

I wanted to go and see the excitement in Shibuya, but it turned out that I bought one in a nearby TSUTAYA (T/N: CD shop).
Of course I bought the 2CD+DVD version.
The original benefit was the desktop calendar. (Lol)

And, my card was Yoochun~~

I was delighted by Changmin’s comments for "Beautiful you", in the the members’ selected songs.
(T/N: Click here for Changmin’s comments)

I won’t write in detail since it will be a spoiler…but the person playing the guitar is, me!

kyakkya , kyakkya~~~

And, thank you for all of your comments and feedbacks to the song "With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~"

I am hearing the song writing this article, and when I think of everyone’s comments…I am almost in tears.

(few sentences omitted)

Source: Shinjiroh Inoue Official Blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100220 "Tokiwo tomete" Composer's Blog, Ichiro Fujiya’s Blog

"Tokiwo Tomete"
2010-02-18 Thursday

Today (passed midnight, so already yesterday), Tohoshinki’s "BEST SELECTION 2010" was released, and in the album, two of my works are included. The two songs are, "Forever Love" and "時ヲ止メテ" (T/N: Tokiwo Tomete)!
The song "Tokiwo Tomete" was already decided last spring to be recorded, but there seemed to be some problems (with their management company), so the release was once doubtful. I heard rumors that the song will not be CD released, and I was really worried. But I am so delighted that the song is now released to the public in the form of the CD!
I am confident that I was the person who was waiting the most for the song to be CD released, even more than all the fans! (Lol)
I composed the song "Tokiwo Tomete" imagining the 5 members singing the song.
This is the first time that I heard the recorded full version of the song, and the completed works are far beyond my imagination, so lovely!
Well, this song is only included in the 2CD+DVD, the most expensive version, so I thank you for your consideration. (Lol)
And the single CD will be released next month. Will they film the PV?


Source: Ichiro Fujiya’s Blog
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100221 PV for "Tokiwo Tomete"!, From Japanese Magazine Vivi April 2010

Credits: MXCQHK

(Spot trans)


Report of the PV shooting at a planetarium!
The long-awaited song will at last be released as a single CD. And Vivi obtained the PV related information and off-shots during the filming faster than anywhere else.
The filming was carried out in a planetarium in Japan…..

(Under the picture of Changmin)
A lady visited an empty planetarium. She was looking up at the stars nostalgically, and the 5 members were singing the song nearby, just as if they were watching her. Under the stars displayed on the ceiling, the members seemed to look as if they were in quiet moods…

T/N: So there is a PV for “Tokiwo Tomete”! When did they film it? Seems like it was during the time when Jaejoong’s hair was golden……Jaejoong fans, can you please tell us of the correct date? laugh.gif

Source: Vivi April 2010 & MXCQHK
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

[PHOTOS] Changmin in Paradise Meadow

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Shared by: DBSKnights

[PIC] Stalking Changmin 100214

Credits: as tagged
Shared by: DBSKnights + Shinkifive

[INFO] 100219 BeeTV's BeeMusic TVXQ Special Edition

BeeTV's BeeMusic
Organizing TVXQ’s Special Album

In commemoration of TVXQ's anticipated "BEST SELECTION 2010," docomo’s mobile service "BeeMusic of BeeTV" will have music videos of specific songs and last year’s a-nation'09 LIVE, plus cuts of TVXQ’s "History in Japan." Do stay tuned to our letters every week!

Source: Maze (mazejae.com)
Translation: faithintvxq @ OneTVXQ.com
Special thanks: Lynn @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100219 Tohomobile: Yunho's Thank You Message

I’m such a lucky person for being so loved by everyone ♥
The 24 years old Yunho will relax and enjoy life more ♪


Credit: miemie0606
Trans by: sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: sharingyoochun.net + 2uangels.blogspot.com + oneTVXQ.com

[INFO] 100219 Best Selection 2010 Surpassed 300K on Oricon Day 3

*1 32,630 東方神起
*3 *4,341 木村カエラ
*4 AAA
*5 倖田來未
*6 茅原実里
*7 The Birthday
*8 テイラー・スウィフト
*9 藍坊主
10 May J.

Oricon Day 1 (17th) 228,542
Oricon Day 2 (18th) 69,063
Oricon Day 3 (19th) 32,630
Total : 330,235

Credits: DNBN
Shared by: tvxqindo + oneTVXQ.com

[TRANS] 100119 "This Is It" Concert: The Reason Why U-Know Yunho was Chosen as Final Cast

S2 Entertainment Mr. Kim on the 19th said, “Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It The Movie (Band From ‘THIS IS IT’ The Movie’)’ was originally planned as a joint project from two countries, and it’s finally confirmed that TVXQ Yunho from South Korea will be the performer to appear in the show.”

Mr. Kim revealed the selection process of the cast, “Data of various artists of South Korea was sent to the United States and the team there conferred of which artist is credible enough to do the show. Watching at the latest performance data of TVXQ U-Know Yunho, the team was satisfied to the extent that they didn’t have much necessity to look other artists’ performances for this concert. I heard the praise from United States team that Yunho was the most appropriate artist to do the tribute.”

Currently the casts to appear in South Korea concert is under final coordination in United States, and the contents of final casting and performances is expected to be revealed in the near future (February 28th).

Source: joynews24
Translation: sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

[INFO] 100219 Ticket Information for "This Is It" with U-Know Yunho

Currently the casts from United States team to appear in South Korea concert is under final coordination, the complete casts and performance list is expected to be revealed on February 26th.

‘This is It’ concert is hosted by corporation of SBS Entertainment, S2, and Paragon Music Corporation. The concert ticket is open on March 2nd through Yes24 (www.yes24.com)

‘This is It’ concert will be showing on March 27th and 28th at the War Memorial Peace Plaza in Yongsan, Seoul.

Source: star.mt.co.kr
Summarized translation: sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

[TRANS] 100217 Oricon Style - Tohoshinki Special Issue, Special Oricon Chart


1st: Why Did I Fall In Love With You?
2nd: Share the World
3rd: Stand by U
4th: Purple Line
5th: Mirotic

In the “2009 Artistes' Album Sales Ranking Chart,” TVXQ, who has gained immense popularity over the past year, took the top three spots in the chart. Recently, they became the first boyband to grace the cover of popular women’s magazine "JJ," attracting much attention again, with their popularity soaring even higher. ORICON STYLE looked into the popularity of TVXQ’s "BEST SELECTION 2010" top five choices, and came up with the following information.

1st Place – Extremely Sad Ballad “Why Did I Fall In Love With You?”
“This was the first TVXQ song I listened to, and I was moved by the amazing harmonization. I can still remember how touched I was to this day. The harmonization of the five members was just too beautiful, I really liked it. This song is my motivation to like them.” A lot of people recognized TVXQ through this song. Harmonization is their forte, and many agree with this. Other than that, a 20-year-old male admitted that “When I first heard it, I was so touched, I was about to cry.” “It really is very easy to understand what the lyrics are trying to convey.” This song, which can almost make men cry, has garnered high popularity with the fans, both male and female.

2nd Place – “Share the World”
“I learnt about this song through the anime "One Piece," and I’ve really liked it since I first listened to it!” “I first listened to this song in "One Piece" and I had many feelings about it.” Being the theme song of popular anime "One Piece," this song is familiar with many. “This song melded with the anime itself.” The perspective of the world in the anime and the song are the same and soon, this song soon became firmly embedded in the heart of "One Piece" fans.

3rd Place – “Stand by U”
“The sad lyrics of the song and TVXQ’s voices match perfectly; the chorus just gets stuck in your head.” “I can actually feel the excellent singing skills of the five members.” The perspective of the world that the song portrays and their voices garnered a lot of attention and won everyone’s hearts.

4th and 5th Place – “Purple Line” and “Mirotic”
“Because of their superb dance skills, the song is quite a hit.” “Dance fuses TVXQ’s visual charisma into the best song.” Both songs got good comments about their superb dance skills.

As for 1st place “Why Did I Fall In Love With You?” and 3rd Place “Stand By U,” they were awarded the big prize in the lyrics department, as well as good reviews in a Japanese albums' awards ceremony. Of course, it is because of TVXQ’s skill in harmonization, dance performances and personal charisma that we can call TVXQ's "BEST SELECTION 2010" a beautiful selection. Whether it is people who have just heard for the first time or old fans, this album is certainly a classic not to be missed.

Source: Oricon Style + HEY!JJ
Translation: faithintvxq @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[ALLKPOP] 100218 TVXQ Responds to the Backstreet Boys’ Remarks

Yesterday, we got to hear the Backstreet Boys‘ take on TVXQ; today, TVXQ exchanged their side of their encounter with the “living legends” as well.

During a recent program recording at a Japanese broadcasting station, TVXQ recounted their meeting with the Backstreet Boys at an episode of Japanese Fuju TV’s Music Fair 21 last year. “[When they met us,] the Backstreet Boys asked, ‘How long have you guys been performing?’ and we answered, ‘Around six years,’” Yoochun revealed.

He continued, “They then asked us, ‘Are you going to perform together for long?’ We replied, ‘We’d like to continue performing together forever. That’s part of the reason why we’re concentrating with our best efforts right now.”

Yunho then added, “The Boys then said, ‘This is interesting … you remind us of our past days,’” presumably referring to the height of the Backstreet Boys’ careers & popularity. The Boys reportedly proceeded to praise TVXQ for their excellent vocal talent.

After the report connecting these two groups was released yesterday, many fans jumped up to defend TVXQ in response to the comparison. However, we must remember that the Backstreet Boys arguably paved the way for the boy band trend worldwide, including groups before TVXQ’s time.

Source: allkpop.com
Written by: LAWLIETTA
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

Friday, February 19, 2010

[TRANS] 100218 Yahoo! Music Japan, "What Tohoshinki Has Been Feeling While Having Activities in Japan"

Yahoo! Music Japan, "What Tohoshinki Has Been Feeling While Having Activities in Japan"

By music writer Itou Hironobu

Tohoshinki just released their first best album "BEST SELECTION 2010" in 2/17. On this occasion, I have recollected and compiled all the interviews and information I made about them up until now. Moreover, in the photo gallery, there is a collection of photos from their 2007-2008-2009 live tours, as well as photos from their various release events and jacket photos from the singles whose songs are included in this album.

What Tohoshinki Has Been Feeling While Having Activities in Japan

Five years after making their debut in Japan, Tohoshinki finally released their first best album "BEST SELECTION 2010". With their skillful dancing and excellent singing abilities where every each of the five members can be the lead vocal, the miracle named Tohoshinki has swept away the Japanese music scene. While listening to this album of Tohoshinki, I recalled my memories of them up until now.

I first met them in their dressing room during their live tour in 2007 at Nippon Budoukan. It was for the report of the live for their "SHINE" photobook. Half a month later, I had a chance to meet them again in Okinawa where they were having photoshoots for "SHINE". Since I was in charge of writing about the photoshoots, I had a chance to talk to them while we were eating together. Through their talks of Korea, of their life in Tokyo, etc.… their honest personality has left me a very deep impression.

Tohoshinki already had their big break in Korea when they first set their feet on the land of Japan. When they first arrived at the airport, "there was hardly any fan," said Yoochun. Although they were already a Korean top star to the point that there would be no empty seat at their concert, they debuted in Japan as a new artist. While still having culture and language barriers, they accepted the reality and started out singing acapella at small live houses and going to handshake events. Junsu recalled that they were very frustrated for not being able to convey their feelings due to their lack of language skill.

"For us, Japanese activities were our very first challenge, so we felt very anxious and insecure. However, when we looked at the faces of our fans while singing, we felt very happy and thought that we should work even harder." (Junsu)

Changmin also said, "When we first had our debut, we were so busy everyday that it became a luxurious dream for us to do what we wanted to. However, when we saw the smiles of our fans during our tour, we were able to gain more confidence to carry on to our next dream."

Three years after their debut in Japan, in 2008, their Japanese became fluent, and it seemed like they were also able to enjoy their private life. Yoochun also talked about it.

"I do go to Shibuya sometimes. Those are times when I want to eat hokke [mackerel] (LOL). Tonkotsu ramen is also very delicious, isn't it!"

"The moment I take a bath after coming home is my most relaxing time! However, I'm also the type of person who only take a quick dip in a bathtub and get out dancing when I bath by myself (LOL)" (Junsu)

Even though they are a top star, their every life is just as normal as everyone. I still remember their simple and down-to-Earth personality even now.

About the Songs of "Member's Choice" in DISC 2

The process of their five years that they earnestly spent growing up together engraved in this "BEST SELECTION 2010". From their debut song "Stay With Me Tonight" to "Stand by U", all of the singles were compiled and put together in DISC 1. While listening to it, we are able to feel their talent and individuality as well as their flexibility and sense in different genres of music.

The included songs are probably there to remind their fans of the memories they made. When one listens to a song, that person might be able to recall the time and place that are related to that song. I think such kind of deja vu songs are not rare. For me, that deja vu song is "Summer Dream". It reminds me of the first time I wrote about their photobook in Okinawa.

At that time, I went to Okinawa to write about their music video of "Summer Dream". At that time, the temperature was over 30°C with a very extremely sun. However, no matter how much they were sweating, they kept dancing and dancing until the scene became perfect. When I listen to this song, I am able to recall the figures of them dancing at that time. Moreover, I heard from the staff that even though they had filming schedule from early in the morning until late at night and only had a few hours of sleep, when they had some free time, they would immediately dive into the hotel's pool. I remembered them also for their ability to distinguish between on and off, and their ability to concentrate when they have to work.

"BEST SELECTION 2010" comes with 3 versions - 2CD+DVD, CD+DVD, and CD. Amongst the three of them, CD+DVD version contains the songs of "Member's Choice" in DISC 2. That reminds me of the question, "What song would leave the most impression in their memories?"

"For me it's "Love in the Ice". When we first sang it at and event, I saw people who were shedding tears while listening, I felt like crying too. This is a very deep song that is leaves a great impression in my memories." (Yunho)

"For me it's "Purple Line". The highlight is Yunho's rap. I thought to myself, "He's so cool. Doesn't he sound like an American?" (LOL)" (Jaejoong)

Jaejoong also talked about "Forever Love", "No matter how many times I sing it, I always get goosebumps, and that's how much I love the song." The song he chose this time is a little bit different from what he said that time. It's probably because that as time passes, he was able to make new memories with the song he chose this time.

I suddenly remembered something. It was during the photoshoots for the photobook at Araha Beach in Chatan, Okinawa. While the sun was slowing approaching the horizon, they were having a break. Without having to say a word to each other, they immediately took out the bats and balls, and started to fool around like teenagers on the white sand. No matter if it's working or playing, they always give it their best. Even now, I still remember vividly the figures of them who were soaking in the orange color of the setting sun.

Tohoshinki is a group of five people who have the best performances and personalities. As the time piles up, I believe that they will keep fascinating more people into their charisma and never stop shining.

Source: Yahoo! Music Japan
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100218 Mozart OST Sold 10,000! #1 in Musical Sale

The Times Korea News:
등록일: 2010-02-18오후 8:50:06
김애라 기자

Musical Mozart! which became the hot topic by a whole hearted performance of Xiah Junsu of TVXQ this year,
their OST release started, and it raised the amount of 10,000 pieces of sale to date all together with the offline sells.

Mozart OST has scored the top musical album sale this year.
(Despite of the fact that the other popular idols performed at Korean musical scene.)
Mozart ! OST is sold at the main online album sale site, such as melon, Bucks, etc began online sound source service.

Musical Mozart Seoul performance will end on the 21st.
And it will move to Daegu on February 26 ~ March 7, 2010.
(Omitted some parts)

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: http://www.thetimes.kr/news/article.html?no=6889
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100217 Break Out! On Sale In Korea! With Korean Text


Innolife News:

TVXQ who is the top artist in Korea, Japan and Asia, their 29th single "BREAK OUT!" released in Japan
will license released in Korea on February 10, 2010.

This single "BREAK OUT!" which is released in Japan after their interval period of about half a year,
is a refined music piece that has cooperated as a theme song of NHK drama 8 "Tomehane,
the bell village senior high school calligraphy club."

A CD version of "New Jack Swing mix re-mixture" of "BREAK OUT!" will include "XIAHTIC".

Besides, "BREAK OUT!" CD+DVD version will include a video clip, and each version's first limited time edition CD
will include luxurious 12P booklet, and a CD+DVD version will include a glimpse of TVXQ's "Off Shot Movie"
(Hangul/Korean translation text insertion added) in particular.

03. BREAK OUT! _Less Vocal
04. XIAHTIC _Less Vocal

02. Off Shot Movie (Hangul/Korean translation text insertion)

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: http://contents.innolife.net/lista.php?ac_...amp;ai_id=11179
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS/NEWS] 100217 G-Dragon’s Confession, “We Are Close To TVXQ”

"Hero Approached Us First"

Gwangnam News:
기사입력 2010.02.17 21:54 최종수정
-Translated TVXQ part

I became close to the other companies singers a lot, and Big Bang became particularly close to TVXQ members of the SM entertainment who is a senior with much experience in Japanese activities.

We became particularly close to TVXQ seniors a lot these days. Well...in the past we did kind of have the time to compare each other due to belonging to a different corporation office, but there were many areas we could understand each other because we both are group singers.

Hero, a big brother approached us first, and naturally we became closer to Micky Yuchun too, and I felt becoming their younger brother.

When I am in Japan, I ask TVXQ seniors (big brothers) to buy food for us. And TVXQ gave us all kinds of advices. They are our seniors who stayed in Japan (oversea) for many years where it has different culture. We respect them a lot. It does not matter if we belong to JYP or SM or others, we all belong to a singer’s world. So, we feel that if there are others who are going through tough time, then we may support them together no matter which company we belong to. We feel that our hearts are open more and more now on days. I wish that younger singers will be able to approach to us easily as well.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: http://www.gwangnam.co.kr/news/news_view.h...021721515862503
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
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[TRANS] 100218 TVXQ Chosen by Korean Reporters as the Most Fascinating Unit

Searchina News
2010/02/17 Wednesday 16:17
(Editor:Tomoko Kaneta)

Translation: (some parts omitted)

TVXQ, the popular male dance unit, monopolized the highest rank of each questionnaire, determining the degree of recognition from 300 reporters in Korea.

It was reported that the result showed the height of the "A brand" of TVXQ in every degree in singing ability, popularity and income for the year 2009. A net 'fortune-telling' entertainment/網易娯楽reported in China:

The questionnaire includes items such as ◆ cognitive degree ◆ income ◆ singing ability ◆ the performance/dances ◆fashionability ◆ collective strength. TVXQ missed the first place to another group with performances and fashionability, but they kept the first place in all the others, it showed that the person concerned (Korean entertainment reporters) all "took off their hats / showed their respect" to TVXQ's ability.
"The brand power" of TVXQ is in good health, including their new song "Break out" topping the Oricon Chart which was released in Japan this January. Their popularity was also seen in a reprint of Japanese women's fashion magazine "JJ" which displayed TVXQ as the cover, and the brisk sales of their first best album.

  The questionnaire result is as follows.

◆ Cognitive Degree:
2. Big Bang
3. 2PM
4. Super Junior
5. SS501

◆ 2009 Income:
2. Big Bang
3. Super Junior
4. 2PM
5. SS501

◆ Singing Ability:
2. 2AM
3. Big Bang
4. F.T Island
5. SHINee

◆ Performances:
1. 2PM,
3. Super Junior
4. Big Bang
5. SHINee

◆ Fashionability
1. Big Bang
3. 2PM
4. SHINee
5. Super Junior

◆ Collective strength:
2. Big Bang
3. 2PM
4. Super Junior
5. SHINee

"The official guarantee" from the Korean entertainment reporters/persons concerned
and this questionnaire's results must be good news to the fans.

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: searchina.ne.jp
YT: miyutube123
Translation: Junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[VID] Happy Birthday Changmin


[TRANS] 100218 Junho Official Japanese Website Opens in March 2010!

Translation of Junho's Japanese webpage:

Junho's Official Website in Japan Plans to Open in March 2010!


“Junho Japan 1st Showcase 2010 in Tokyo, Special Guest Junsu (Xiah)”

Date: April 18th, 2010: Sunday
Time: 17:00 [Doors Open] 18:00 [Start of Performance]
Price: 6,500 yen with CD
Japan Official Site: http://www.k-juno.com
Event Information: Junho’s Live Talk: High Touch with All Participants
Talking and singing time with a special guest, Xiah Junsu.
Ticket Sale: General sale begin on March 14th, 2010 (Sun) @ Ticket Pia
Pre-sale Date: Late February @ Ticket Pia
Production Co: Zack Co. 03-5474-9999


Birthday: January 1st, 1987
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 73 kg
A Career Profile: Baseball Player, Samyuku CF
School: Currently studying at Beijing Shifan Daxue (University) /北京師範大学

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Junho's Official Japanese Website
Translation: Junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100217 "High Touch" Junho's Japan Debut!, And Junsu!

TVXQ Xiah Junsu’s twin brother Junho will debut as a singer in China,
and it is decided that he will also hold a showcase at the JCB Hall in Tokyo, Japan on April 18th.
To celebrate his big brother’s debut event, Xiah Junsu will also be participating.
The Kim brothers' close relationship is well-known amongst fans.


A special showcase which is named as;

“Junho Japan 1st Showcase 2010 in Tokyo, Special Guest Junsu”

is going to introduce his debut song and music video,

as well as talking and singing time with Junsu, and also a high touch segment will be included.

This is the very first time Junsu and Junho will stand on the stage together in Japan.
A heated ticket battle will be unavoidable.
Pre-sale will start on February 25, 2010; general sale day starts on March 14th, 2010.

Kanryu Pia will issue a monopoly interview of Junho. (March 26th on sale.)

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Pia News Japan
Translation: Junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[NEWS] 100218 An Idol's Life: Sweat and Sleepless Nights

Trainees spend years practicing all day, with no guarantee they’ll ever debut as performers.

One frigid day late last month, a group of teenage girls began to gather in front of a building in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul, apparently waiting for someone, or something. After a while, a well-dressed boy wearing makeup and surrounded by bodyguards appeared at the entrance, and the girls erupted in excitement.

They’d been waiting to catch a glimpse of or maybe even chat with the up-and-coming boy band Beast. It’s a relatively common sight in the neighborhood, which is full of practice rooms and boarding houses for Korea’s pop idol groups.

“There are many girls coming every day and waiting to see the boys,” said Park Yong-bok, manager of the boy band, giving the regulars a nod as he passed.

The word “idol” first meant an inanimate object of worship, but it’s evolved to include modern celebrities. On the Korean pop music scene, “idol groups” are bands consisting of boys or girls in their teenage years or early 20s. And in recent years they’ve dominated the industry.

But stars aren’t built in a day. To become a member of one of these bands, young children go through years of grueling training - all without any guarantee of success in the end.

Last month, the Wonder Girls, the girl group whose debut became the first by any Korean musicians to make it onto the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart, lost a member to the stress of idol life when Sun-mi announced she was leaving to focus on her studies. The 19-year-old’s decision came during the group’s U.S. tour, which kicked off last year.

“It was such a happy and precious experience for me to be on the tour of 50 U.S. cities and perform on the stage, but I came to wonder, can I go on living like this?” Sun-mi said in a statement later released by the group’s management agency JYP Entertainment.

Sun-mi’s announcement not only jolted fans, but also stirred up controversy about the pressure on idol performers to maintain a schedule some say is too hard for a teenager to bear.

In Korea, entertainment agencies looking to create idols - which they then also manage - maintain well-ordered training programs. Prospective talents in music or acting register with an agency, then, if accepted, undergo four to five years, on average, of training before their debuts. During that process, the company may require the aspiring star to live in a boarding house with colleagues (or rivals), go on a strict diet with regular weight checks and put in more than 10 hours of practice a day.

But the trainees don’t know how long it will take for them to make their debuts - if that day ever arrives - and are often allegedly given little idea of the draining life they’re signing up for when they enter a training program.

“Among the members of [popular idol group] Girls’ Generation, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Jessica were trainees at SM Entertainment for about seven years, since they joined us when they were 11 years old,” said Kim Eun-ah, a public relations official for that agency.

Park, the manager of Beast at Cube Entertainment, explained, “When registering as a trainee with our company, the trainee makes an agreement with us that they will comply with a set of rules along with an acknowledgement that we cannot guarantee when they will be able to make their debut as a full-fledged singer.

“No one knows how long it will take for one to end his or her traineeship - it actually depends on themselves.”

Park also discussed the company’s special system that, as he put it, “separates the grain from the chaff.”

“We have an evaluation session at the end of every month. With the company’s officials, trainees and their parents present, the trainees are expected to show off how much they have developed over a month. If one shines particularly brightly at the session, he or she wins an advantage over others to make an earlier debut,” he said.

According to one member of Beast, “When we were trainees, we came to the practice room at 10 a.m. every day and left around at 10 p.m. It was like going to school daily.”

The boys in Beast, which made its debut last October, are age 19 to 21, and they said they spent five to six years on average as trainees before that time. And not all trained at Cube Entertainment. One of the members, Jang Hyun-seung, was initially slated to join the popular boy band Big Bang, but he withdrew from the group’s agency, YG Entertainment, after being eliminated from the reality TV show - called “Real Docu Big Bang Show” on MTV Korea - that was used to select the final members.

These no-holds-barred training regimens - and the hold they give managers over young performers’ careers - have caused numerous scandals over the years. Last year, when actress Jang Ja-yeon committed suicide after allegedly being forced to act as an escort for VIPs at the behest of her manager, it led to an investigation by the Fair Trade Commission, which found last July that most entertainment contracts, including those for idol groups, infringe on performer privacy and limit their ability to change agencies.

One of the most notorious scandals is a legal battle between the members of TVXQ, a group that played a leading role in the “Korean wave” that hit Japan and the rest of Asia, and their management agency. In July last year, three of the band’s five members - Xiah Jun-su, Micky Yoo-chun and Hero Jae-joong - took legal action against SM Entertainment, claiming that their 13-year contract was akin to a lifelong agreement and is therefore unfair. The group has since come close to disbanding, with the other two members siding with the agency, and the situation remains unresolved.

On the other hand, many idol group members see the merit in sticking with the traineeship. No matter how hard the training got, Beast’s performers said, it was okay with them because they were so eager to become singers. What made that period difficult was the psychological pressure and the teenage life that they were forced to give up, rather than the intensive training itself.

Beast member Yong Jun-hyung, 21, likened life as a trainee to “a painful addiction.”

“You cannot get out of it either because you are so much in love and addicted to it, or because you know there can be no turning back once you’ve crossed the line,” Yong said. “The cost is too high [if you give up halfway] because there would be so many things you’ve given up to do this, for example, your normal school life and quality time that could be spent with your beloved family and friends.”

Yong concluded with a warning. “I advise anybody who plans to do this to consider whether you are really committed, because if you’re not, it will be very difficult to stick it out as a trainee.”

One of his comrades in Beast, the 20-year-old Lee Gi-kwang, added, “I’ve seen some friends who entered this world, being tempted by the glamour and perks that celebrities enjoy and without really knowing what their life would be, and ended up leaving badly hurt.

“When you see your trainee peers make their debuts ahead of you, it can also hurt. So you need to be strong to establish yourself in this world.”

And that long-awaited professional debut, though it may bring pride in one’s accomplishments, more cash and, with luck, adoring fans, doesn’t mean the end of the hectic, agency-directed schedule or the fierce competition.

According to Cube Entertainment, the band Beast, which is still making a name for itself, performs for television music programs about three times a week in addition to appearing on radio programs, doing interviews with local media and separating for individual gigs - Gi-kwang plays a character on the popular TV sitcom “High Kick,” for example. In between, members are expected to go to the practice room daily for vocal and dance training.

“There is no such thing as a daily routine for us. We get up at daybreak when our schedule begins early in the morning, but sometimes we start the day after the sun goes down if we had an all-night schedule the night before,” Jun-hyung said.

“What makes us keep going despite the killer schedule is all the time and effort we have put in to get here,” Gi-kwang said. “Considering what we have been through, we cannot simply give it away.”

Sleep deprivation is another concern. The five-member boy band MBLAQ came into the spotlight even before its official debut because it was trained by the Korean pop star Rain. Its members said in a recent interview that the hardest part of their tight schedule is the chronic lack of sleep.

Despite all the problems, however, many idols see themselves continuing in the field even 10 years from today.

“I imagine myself still living as a singer-actor who is also engaged in businesses related to fashion and beauty,” said Soyeon, 24, a member of the six-girl group T-ara.

Eunjung, 23, another T-ara girl and a former child actor, agreed. “I think I will keep on with my acting career as I’m also interested in producing as well,” she said.

As indicated by the girls’ answers, it’s not uncommon for today’s teen idols to become tomorrow’s movie and TV stars, eventually developing into the producers who pick out the stars of the future.

The burgeoning field of musical theater is another popular choice, with several former idol stars making their way in the Daehangno theater district. Ock Joo-hyun from the now-disbanded girl group Fin.K.L has appeared in “Aida,” “Cats” and “Chicago,” while Choi Sung-hee, also known as Bada, from the girl band S.E.S. has performed in “Notre Dame de Paris.” Most recently, Xiah Jun-su from TVXQ and Jessica from Girls’ Generation landed roles in musicals: “Mozart!” and “Legally Blonde,” respectively.

By Park Sun-young [spark0320@joongang.co.kr]

Source: JoongAng Daily
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[ALLKPOP] 100217 Backstreet Boys Call TVXQ a Mirror Image of Themselves

Although TVXQ is seemingly the reigning group of Asian pop music, they aren’t the only boy band that has seen success on epic proportions.

As a group that has sold over 130 million records worldwide, the Backstreet Boys are undoubtedly one of the most well-known and biggest-selling groups of all time. Even though they debuted waaay back in 1993, this group is still going strong and made a comeback in 2007. In fact, they even released a new album titled This is Us last October, and a second Backstreet Boys greatest hits album just a month ago. Although celebs like Lady Gaga and Soulja Boy define American pop music in many people’s eyes these days, the Backstreet Boys are undoubtedly regarded as one of the most successful pop acts of the past few decades. But anyway.

On February 24, the Backstreet Boys will perform in Seoul at Melon-AX Hall for part of their worldwide This is Us tour for album promotions. The Boys previously performed in Seoul in 2006 & 2008, making this their third concert in Korea.

Star News had the opportunity to conduct an email interview with the group on February 17, and revealed that they knew of TVXQ.

“We met a Korean group called TVXQ in Japan a while ago,” the Backstreet Boys said. “Although their outward appearance [because] they were wearing different clothes and were a different race, it was like we were looking into a mirror. … I remember how TVXQ reminded us of who we used to be.”

“The good thing about our [upcoming] show is that we can directly interact with our fans and see them face to face,” the group continued. The Boys also revealed that the stage would be decorated with many creative ideas and graced with a number of dance performances. They also stated that their favorite Korean food was bulgogi (Korean BBQ).

“Our fans … make us sound like Superman, but we’re just plain ordinary people,” they continued, showing humility despite their success – a quality definitely shared by TVXQ.

If they really are mirror images, I’m sure many Cassies hope that TVXQ will stay together eternally, just like the Boys.

Source: Star News + allkpop.com
Written by: lawlietta
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[INFO] 100217 First Day Album Sales from 2007

1. Artist : EXILE
Released : Dec 2007
1st Day : 314,128
Total (still counting) : 1,805,269

2. Artist : 嵐
Title : 5×10 ALL THE BEST!
Released : Sept 2009
1st Day : 261,076
Total (still counting) : 1,604,089

3. Artist : Mr.Children
Released : Dec 2008
1st Day : 260,301
Total (still counting) : 1,261,358

4. Artist : Mr.Children
Title : HOME
Released : March 2007
1st Day : 234,923
Total (still counting): 1,207,417

5. Artist : EXILE
Title : 愛すべき未来
Released : Dec 2009
1st Day : 229,052
Total (still counting): 1,239,817

6. Artist : 東方神起
Released : Feb 2010
1st Day : 228.542
Total (still counting): NEW

7. Artist : EXILE
Released : Dec 2007
1st Day : 211,025
Total (still counting): 1,478,330

8.Artist : EXILE
Released : Mar 2008
1st Day : 209,892
Total (still counting): 1,287,955

Source: DNBN
Translation: tvxqindo.com
Shared by: Jaejin @ JPM + OneTVXQ.com

[NEWS] 100217 Xiah Junsu's Twin Brother to Debut in China Next Month

TVXQ member Xiah Junsu's twin brother Kim Junho looks set on following the footsteps of his pop idol sibling by making an official singing debut in China next month, according to a Chinese media report.

Chinese entertainment website iFensi.com recently reported that Kim Junho, Junsu's older fraternal twin, will be "holding a showcase in Beijing and making [his] debut as a singer."

iFensi further explained that Kim, who had appeared on [popular Hunan TV] 'Tian Tian Xiang Shang(天天向上)' while he was studying at Beijing Normal University, is "especially fond of China" and that his single "Wo Ai Ni" received "positive feedback".

Like his famous twin brother, Junho had been known for his talent and potential as an entertainer -- in November 2008, he reportedly drew attention from industry executives when he appeared on MBC's celebrity dating show "Introducing the Friend of a Famous Star" with Junsu and showed off his good looks and talent.

Kim, 23, is scheduled to release his studio album and hold a fan meeting in Beijing on March 28. Xiah Junsu is reportedly planning to attend the event to support his brother.

Reporter : Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Source: asiae.co.kr
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

[INFO] 100217 BEST SELECTION 2010 at the Oricon Charts (Day 1)

*1 228,542 東方神起
*2 *16,822 AAA

*4 茅原実里
*5 The Birthday
*6 木村カエラ
*7 倖田來未
*8 藍坊主
*9 May J.
10 清 竜人

Source: DNBN
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[INFO] 100217 HMV Japan: March Releases for Tohoshinki

『 BEST VIDEO CLIP (Subject to Change)』【DVD】

Release Date: March 17

Dong Bang Shin Ki who released their single in January, BEST Album in February... In March they will be releasing DVD with All Video Clips!!

・Video Clip from Japan debut and onwards
・Approximately 150 min

【Track List】
◆Video Clip
Stay With Me Tonight / Somebody To Love / My Destiny / Ashita wa Kurukara /
Rising Sun / Begin / Sky / miss you / "O" / Step by Step /
Choosey Lover / Lovin' you / Summer Dream / SHINE / Ride on /
Forever Love / Together / Purple Line / Beautiful you /
Doushite Kimiwo Sukini Natteshimattandarou? / ‐MIROTIC- / Bolero /
Kiss The Baby Sky / Share The World / Stand by U / BREAK OUT!
etc. Approximately 150min

Link: HMV Japan

『4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME』【Blu-ray Disc】

Release Date: March 17

Live DVD released last September 2009 on Blu-ray! for the 1st time!
※The content of the Blu-ray Disc is the same as the DVD released September 30, 2009.

Link: HMV Japan

『Toki wo Tomete』(CD Jacket A)【CDM+DVD】

Release Date: March 24, 2010

★Initial Press Limited Bonus Novelty: Off-shot Movie
★Initial Press Limited Enclosed Novelty: CD Jacket Size Card
(1 out of 6 types randomly enclosed)(Subject to Change)

【CD Detail】
・Toki wo Tomete
・CHECKMATE / YUNHO from Dong Bang Shin Ki
・Toki wo Tomete (LESS VOCAL)
・CHECKMATE / YUNHO from Dong Bang Shin Ki (LESS VOCAL)
2 Tracks / 4 Version (Subject to Change)
【DVD Detail】
・Off-shot Movie ※Initial Press Limited Bonus Footage

Link: HMV Japan

『Toki wo Tomete』(CD Jacket B)【CD Only】

Release Date: March 24, 2010

★Initial Press Limited: Booklet 12 Pages
★Initial Press Limited Enclosed Novelty: CD Jacket Size Card
(1 out of 6 types randomly enclosed)(Subject to Change)

【CD Detail】
Same as 【CD+DVD】(2 Tracks / 4 Versions)
Subject to Change

Link: HMV Japan

『 TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL.2 (Subject to Change)』【CD】

Release Date: March 24, 2010

MIX CD Vol. 2
・【Track List】

Link: HMV Japan

Source: HMV Japan
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[INFO] 100217 Major Paradise Ranch Update, MinHee in couple pyjamas

Warning: Major cuteness overload!

MinHee couple is so cute and adorable! I love Yeoni's mischievous smile and Changmin's shy smile in this pic!

Credits: as tagged + LYH baidu bar
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[INFO] 100217 SHINee's Minho Does the Changmin Mirotic Scream

On a recent episode of 'Hello Baby', SHINee's Minho
imitated Changmin's famous MIROTIC SCREAM!

He first does it around 6:40 and then watch until 7:40~

We all know that Changmin ang Minho has a great relationship and it's so adorable! lol.. ^^

Credits: shinee-ing + minitabo
Shared by: sharingyoochun.net + OneTVXQ.com

[TRANS] 100216 The Members' Comments From "BEST SELECTION 2010"

Junsu Forever Love
こういう あいがしたいです。うかべてみつけたいちばんぼし いまきみにあげよう…ジュンス
Kouiu aiga shitaidesu. Ukabete mitsuketa ichibanboshi ima kimini ageyou ... Junsu
I want to love like this song. Finding the first star of the evening, I’ll give it to you now(T/N: lyrics from Forever Love) ... Junsu

みんなにひかりをあたえられるようなきょくです。^^ ユチョン
Minnani hikariwo ataerareruyouna kyokudesu .^^ Yuchon
This song will give everyone "SHINE".^^ Yoochun

Jaejoong Love In The Ice
Samishikutemoii. Fuyuni atsui aiwo shitai .
It’s all right if I feel lonely. In winter, I want to love passionately.

このきょくの Rhythm かんとさいしょのguitarのおと!そしてすてきなmelody^^すきです~ Beautiful You~♡  -チャンミン
Kono kyokuno Rhythm kanto saishono guitar no oto ! Soshite sutekina melody^^ Sukidesu ~ Beautiful You~♡ -Chanmin-
The rhythm feeling and the sound of the guitar at the beginning! And the lovely melody^^ I really like them ~ Beautiful You~♡  -Changmin-

Hugでデビューしたし、ほんとうにおもいでぶかいきょくなんでいれたいとおもいました…^^* -U Know-
Hug de debyuu shitashi , hontouni omoidebukai kyokunande iretaito omoimashita ... ^^* -UKnow-
We made our debut with this song, and this song is really full of memories. So I wanted to include this song (T/N: in the album)  ^^* -U Know-

Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
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[ALLKPOP] 100216 TVXQ’s Yunho Saved Solbi from Drowning

Singer and talent Solbi chose TVXQ’s Yunho as the best man in a recent episode of MBC’s Come to Play.

Solbi talked about a time in which she almost drowned while filming a show. She said, “I was a rookie back then that had just debuted. Yunho was the first one to come and lend me a hand when I fell. It was a short gesture but it made me realize a lot. He didn’t even know me … I was very touched.”

Jewelry’s Eunjung also added, “Yunho is kind-hearted so he helps the poor and volunteers a lot.”

Meanwhile, Solbi also revealed the story behind her previous composer boyfriend.

All you TVXQ fans, be sure to catch this episode and watch the girls compliment Yunho.

Source: allkpop
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[INFO] 100214 ZE:A's Joon Young Imitates Micky Yoochun + A Surprise!

ZE:A was invited to guest on the variety show, "Big Match" on Valentine's day.
And guess what, Joon Young, the member who looked like Yoochun, imitated him while singing "Hug"

But the one thing that really cracked me up is that one member also did another imitation.
Dong Joon, the member who's praised for his flips, imitated Changmin's beloved Han Ga In.

Here's the video:

Credits: NineEmpire@YT + sheilapiglet@soompi
Shared by: DBSKnights + oneTVXQ.com

[TRANS] 100216 "With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~", FULL VERSION!

Credits: yuulinajae

With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~
(T/N: "With All My Heart ~Kimiga odoru, natsu~)

Artist: 東方神起
Lyrics by: Shinjiroh Inoue
Composed: Shinjiroh Inoue

鏡に映った 掛け違えたシャツのボタン
Kagamini utsutta kakechigaeta shatsuno botan
Reflected on the mirror, the buttons of my shirts are in the wrong buttonholes

Sonna sasaina kotode kimiga ireba yokattato omou
Even with these little things, I truly long for you

逢えない時間が 僕らの愛を強くした
Aenai jikanga bokurano aiwo tsuyokushita
The time we cannot spend together has deepened our love

Kotobani tsumarunara sotto hooni kiss wo shiyou
If I’m at a loss in words, I’ll just kiss you lightly on your cheek

それぞれを待つ日々は 忙しく過ぎるけど
Sorezorewo matsu hibiha isogashiku sugirukedo
The days longing for each other quickly passes by

こんなにも こんなにもただ…
Konnanimo konnanimo tada…
So fast, so fast, only..

逢いたくて ずっと君を思うよ… 心から君を
Aitakute zutto kimiwo omouyo.. kokorokara kimiwo
I miss you, My thoughts are always with you… from the bottom of my heart

もう一度 my heart 伝えたくて 
Mouichido my heart tsutaetakute
Once again, I want to give my heart to you

君が呼べば 僕は行くよ 
Kimiga yobeba bokuha yukuyo
If you call me, I’ll go to you

Kimino sobade waraitaindayo
I want to smile by your side

ふとした瞬間 傷ついてしまった心
Futoshita shunkan kizutsuite shimatta kokoro
By mere moments, your heart may be hurt

ひとりじゃ直せない痛み 僕が癒したいよ
Hitorija naosenai itami bokuga iyashitaiyo
I want to comfort your hurts which cannot be healed alone

今逢えない時なら ただ君の面影を
Ima aenai tokinara tada kimino omokagewo
If I cannot be by your side, I’ll just

抱きしめて 抱きしめてほら…
Dakishimete dakishimete hora ...
Hold you shadow in my heart, hold in my heart, and…

どんな日も ずっと君思うよ…心から君を
Donna himo zutto kimiwo omouyo ... kokorokara kimiwo
All the days, my thoughts are always with you… from the bottom of my heart

もう二度と your heart 離さないから
Mou nidoto your heart hanasanaikara
I will never let go of your heart again

君が泣けば 僕は行くよ
Kimiga nakeba bokuha yukuyo
If you cry, I’ll go to you

Kimiwo itsumo mamoritaindayo
I want to always stand by your side

君が望むなら 全てを尽くして
Kimiga nozomunara subetewo tsukushite
If it is your wish, I’ll try every means

君の描く未来 永遠の夢を叶えたい I wish
Kimino egaku eienno yumewo kanaetai I wish
I want to grant your future, your eternal dreams, I wish

逢いたくて ずっと君思うよ… 心から君を
Aitakute zutto kimi omouyo ... kokoro kara kimiwo
I miss you, my thoughts are always with you, from the bottom of my heart

何度でも to heart 贈る smile for you
Nandodemo to heart okuru smile for you
For countless times, to heart, I’ll smile for you

悲しくても 嬉しくても
Kanashikutemo ureshikutemo
Even though sad, or happy

Kimino sobade waraitaindayo
I want to smile by your side

With all my heart
With all my heart
With all my heart

Find me, and I’ll be there for you
Find me, and I’ll be there for you
Find me, and I’ll be there for you

Source: yuulinajae @ youtube
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Special thanks: diana© & Lexy & xU & junsulv @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[INFO] 100214 The Premiere Airing of Tohoshinki's New Song ‘With All My Heart’

Usually, it must be on their very own Bigeastation, but now the program has been ended… *weeps* the new song will be launched fully on February 15th, 2010 through KISS radio.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

[Trans] 100212 To Shim Changmin, By Shim Changmin (Letter from Changmin to himself )

T/N: NeverEnd is Changmin’s fanclub.

NeverEnd: This was revealed on 7 February during Changmin’s birthday party; a letter written by Changmin to himself. Many thanks to Sarah who wrote it down to share with us and showed us Changmin’s gradual growth. Below is the complete letter.

To Shim Changmin:

You always wish to have a modest appearance. Although it can be said to be a postive aspect of you, but on the other hand, there are times when you show a complete opposite side, so there are often times when you worry about yourself… but recently, I’ve started to have the mindset of appreciating myself and to be proud of myself, so it can be considered a really lucky thing.

Although in the past, it was exactly as what everyone said: I used to live while looking inward and constantly stressing out, making it harder for myself… but in future, I want to have more faith in myself and live my life like that… Didn’t I have the misguided thinking that I was born without a choice on who my parents would be? So, work harder!

Even though I said before: The old me faced many different choices, but the present and future me, will still have many choices that I have to face. In future, no matter what I encounter, no matter who I have to stand before, I want to do the right thing and make the correct choice like I have done so far. Also, as long as I can become a person who stands firm with the right choices I make, that would be good. Of course, I might feel tired because of these choices and I might encounter many difficult things… but if that is the price I have to pay in making the right choice, even if I have to accept punishment, I will break through all these difficulties and ultimately receive wisdom and knowledge.

I think this attitude I have towards life is something I learned from my parents. Although I still have to learn to face up to reality, but no matter how difficult it is, if I cannot make a right choice then I’ll have to shake off those options decisively, and from that, become a wiser, more knowledgeable and confident me. In future, won’t there be choices that will make me become like that? Haven’t I become an artist now? To be an artist as an occupation… Although I’ve been an artist for a few years, even though there are still many things that I don’t fully understand, but I still show my candid side when I appear in front of everyone. There’s also a side of me that even I don’t know about; aren’t there times where I also have to show a side of myself that is not me?

To be honest, this is not something that I dreamed about when I was a child… Who I am now… I often have this thought… “If I’m not doing what I’m doing now, what else can I do? Would I have become a son that constantly causes his parents to worry?” The things that I am doing now may not make people feel exceptionally proud or seem fulfilling. However, don’t I still pass each day happily, looking forward to a better tomorrow?

It allowed me to see a beautiful world that I didn’t know about and awakened the person that I am now… Teacher Lee Soo Man… SM Family still holds the same gratitude in our hearts, so never change^^ If you are still the person that you are now, the heartfelt gratitude we have towards you will never change…

Now I’m also in my twenties… Compared to others who are of the same age, I had to start working a little earlier and I didn’t get to experience the things that they went through… But isn’t there a saying, “you gain something when you lose something”, this phrase is not said without reason. I always do my utmost best to fulfil my responsibilities to try and carve an even better future for myself. I want to expand further, so let me continue to better myself.

When I think of that I will do everything passionately… even though there are many people in the world who look at me enviously… Instead of always trying to hide from these prying eyes, I think I should do things that are honest to what I really feel and to have a youth which is filled with passionate love when I date someone! Even though it’s not an easy task and there might be failures… but I can experience the feelings and passion that belong to my age… I don’t want to miss a thing. I think this is a way to make me work harder to become even more passionate… Even if I fail, I still think this way… Career and love… Like what I said before, I don’t want to miss out on anything anymore… But, if I make a mistake when it comes to relationships, it will become even more dangerous…

In order to have better judgement, I will make decisive choices with a judgement that is as sharp as a blade. I will become a youth that is even more passionate and hardworking than others… I’ll work hard to be even more passionate and rational…

Let’s always work hard…

From Shim Changmin
January 2010

source: [baidutvxq]
translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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