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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

[NEWS] 100830 3 TVXQ Members KBS 2TV Drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ Soundtrack Song ‘Chajada’ is Showing Signs of Becoming a Hit

The airing of ‘Chajada’ at first episode of Micky Yoochun (Park Yoochun)’s drama debut KBS 2TV ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ drawing attention of viewers instantly.

Ever since the conflict between Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong (Kim Jaejoong), and Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu) with their label SM Entertainment arised in July last year, this would be their first time harmonized together in a song in Korea. The lyrics tells about finding someone who is fated to be loved for the entire life, an impressive love song with bright melody.

Soon after the airing, ‘Chajada’ became on the top of real-time search keyword in various portal sites, showing an explosive reaction.

Netizens responded, “I’m pleased to be able to hear the three people’s voices in the song after a long time.” and “The song has cute melodies and the three voices mixed well in harmony.”

Credit: Frontiertimes
Trans by: Sharingyoochun
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[VIDEO] 100831 Yunho - Making of W Korea

Credits: haruka51915
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[TRANS] 100831 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' Changes Drama Title Logo To 'SungKyunKwan And Scandal'

New KBS Monday-Tuesday drama 'SungKyunKwan Scandal', which aired for the first time on the 30th, released their title logo with an 'and' between 'SungKyunKwan' and 'Scandal'.

This is because the SungKyunKwan School has been requesting KBS and the production company to change the title of the drama as it may bring a negative image to the greatest educational body of the Joseon Dynasty.

The production company has been advertising the drama as 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' until the 26th, when they began adding an 'and' between the two words of the title logo in order to reach a compromise with the school.

Following this, 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' changed its name to 'SungKyunKwan and Scandal' for its first airing on the 30th, and the title logo and watermarks on the photos were fixed on the official website in KBS on the 27th.

However, KBS will continue to advertise the drama as 'SungKyunKwan Scandal'.

According to the production company, it would be a strain to change the title for advertisements as well as viewers have already familiarized themselves with the name 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' and the school agreed to this decision.

Source: [dipts+Yuaerubi]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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[TRANS] 100831 Junsu - "I'm Willing To Do Anything As Long As It Helps Yoochun"

TVXQ members Xiah Junsu and Hero Jaejoong have recently been in recording studios in Seoul recording the KBS 2TV Monday-Tuesday drama "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" OST. The special part is fellow member Micky Yoochun's acting involvement in the drama.

Other than the inclusion of "Found", a song sung by all three of the members that resembles TVXQ's sunny and bright debut song "HUG", Hero Jaejoong and Xiah Junsu each respectively sang a song that will be included in the drama's soundtrack.

Xiah Junsu expresses, "I really like this song, because I feel a sense of stimulation that I haven't felt for a long time." He also states, "as long as it helps Yoochun, I'd be willing to do anything for him." Hero Jaejoong also expresses, "this is a really interesting project. I believe that there will be constant high ratings and the sales for the main theme song will be hot!"

Micky Yoochun said, "Jaejoong-hyung and Junsu came to support me among their busy schedules by singing together, so I feel very touched. In order to repay them, I will work hard too."

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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[VIDEO] 100830 Yoochun - SungKyunKwan Scandal OST and Episode 2 Teaser

Credits: SKKHD

[VIDEO] 100830 Yoochun - Sungkyunkwan Scandal Ep 1 RAW HD

Credits: SKKHD

[NEWS] 100830 Jaejoong and Junsu Participate in Yoochun Debut Drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, Showing Their Loyalty

Conducted recently in a studio in Gangnam, Jaejoong and Junsu worked together for ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ OST at which each of them had recorded a solo song, before Yoochun who just finished his all night shooting joined the team to sing ‘Chajada (read: Chajatta)’ where the three men’s beautiful voices combined in a sweet wishful harmony.

After finished the recording Jaejoong stated, “Looking at Yoochun in acting scenes wearing Korean traditional costume and used different tone of speaking like saying ‘Come here!’, I feel it’s weird but am amazed at the same time.” and “I think after watching some of the drama scenes, it will be an interesting drama to watch and I feel that it’s going to become a hit.”

Jaejoong also added, “Furthermore, since there is this opportunity to participate in performing a song that will become part of the drama’s OST, which I think it’s a really good song, hopefully the OST is going to be a hit just like the drama itself.”

Xiah Junsu who had a surprise visit to the filming set sometime ago while bringing some food said, “The same as Jaejoong hyung, when I saw the trailer of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’, I think Yoochun fits well in his Korean costume and his acting was so good that makes me naturally feeling proud.” he continued, “Yoochun ordered me to sing the song in much heart pouding feeling (?), but it’s been a while since I listened to Korean song lyrics, so naturally I feel the heart pounding while singing anyway. If there’s anything that could be Yoochun’s accompanying power, then I’d like to help.” expressed strong friendship between them.

Meanwhile Yoochun, “Despite their busy schedule, Jaejoong hyung and Junsu still do the recording to cheer me up, I’m really impressed. Especially Junsu who’s actually in bad condition, but still forced himself to continue participating. I’m going to work even harder to repay them.” said whole heartedly.

‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ official Lee Hyun Wook PD who’s in charge of recording area said, “The three members supervised each other, they finished the recording well in a bright and pleasant atmosphere. The song itself will be able to express the heart fluttered of the young men and woman in ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal. The song deserves the same love as the drama, please look forward to the birth of great heart pounding love song.”

credit: newsen
trans: sharingyoochun.net

[PHOTOS] 100830 Yunho - Wink Magazine for Goong

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Shared by: DBSKnights

[TRANS] 100830 Ayu, Koda, and Many Others Performing a Gorgeous “Symphony”!

Ayu, Koda, and Many Others Performing a Gorgeous “Symphony”! Singing Komuro’s Official Theme Song of a-nation’10

Live outdoor summer tour sponsored by Avex ‘a-nation’10′ (4 cities, 6 performances, 260,000 spectators) had its final performance on last 29th held at Ajinomoto Stadium in Chofu, Tokyo.

At the end of live, Ayumi Hamasaki (31), Koda Kumi (27), TRF, and other 16 pair or around 33 artists gathered together on stage. The all stars then sang a-nation’10 official theme song composed by music producer Tetsuya Komuro (51) entitled “THX A LOT”.

The live started from 2 pm to 9 pm, rocking the audiences with 7 hours live performance.

Komuro emerged the event as a surprise guest, “To commemorate the 10 year anniversary, this song was made, thanks to everyone who participated. It would be nice if it becomes your humming song once you leave this place.”

‘THX~’ was only performed in Tokyo on August 28th. The artists voice echoed at the night sky of Chofu that was decorated by fireworks, ended this major summer event with 54,000 spectators.

Ringtone of the songs, will be included in solo album that is going to be released this fall.

[Artists Performers - Kumi Koda, GIRL NEXT DOOR, ICONIQ, Kie Kitano, SPEED, AAA, Remioromen, DJ Hello Kitty, Risa Hirako, IKKO, Every Little Thing, May J, Otsuka Ai, Goto Maki, JUNSU / JEJUNG / YUCHUN, TRF, Ayumi Hamasaki, a-nation's party (order of appearance)]

credit: yahoo japan
trans: sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: DBSKnights

[TRANS] 100830 Xiah Junsu Musical Concert To Be Held

Xiah Junsu will hold the 'Kim Jun Soo Musical Concert' at the Olympic Sports Stadium for four days, starting from October 7th.

With a special request from Grammy Award winning, world renowned composer Sylvester Levay, the concert has been planned with Kim Junsu as the main character to show the highlights of 'Mozart!' as well as the Austrian musical 'Elizabeth', which will debut in Korea in 2012.

Composer Levay will fly in to Korea in September for the concert and will bring with him a song composed especially for Xiah Junsu to perform at this concert.

Levay is planning to join Kim Junsu on stage for this piece and it was found that Levay holds great affection for the singer as he even found and watched all of Kim Junsu's past performances as part of the group TVXQ.

Kim Junsu, who is preparing for his first musical concert, stated, "I was able to play a special role in Mozart, and found myself falling for the charm of the new genre of music I encountered," and "We will be introducing Composer Levay's famous production 'Elizabeth' for the first time in Korea along with highlights of the musical 'Mozart!' I hope that this will be a special time for the fans of the musical to experience a new side of the musical."

Representative Um Hong Hyun of EMK Musical Company showed great confidence in the concert and stated, "The staff will be comprised of skilled people from Europe, Japan and Korea in order to create a memorable stage for the concert," and "Kim Junsu will present himself as an artiste like never before to his fans and is working hard to produce a concert that will move the audience with music alone. Please anticipate it."

Kim Junsu, who played the lead role of 'Wolfang Mozart' in January, broke the controversy regarding idols performing in musicals without verification of their capabilities.

He completed his successful debut in the musical industry by receiving the 'Best Male Newcomer Award' and 'Popularity Award' at The 4th Musical Awards for his explosive vocal skills and detailed delivery of emotions.

40 of the best musical actors will perform at the concert including Seo Bum Seok, Min Young Gi, Shin Young Suk, Bae Hae Sun and Jung Seon Ah. Kim Junsu is planning on performing in 'Elizabeth' with Park Eun Tae and Jeon Dong Seok.

Tickets will be on sale from September 1st for four days and will be available at Interpark and Yes24.

Source: [newsen+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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Monday, August 30, 2010

[NEWS] 100830 3 TVXQ Members Group Comeback (3 Members OST Title: 찾았다 ‘Chajatta’ – Found)

The three members Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, and Youngwoong Jaejoong (alphabetical order) will meet fans in 3 colors of song.

At the first broadcast today on August 30th, one insertion soundtrack of KBS 2TV mini series ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ entitled ‘Chajatta (Found)’ is agreed to release.

One official said, “Xiah Junsu and Hero Jaejoong already have their own solo. While the three members will have their first song together entitled ‘Chajatta (Found)’ that is going to be released as well. Participating in OST of drama where Micky Yoochun has his acting debut left this work to have even deeper meaning to them.”

Meanwhile sports hankooki reported that Xiah Junsu and Hero Jaejoong are each participating in one song. Yet about which song of the two people to be used as Micky Yoochun’s theme has not yet been decided.

Therefore seems that in ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ OST there will be 3 songs that are sung by 3 members of TVXQ.

Fans have given their attention particularly to the song where three members will sing together ‘Chajatta (Found)’. This three members’ soundtrack song is said to be a love song about finally found someone to love for a lifetime. A song with easy listening melody and beautiful harmonization at which the three members are known to be impressive at.

For their Korean fans who’ve been in thirst for their musical work after a long time, this would be a great gift to them.

credit: news hankooki
trans: sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: DBSKnights

[TRANS] Why – U-Know Yunho’s Solo

Why – U-Know Yunho

keep your head down U-know time
U know what time is it? This is U-know time !

keep your head down keep your head down

왜 날 그렇게 쉽게 떠났니

내가 쉬워보였던거니

내가슴은 찢어지잖아 오오

그렇게 너 사랑갖고 장난장난치지마라

내앞에선 요리조리 거짓말만 늘어놓고

두고봐도 지켜봐도 넌 좀 이기적이야

왜왜왜 너를 그렇게 감싸안았는가


keep your head down U-know time
U know what time it it? Thit it U-know time !

keep your head down keep your head down

wae nal geureohge swipge deonani

naega swiwoboyeo deongeoni

nae gaseumeun chijeojijanha

geureohge neo sarang gago jangnan jangnan chijimara

nae apeseon yorijori geojimalman neureonohgo

dugobwado jikyeobwado neon jom igi jeogiya

wae wae wae neoreul geureohge gamssa ananeunga


Keep your head down U-know time
U know what time is it? This is U-know time!

Keep your head down keep your head down

Why did you dissappear from me like that easily

Did you see me as an easy person

My heart is going to rip apart

Don’t play around with love like that

Infront of me all you did was lie about this and that

Anyone who sees you, even when I see you you’re so selfish greedy [as in, anyone can see/understand that she's selfish]

Why did I hold on to you like that

credit: DCinside
roman: sharingyoochun.net
trans: rieko@sharingyoochun
shared by: DBSKnights

[TRANS] 100829 Yunho In InStyle September Issue

The True Partners
Korea's top stars and fashionistas reveal their favorite Loccitane items!

"I've been using it since I received it as a gift from someone I know and you can easily apply it on your face before you sleep without having to wash it off later."
U-Know Yunho (singer)
His favorite: Immortal Cream Mask

Source: [Poplez+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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[PHOTO] 100829 JYJ - A-Nation'10 Tokyo Twitter Update Part 2

a-nation's over
Thank you for the love you've all given us
We had a really great summer
Thank you!

Credits: tohoshinkistaff@twitter
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[PHOTO] 100829 JYJ - A-Nation'10 Tokyo Twitter Update

Credits: tohoshinkistaff@twitter
Shared by: DBSKnights

[FANACCOUNT] 100829 a-nation Tokyo Part 3

This is by a Chinese fan who went to a-nation.

I went to a-nation yesterday. Since I live pretty far away and I had to go to a meeting at my University beforehand, I left home at around 8 in the morning. After I attended my meeting, I took a bus to Shinjuku from Shibuya and then took the Keio line to the venue. The stadium was around 10 minutes walk away and it was 1:30 by the time I finally arrived. This was my first time there and it felt a lot like Tokyo dome. Since my friend and I arrived pretty late, we were worried that all the merchandise might have sold out so we quickly hurried over to the stand. There was a really long line and up ahead we saw a sign that said "JYJ T-SHIRT SOLD OUT'. Apparently only the JYJ shirts had sold out, tshirts for other artists were still in stock. As we were waiting to get to the front of the line, I scanned the rest of the crowd. I was in such a hurry on my way in that I didn't really take a good look around, when I did, I realized that almost everyone around me had an orange towel around their necks with 'JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN' in big bold print. I felt really happy then because no matter where I went, I'd bump into people with orange towels, even fan boys. Because I was so late, the t-shirts, bows and totes had all sold out and I only managed to buy a towel and a fan. The fan had a cartoon version of JYJ, kawaii.

When I was done buying merchandise, it was 2. My friend and I hurried into the stadium, found seats and sat down. A sudden loud noise shocked us both and we saw that Koda Kumi was first up on stage. People started to get excited as she walked on. Koda Kumi's singing is absolutely amazing, the studio and live versions are exactly the same. The Bigeasts/Cassiopeia that were there cheered really loudly for her, probably because she takes good care of our Dong Bang boys. She sat on a vehicle and went around the stadium once, waving to people along the way. A few singers that I didn't know the name of followed after that. Since it was right in the afternoon, the heat really was quite unbearable so my friend and I decided to go out and wander around for a bit because we were both only here for JYJ anyway, it didn't really matter whether or not we saw the other performances. We bought shaved ice but were still really hot afterwards. We agreed to go back in after the sun set and so we went back in at about 4. More artists we didn't know the names of performed… We waited… and waited… During the break, the cameraman panned the camera on the audience. We saw a few cute kids but then the camera suddenly focused on a few JYJ light boards, they wrote 'JYJ We Love You'. At that moment, a thunderous round of applause sounded throughout the stadium and everyone enthusiastically cheered for the girl holding the board. Then the cameraman zoomed in on even more fans with JYJ signs and merchandise, and everytime he did, the audience would applaud. Looking around, the entire venue seemed to be covered in orange. My friend is a new fan and didn't really know how legit us Cassiopeia/Bigeasts are so she was completely awestruck. DBSK has so many fans it's kind of scary.

People started to get restless at 6:30 and many started taking out their red glowsticks. There even seemed to be more members of staff all of a sudden. One held up a sign which said 'No video/audio recording or photography, even mobile phone photography'. There were lots of staff around us watching our every move so we couldn't take any photos or film anything even if we wanted to. In front of me, a girl took a photo, but then got her camera confiscated and was told that it'd be returned after the concert. Despite this, I still managed to sneak in a few shots.

After a while, JYJ appeared on the big screen. All the red glow sticks came on around the stadium and the screams hit peak. Cassiopeia/Bigeast completely took over the concert. Even though you weren't the focal point of the concert and even though your performance wasn't particularly long, we gave you your red ocean. I wanted to take a photo of the red ocean, but couldn't because the security was so tight.

Then Jaejoong appeared followed by Yoochun and Junsu. My immediate thought was that Junsu had lost some weight and then I noted how cute he looked with his new blonde hair. I'd thought that Yoochun would've cut his hair short by now since filming for his drama was already over. In the end, he still brandished the same long hair and his wide forehead. Jaejoong ah, he was still as handsome as ever.

After the first song was over, it was time for Junsu's solo. His amazing singing and sexy dancing had the audience screaming incessantly throughout his performance. Then it was time for soulmate's 'Colors'. Jaejoong and Yoochun stood on opposite sides of the stage and then swapped positions. In the middle when they were singing "lalala', the sound was completely phenomenal. On the last line, Jaejoong playfully stopped singing and just as Yoochun got ready to sing, he said 'hold on a moment' and then started laughing….

They then performed some songs from their new album. When they were singing 'Get Ready', the fans sang along with them at the 'OK'. When they got to 'W', I really couldn't hold my tears in anymore, the lyrics really brought tears to my eyes, but since I had a friend beside me, I tried to contain myself. Shockingly, my friend started to cry before I did and I burst into tears with her. When their performance was finally over, nearly all of Cassiopeia/Bigeast was in tears. The stadium was completely covered in red. I'm grateful to the Japanese fans, thank you for your unconditional love for them.

As Junsu walked off stage, he turned back longingly to look at the red ocean. His eyes seemed to brim with tears….

My friend and I left after JYJ's performance was over. Even though we felt slightly apologetic to the artists who performed afterwards, I had to leave because I live so far away and I was afraid I wouldnt be able to catch the bus.
Being able to see JYJ had me completely content.

Even though I'm really tired, seeing JYJ made me really happy. My only regret is that I went in heels and now I'm so tired that I'm afraid to walk.

A-nation really moved me. Those of you who haven't seem them live really should go and take a look for yourselves. Seeing fan videos is nothing compared to seeing them live.

Credits: 神起5Always@TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

[TRANS] 100829 A-Nation '10 Tokyo - Thank You Message from JYJ

Everybody, thank you for your hard work at a-nation!

We're really glad to have been able to participate in a-nation this year, and thanks to you all, we've left with great happy memories. We received your warm support in both Osaka and Tokyo, (we're) really happy.
(^ ^)>
Honestly, thank you all (^^)
We look forward to seeing your smiles again next time!

From: Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun

Credits: HeyJJ.cc
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

[FANACCOUNT] 100829 a-nation Tokyo Part 2

A lot of details were omitted when this was translated from Japanese to Chinese so this is only a rough summary.

Lots of the fan glow sticks had already been switched on by the time Jaejoong started singing 'いつだって君'

At the beginning he looked like he was going to cry.
Actually, he didn't look too well. Jaejoong are you okay? I'm a little worried.

Yoochun asked 'Ready OK?' twice when he was MCing.
The first time he said it, he said 'Compared to when we were in Osaka, I'm not feeling too well.' And then he said it again.
Jaejoong said that he realy wanted to try doing Yoochun's 'Ready OK?' 'How are those of you sitting above?' 'How about the people on the left, good?' things like that.

Junsu had to prepare for Intoxication, so he didn't say much.

Jaejoong is so cute
Everyone sang together lalala~~~

Credits: RockJJ
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

[FANACCOUNT] 100829 a-nation Tokyo Part 1

Around 50% of those in the stadium were in orange at the beginning, by the end, there was 70-80%.

The time JYJ came out was around the same as when they were in Osaka, as we approached the moment of their appearance, the guards became more strict.
Even as I took out my phone to check the time, I'd feel scared.
The songs they sang were pretty much the same as those in Osaka.
At around 18:40, when the sky was slowly darkening, the three of them finally walked out.
All the red lights suddenly came on.

They sang six songs in total, and this pretty much sums up how I felt:
Jaejoong is really cute
Jaejoong is absolutely stunning
I felt electrified by Jaejoong's voice
I could hear Jaejoong's voice echoing in my head
Jaejoong was hilarious during the MC section
I was kind of entranced by his dancing

Yoochun looked really happy and he was especially talkative during the MC secton. 'Junsu's introduction was so boring, don't you guys think? It was seriously boring (^W^), I'm Yoochun~ (He said this with a cute voice).' He yelled 'OK' more than once and said that 'That wasn't as powerful as when we were in Osaka' and did it again. Yoochun was smiling and laughing from the beginning to the end, it was absolutely adorable. He was also the only person who threw a towel. (Jaejoong threw a towel at the end)

When Jaejoong was MCing he said 'I want to yell OK like Yoochun too' And then he walked to centre stage and yelled 'Are you all awake~~??' twice.

I don't remember much about Junsu, but he was very charismatic.

Yoochun's rap in 'Colors' was cut and towards the end, Jaejoong stopped the song. Yoochun asked 'What are you doing?' and then the two of them started bickering like an old couple.

Then they ended with 'W'

When they were singing the official a-nation song, Yuki got on stage and started calling her friends on stage to sing together. 'AMI SUZUKI, KODA KUMI, AAA~~' etc. lots of her friends came up. Just as I thought she was done, I heard 'JUNSU~~!' Of course, Junsu was going to be singing as well, I was shocked for a moment but didn't think much of it until I heard' JAEJOONG, YOOCHUN~!' She shouted all three of their names! The three of them walked on in orange t-shirts~! Even though they only had one line each, I was glad I didn't leave half way through the concert.

Credits: heyjj.cc
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

Sunday, August 29, 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 100829 a-nation Tokyo, Aug 28

The first day of the Tokyo live is over.

As you can all see in the pictures, the stadium was full of red lights and orange towels, it really looked like the red ocean. It was beautiful in the evening dusk.

The three members were full of energy.
Yoochun seemed to be slim (his chin became sharper), and he was always smiling his soft and lovely smile.
Junsu was high-spirited, and his smile was dazzling.
Jaejoong was as always, so handsome, and his vocal was strong and yet so beautiful.
I wish I had more English vocaburary to express their powerful stage.

Oh, I really love their live performances! Their songs were in high quality finished form compared to that of their performance at the Tokyo dome 2 months ago. That’s our JJY!
Junsu seems to have changed the delivery of some of the phases in “Itsudatte Kimini”, and he sometimes showed his lovely smile during Intoxication, in which he usually doesn’t show (to set off his manfulness). He looked as though his heart was leaping for joy, standing on a live stage.

Yoochun was shouting “Minna tanoshimu junbi, OK?” (T/N: Everyone, are you ready for the fun?) with all his might, and he seemed to be so happy on stage, too. I’ve seen many of their live performances, but this was the first time I’ve seen Yoochun so full of smiles throughout the performance. I could feel that he was enjoying a fulfilling life at the moment.

Jaejoong was as always, so beautiful to the eye. As in the Tokyo dome, he was taking the leading role during the talks. His Japanese is so fluent now, it is delightful to the ear. He seems to be the one who was sharing the most high fives with the other two members.

One difference between the dome and a-nation was the song “Get ready”. They danced to the music, so now, it is a full dance song. During the introduction, Junsu was dancing in full blast in the center of the three members, his dance was so manly and powerful, it was beyond words.

Their performance was really a stage of true artists. The venue is an outdoor stadium (T/N: home ground for the professional soccer team, FC Tokyo), and the acoustic quality should be poor compared to that of indoor stadiums. But their vocals were ringing throughout the vast stadium.

And, moreover, it is a-nation, the stage is so wide. The three seemed to running around on stage, so that they could get near the audience as much as possible.

Their performance was the third place from the last, same as last year. I was happy to know that their standing position in avex has not changed, though everything has turned upside down.

We were able to hear ayu hamasaki’s live performance of “Blossom”. During ayu’s song, I tried to imagine how Jaejoong would look in the PV. I know that it would be lovely to the eye.

I was wearing a yellow Evisu T shirt (same as Yunho, lol. I am a great fan of Yunho). To be honest, I felt a little bit lonely when their performance had started. I looked up at the evening sky, thinking that the sky has no border, it should cover Seoul, too. But I did not feel the deadly loneliness that I felt at Tokyo dome. Maybe that was because I myself heard the words of
Mr. Arikawa (PD for the movie “Kimiga Odoru, Natsu”) the day before. We should wait… for the time being….

Hearing their last song “W”, I burst into tears. It was not because I felt sad, but because I felt wistful and lonely. The three wholeheartedly sung the song. I could not forget the expression of the three before they sung “Aitakute” (T/N: I want to see you, meet you). I thought I saw Jaejoong’s eyes become watery. Junsu’s soul-stirring vocal stood out. Yoochun was singing with all his might.

Their live performances are so soulful, I could sence their love for live stages.

Today I will again go to a-nation. This time, I am planning to put on pierced earrings of Bossanova.

source: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100829 Musician Copykumo Talks Of Jaejoong-Junsu’s Participation In SungKyunKwan Scandal OST

Xiah Junsu and YoungWoong Jaejoong are working on the SungKyunKwan Scandal OST with each of them taking on a different style. I had always known that Xiah Junsu was really good but I feel like YoungWoong Jaejoong’s song will be a rediscovery of him.. I had stereotypes about him because he’s an idol singer but he’s actually really good at singing.

source: [copykumo's Twitter+@wickedinutopia]
translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net

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[TRANS] 100828 “Yoochun Has Everything An Actors Needs”

Dong Bang Shin Ki’s member Yoochun who has been casted in KBS’s new drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” is becoming a topic for receiving many praises from the drama’s staff members and co-stars.

Director Kim Won Suk expressed his thoughts towards Park Yoochun, “Park Yoochun has such delicate and elegant look and voice; and he possesses all the basic factors that one needs as an actor. I can even say that he’s a star with all the talents.”

Screenwriter Kim Tae Hee also expressed, “There’s no doubt why Park Yoochun is considered a top star, because he works with such passion and sincerity. His personality is very similar to the character Lee Sun Joon, and I’m very satisfied.”

Song Joong Ki who’s playing the role of character Goo Yong Ha especially praised, “I’ve always hold a prejudice against idol singers turn actors, but seeing Yoochun who’s working with such seriousness and efforts, I’m very touched.”

“Sungkyunkwan Scandal” will begin on the 30th.

Source: Chosun Online
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[VIDEO]100817 Sungkyunkwan Scandal Interview ENG SUB

Credits: Crazykaiyi
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[VIDEO] Hyunjoong and Yoochun, eat well~!

Credits: Crazykaiyi
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[TRANS] 100828 SungKyunKwan Scandal Staff Twitter Update

Meanwhile, many of you have been already curious about the OST of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ on the premiere episode on August 30th, then please looking forward to the release of the OST along with the first broadcast!

about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® :)

Today’s guerrilla surprises!
Please keep an eye on our twitter .. ^^ coming soon

about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® :)

KBS drama office this afternoon at 05:30 pm Korea time in front of “Myeongdong Art Theatre” will be presented original poster of “SungKyunKwan Scandal” to the first 200 people. Hopefully people who got there will enjoy receiving it :)

about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® :)

credit: scandal2010 twitter
trans: sharingyoochun.net

[TRANS] 100828 Shawol Fan Account - SMTown Live '10

This is a fan account by a SHINee fan, but it's completely relevant because it's mainly about HoMin and Cassiopeia.

After everything that happened yesterday, the shock of being at the live concert, the heartache, the wonderful heartwarming moments, and then seeing all the photos and videos, there are so many emotions that I honestly dont' know how to express. I wanted to start writing something last night, but I really didn't know how to start. That night, I was in awe, not only by our kids, but also Yunho and Changm and the wonderful Cassiopeia and Shawols. Looking back on the videos from 2 years ago, I suddenly realized that our kids have really grown up. They used to run after their hyungs like their beloved dongsaengs, or perhaps they were a source of motivation...

I've always really admired Yunho, the past few years in Korea, everything about him, from his personality to his reputation, everything about him made people who loved him proud. That is why, when I saw the 8 whole banners dedicated to him at the stadium, I wasn't surprised at all. Even when the entire stadium erupted with screams of 'JUNG YUNHO', I wasn't surprised. Someone like him is totally deserving of that kind of love. I really like him as well, because I know that Yunho loves our SHINee, he buys them food and goes to watch their performances to give them support and encouragement, and he and Changmin always play basketball and go bowling with Minho. He brought Jonghyun and Key to dinner to watch the World Cup together, and went to Taemin's dance training sessions despite having to work on his own CFs, magazine shoots and rehearsals. He helped our kids make the perfect 2nd album. He was even their for their comeback stage, going to the venue with them and staying with them backstage...

Knowing that the kids have a hyung like that makes me really happy and completely content. Everything that Yunho endured as the leader of TVXQ, he's spoken to Onew about. He's taught him so much, yes, he's always trying his best to help Onew become an even greater leader than he is. At the same time, he also knows about the burdens and responsibilities he has to shoulder as a leader, and that is why, compared to the 4 other members, he is especially kind to Onew. Only because he knows too well how difficult it is to be in that position and how important it is to show him love and support. Onew, being younger and softer than Yunho needs extra love and protection. This hyung has put so much effort into protection our kids, in the hope that his personal experience will help get them further and make them a better group. This is why, last night, when I saw a tired, quiet and expressionless Yunho exchanging glances with the 5 members; when I saw Onew by his side, Taemin putting his arm around his waist, Minho tugging him along and Jonghyun and Key walking past him over and over again to help cheer him up, I felt content and proud. Huuhuu, I don't know whether it's because I'm too much like a mother, everytime I see the SHINee members showing love for their hyung, I feel a rush of pride. They're kids who really know the meaning of being grateful. Hyung's time and love hadn't been wasted, it's no wonder he likes you all so much.

Yesterday, in the hearts of Cassiopeia who had been waiting for over a year by now, there was bitterness and pain, but more than that, they were proud. Anyone who sees them would be in awe by the love and devotion they've shown towards their idols. Of course, this is because their idols really have made themselves worthwhile of their sacrifices, yet what amazed me most was that whether it be this year's Dream Concert or last night's SMTown concert, Cassiopeia gave TVXQ the same red ocean. Last night, when the big screen started to pay the VCR of HoMin, most of the fanlights had been switched off and I was almost a little shocked. However, in less than a minute, when HoMin descended from above, the stadium which had previously been a sea of various different colours completely transformed in to a red ocean. This kind of scene, whether you're a Cassiopeia or not, it really leaves people completely awestruck or even in tears. I saw lots of Cassiopeia unnies holding onto each other as tears poured out of their eyes. So many of them continued to wave their glow sticks and fan signs even as they were overcome with emotion.

That night, I should've been really happy because SHINee really delivered an amazing performance, they were so adorable and they had such a great time. Yet as I sat amidst the Cassiopeia unnies, I really couldn't help myself from screaming and crying with them. When HoMin's performance ended, they really lost control. If the tears from before had been the result of a year's worth of waiting, of pain, of controversy and of happiness over HoMin's return, then this time, it was simply because they'd lost it. They were in so much pain that they had all completely broken down. We've never heard the two talk about the pain and torment they've endured over the past year, yet we all understand, and that is why so many fans from all over the world have come to support them. In the end, the Yunho fans who were sitting next to me were still mumbling 'what to do what to do, (we) really want to go to the US, to China, to Japan, even if it's only for 6 minutes, 6 minutes is better than nothing, (we) have to go with him.' Some also said that seeing the fans with Bigeast towels who'd come all the way from Japan really hurt them more than anything. At the end of the concert, some of the Yunho fans came over to us Shawols and ELFs and bowed as they thanked us. Eventually, we all started crying with them, aish.

When I got home, I really wanted to see how the fans from China had reacted, of course, everyone was shocked and angry at first, but people slowly started to comfort one another, and I saw lots of words of encouragement from the fans. I was so touched! 'We'll treat it as though the purpose of their appearance was not to dance or to sing, but simply to see those who've missed them and to tell us that they're still protecting TVXQ, it's completely worthwhile.' 'Even though it only lasted 6 minutes and we waited 7 long hours, as long as we're able to catch a glimpse of them and see that they're well, it's enough.' There were lots of messages like that, and each and every single one of them touched me. All of a sudden, I remembered a conversation I'd had with a Yunho fan last night. I asked her why she loved Yunho so much and whether it was hard or tiresome for her. She replied 'I do get tired, of course I get tired, I get tired, bitter and angry. He really is a a fool, but there's really nothing we can do, we'll stay by his side and help him through the hard times because compared to everything he's been through, our suffering and our exhaustion is nothing.' After last night, I suddenly had a newfound love for these unnie fans, I really really like them, they're definitely the most lovable fans I've ever seen.

Thinking about how good the oppas are to our SHINee and how nice the Cassiopeia unnies are to us, I really hope that one day, SHINee World will become just like Cassiopeia, so that our boys will be proud of us as well.

'Hello everyone, we are Dong Bang Shin Ki'
'Hello everyone, we are Cassiopeia'

This was the first time I've personally heard the exchange between TVXQ and their Cassiopeia and I was truly touched. I hope SHINee World and our boys will be able to achieve the same kind of perfect connection one day. I know we're not far from it…

Credits: TVXQBaidu + SHINeeBar
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

[TRANS] 100828 SungKyunKwan Scandal Staff Twitter Update

Meanwhile, many of you have been already curious about the OST of ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ on the premiere episode on August 30th, then please looking forward to the release of the OST along with the first broadcast!

about 4 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Today’s guerrilla surprises!
Please keep an eye on our twitter .. ^^ coming soon

about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

KBS drama office this afternoon at 05:30 pm Korea time in front of “Myeongdong Art Theatre” will be presented original poster of “SungKyunKwan Scandal” to the first 200 people. Hopefully people who got there will enjoy receiving it

about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Credit: scandal2010 twitter
Trans: sharingyoochun.net
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[FANACCOUNT] 100828 A-nation '10 in Tokyo - Fan Account

The three of them all had expressions of bliss on their faces. Their hearts seemed to be filled with happiness.

I cried during 'Colors'.
In Junsu's 'Intoxication', he was like a fish swimming in the water, his body was so flexible and relaxed and he seemed really happy. How should I say it… I just felt that he was full of happiness and contentment.
Yoochun's gaze, his expression of joy, the warmth in Jaejoong's eyes when he was looking at his members, I could really feel their happiness.

I'm thankful to have had such a wonderful summer.
Even though today marks the end of my summer,
being able to feel such contentment from them has really completed it.
Those of you going to see tomorrow's performance, please bring along my share of support.

Credits: t.sina.com.cn/tvxqcnfans + たけこの部屋
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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[TRANS] 100828 A-nation '10 in Tokyo - Message from Yoochun

Hello to all of you in Tokyo
I am Yoochun!!
Today is the first a-nation in Tokyo performance. The fireworks are really beautiful~~~
We received a lot of love and cheering from all of you.
Your support means a lot to us.
Tomorrow will be the last a-nation concert.
Whether it is for us or for all or you, we will work hard to bring you good memories of summer~!
See you~!

Credits: TVXQBaidu + mrpark.com.cn
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights

Shared by: DBSKnights

[FANACCOUNT] 100827 Movie “Kimiga Odoru, Natsu” Premiere

The theme song: "With All My Heart ~Kimiga Odoru, Natsu~"

Today, August 27, I went to the Bigeast event, the premiere for the movie “Kimiga Odoru Natsu”.
The event was taken place at Yomiuri Hall, Yurakucho, Tokyo, starting 14:00.
There should be 1000 Bigeasts, the hall was mostly full. I was sitting in the very front row of the 2nd floor.

The hall was very quiet while we were waiting. Maybe it was because most of the fans came alone. (We were to apply for the event one by one.) And, since the place is an event hall and not just a movie theater, the BGM (during waiting time) was classical music, making the atmosphere calm and relaxed.

First of all, the movie “Kimiga Odoru, Natsu” was shown on the screen. I heard that the movie time was 2 hours and 3 minutes. The movie itself was lovely, the storyline and images were wonderful, I was really impressed. Even if it had a different theme song, I should have been touched by the lovely story, it was full of youth dreams and love. I will just write down one phrase which impressed me the most. “Yosakoi (note: traditional Japanese festival dance) is a positive dance.”
The movie will be released nationwide on September 11.

But, what impressed me the most was the talk part, which followed the screen.
The total time of the talk was only for approximately 10 minutes, but we were able to hear wonderful stories.

First of all, the producer for this movie, Shun Arikawa spoke.
(contents in random order)

Four years have passed since the plan for the movie came out.
I thought that Tohoshinki is the one and only group that can sing the theme song, so I made the request.
The theme song “With All My Heart ~Kimiga Odoru, Natsu~" is used in the first part of the movie (note: piano version), during the scene in front of the shrine (note: 2nd part of the song starting “Futoshita shunkan”), and during the first part of the end title roll (note: full song).

I myself have all the DVDs of Tohoshinki, I watch them every night. My favorite DVD is of 2007 Budokan concert, around the place when Yoochun starts crying.
I am a fan from their debut days, and went to buy their single CD “HUG” immediately after I found them. Of course, I am a Bigeast.

I have sent the plan to avex on August 2009, and did not receive the reply for a while (since difficult problems occurred).
Suddenly, on December 2009, I received an urgent telephone call from Mr. Seki of avex. He said that he will come to meet us on that day, and brought a CD with him. In the CD was the song “With All My Heart”. Immediately after hearing the introduction of the song, I thought, “Oh, we should go with this song!”
On the same day, Mr. Seki flew to Seoul, held discussions with SM, and solved all the complicated problems. Therefore, we were able to use this great song as the theme song.

I went to Kanuma (Tochigi) on January 29, 2010. That day, the filming of the PV for “Tokiwo Tomete” took place. That should have been their last work as Tohoshinki…
I met with all the members, and told them “Your are to be worldwide artists, not only inside Asia but throughout the world, so please do your best.” All the members were delighted, they showed me their best smiles. I shook all their hands. Especially, Yunho took my hand in both of his hands, and said out loud, “Thank you very much! I will do my best!” Changmin showed his shy smile.

I cannot give out the source, but all the 5 members are still very good friends, and they want to sing together. However, the problem seems to be beyond their control…

But, if you keep on believing, your wishes will come true. The fans’ supports are the most important. Please keep on supporting all the 5 members in the future.

My dream is to see the 5 members singing the song “With All My Heart” together. Of course, I would like to see them sing “Somebody To Love”, I want to swing the towel around, lol.

I would like many people to see the movie, and to attract more people to this movie and Tohoshinki.

I was comforted by Producer Arikawa’s cheerful and hearty way of talking. Thanks to Mr. Arikawa, the great song “With All My Heart ~Kimiga Odoru, Natsu~” was born, was made the theme song for the movie, thus, we can hear the song today. I was very thankful. Moreover, Mr. Arikawa is a great fan of Tohoshinki. Since he is a Bigeast, he understands the current situation. But he is very forward thinking, I received a strong power from his positive attitude. His stories were not just lip-services, but held a true meaning. I was really impressed by his lovely talks.

The next person to speak was, Shinjiroh Inoue, the lyrics writer and composer for the song.

I am not familiar to these kinds of talks, so I am more nervous than playing the guitar at the Tokyo dome.
This is the second time I watched the movie. Sitting in the very back row of the 1st floor, I was almost in tears.
I started to write the lyrics from the very first part of the song “Kagamini~”.
My dream is to see the 5 members singing this song together.

I was in tears hearing his quiet way of speaking…

To tell the truth, I myself had almost given up. Especially after August 21, I thought many times that I should give up the hope. But that should be a mistake. If we fans do not believe in the 5 members, who will believe in them?
I recall Yoochun’s message the other day to us fans, to please enjoy the time we are waiting.
We should support their solo and unit activities, and look forward to the date when they resume their activities with smiling faces. This should be the road of the true fans. But can I, a very weak person, do so?
At that timing, I remembered Yunho’s words in a magazine a year ago. He said that Tohoshinki has grown after going through various difficulties. So, should this situation be the birth pangs before they become worldwide artists? I really hope so.

Source: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100828 Jaejoong’s Feeling to Appear in Ayumi Hamasaki’s PV

Released in July, Ayumi Hamasaki (31) new single ‘Crossroad’ is under production of a new PV, and on the 28th it’s published that TVXQ Jaejoong is going to make appearance in the PV. This will be Jaejoong’s first appearance in Japanese artist PV.

However Hamasaki will not appear at all in the PV. The plot is about a young painter (Jaejoong) who is chasing his dream despite being attacked by a disease, the story tells how he spends the remaining of his life eagerly. Hamasaki said, “If I star it by myself, I would be too much ‘talking’, so I think of someone who can act with compelling power, therefore I asked Jaejoong to appear on,” explaining about her choice. “With his world view of music and unique captivating atmosphere, it will become a very good video clip.” she said.

While Kim Jaejoong commented, “Ayumi Hamasaki is a big senior in my record label, thus when I received the offer to appear in her PV, I was really happy, eventhough I feel a lot of pressure, I’ll try to do it properly!”

Credit: tv-asahi
Trans: sharingyoochun.net

Saturday, August 28, 2010

[VIDEO] 100828 Yunho - Evisu, Eclipse Sensation

Credits: HoLoveMin
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[TRANS] 100827 Hyun Joong Glad For Different Airing Times As Good Friend Yoochun

Kim Hyun Joong: "Competing against my good friend Yoochun's acting skills-- it's a relief the airing times are different."

At 2PM on August 26, a production press conference at Yangdo Gangnam-gu, Seoul was held for MBC drama "Playful Kiss". When faced with the question of how he plans on confronting Park Yoochun's acting, Kim Hyun Joong laughingly said: "Yoochun's airs on Mondays and Tuesdays, while mine airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so we can avoid the competition of having a similar time slot."

"Sungkyunkwan Scandal" with Park Yoochun acting as main character will air it's first episode on August 30.

Kim Hyun Joong says: "After watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal's previews, I feel that it is really good. Although we haven't been drinking with each other recently, I feel pressured as this is Yoochun's debut in television drama acting. Challenging a drama that releases 2 episodes each week is tough, but I can't really provide any particular suggestions. Even though I haven't even done anything about it, I still feel that Yoochun handles it very well."

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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Friday, August 27, 2010

[TRANS] 100813 Park Min Young, Micky Yoochun is "A Friend with Deep Thoughts"

Meeting through the cast, Park Min Young said, “We have a lot of scenes where we interact; that’s why we gradually became close. The two of us have outgoing personalities, so it seems like we’ve known each other much longer.”

In addition, she also conveyed, “I became an outgoing person through my acting. Yoochun is not shy; he has a great personality and is a friend who takes into account the thoughts of everyone else around him.”

Also, when talking about Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In, she said, “Everyone behaves like students on the first day of school. I portray a character that cross-dresses and thus, everyone started treating me like a brother.” She added, “He is an important character that warms up all the other actors. Everyone’s personalities and the atmosphere of the set are heartwarming that it’s gratifying.”

One of the staff said, “All the actors are around the same age, so it didn’t take long for them to be familiar with each other. With the absence of doubt, the atmosphere of the set was very enjoyable.” On the set, staff members even joke around saying [they are] “The Modern Version of the Students of SungKyu Kwan.”

The first historical drama to have SungKyunKwan of the Joseon Dynasty as its main setting: KBS Drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal.”

SungKyunKwan is a place where women are prohibited, but Kim Yoon Hee entered and encountered Lee Sun Joon, who goes by strong principles; Moon Jae Shin, who is unpredictable, and Goo Yong Ha, a player. Four completely different people starring in “History of Joseon Dynasty’s Youths” will air on the 30th.

Source: baiduTVXQ
Translation: lonelyxgrl @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[VIDEO] J100826 JaeChunsu - Itsu datte kimi ni PV

Credits: Sharingyoochun2

[NEWS] 100826 TVXQ U-Know Yunho Appeared as Ambassador of Korea Tourism Web Drama

On August 26th, the Korea Tourism had production announcement press conference for their web drama “Haru ~ a one day story ~” held in Imperial Hotel in Hibiya, Tokyo. The goodwill ambassadors appearing in the drama to reveal the charm of Korea that attended the press conference were from popular group TVXQ, U-Know Yunho, actress Han Chae Young, actor Park Shi Hoo and Kim Bum.

The drama will be delivered by Korea Tourism Organization through “2010 Korea Tourism Organization Interactive Campaign Site”. There are six themes that are available to introduce the “exciting” and “romantic” charm of South Korea. Viewers can select content that interest them among other items that appear in the drama, then they can create their own favorite tourist guidance.

A slight summary about “Haru ~ a one day story~”, U-Know Yunho will act as an action actor in play, Lee Da Hae is a script writer, Kim Bum as a photographer, Han Chae Young and Park Shi Hoo as a couple in Da Hae’s scenario, while Big Bang’s story is to seek a local branch school that is being shut down to find children whom they promised to hold a mini-concert before.

The drama already finished its first round filming located in Gwangan bridge, Busan station, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi, Haerang train, and Hangang. This drama will portray Korea’s beauty through it’s new convention, beautiful cinematography, and fascinating soundtrack.

Yunho who acts as a movie action star said, “I have a lot of running scenes, there was also a great scene where I was running while avoiding missile from the sky, I wonder if I had done it good.” showing satisfaction in the drama’s production. Kim Bum who acts as a photographer took the famous tourist train in Korea as his PR issue, “Let’s try to enjoy the train journey.”

The drama title “Haru” means “one day” in Korean. For the four people who are always busy each day, when they’re asked about their ideal way to spend the day, each answered, “Having meal with my family up in the morning, and have my own time during lunch, I want to live a life in such kind of comfort,” (Kim), “Eventhough I don’t have one right now, but if I have a girlfriend, I’d like to have a date with her in Seoul.” (Park), “I want to go traveling with my family and friends.” (Han), and “I want to go traveling and take pictures, then write my feeling at that time in a diary.” (Yunho).

Finally Yunho said, “This drama is produced with utmost effort from all staffs, to make people giving interest on South Korea. I have a lot of recommended spots, but amongst them, I’d choose Seoul Tower that suits the most to spend the day with your couple and family. I’ll try my best to convey the many various charm of South Korea.”

Other than the four people attended, five members of popular group BIG BANG and actress Lee Da Hae will also make appearance in the drama.

credit: eiga.com + bnt news
trans: sharingyoochun.net

[VIDEOS] 100826 Yunho - Haru Press Conference

Credits: hisako0825

[TRANS] 100826 Yunho's New Web Drama "[haru]~ Aru Hi no Monogatari"

In late September, on 2010 Korean Tourism Interactive Campaign Site, a web drama called "[haru]~ Aru Hi no Monogatari" will be broadcast. The drama, which starred 10 Hallyu stars, will convey the current image of Korea via different characters such as script writer and action star, etc. Beside from depicting the beautiful landscapes, the drama will portray a priceless "one day" that each of the characters encounter by chance.
※ [haru] in Korean means "one day"

The main story involves around a script writer named Da Hae. During a span of one day, different things will be developing - the triangle love between Lee Da Hae, Yunho and Kim Bum; the comical episode between main characters in the drama that Da Hae works on Lee Chae Young and Park Si Hoo; and the story of BIG BANG who go all the way to a school in the mountain in order to protect a promise they made with fans.

Actors - Roles
BIG BANG - Energetic idol stars
Yunho - Romantic yet tough action star (oooh. i love his role.kekeke)
Han Chae Young - Sexy stylist
Park Si Hoo - Cute and playful fancafe's manager
Lee Da Hae - Beautiful scriptwriter
Kim Bum - Warm and sensitive photographer

Source: Gyao
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100826 JaeSuChun – East Asia Feiyang Concert

edit: note that on the website, only the list of Chinese singers is available, the list of Japanese & Korean singers have been taken off the site for unknown reasons, in the span of around 8 hrs since this article was last posted.

23rd October 2010 (Saturday)
Venue: HongKou Football Stadium (虹口足球场)
Ticket: 280/380/580/780(Arena)/1280(Arena)
650 (380x2)

East Asia Feiyang Concert will be held on 23rd October 2010 (Saturday) at HongKou Football Stadium, it’s one of the events for HongKong Special Administrative Region and ShangHai World Expo 2010. It’s also the final stage for the series of programs for the ShangHao World Expo.

A group of more than 30 famous singers from China, HongKong and overseas will be attending this event.

“East Asia Feiyang Concert” is going to the highlight and an unforgettable event as the ending of ShangHai World Expo 2010.

East Asia Feiyang Concert Artists Namelist
Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Mirian Yeung, Leon Lai, Wei Lan, Josie Ho, Richie Ren Xian Qi, Andy Hui, Shawn Yue, Daniel Wu, Han Hong, Edison Chen and many more.

Korean Group JYJ:
Kim JunSu, Park YooChun and Kim JaeJoong.

Japan Group Exile:
Hiroyuki Igarashi, Daisuke Maki, Toshio Matsumoto, Yoshihiro Usami, Ryōhei Kurosawa, Ken'ichirō Teratsuji, Keiji Kuroki, Tetsuya Tsuchida, Naoto Kataoka, Naoki Kobayashi, Atsushi Satō, Takahiro Tasaki, Nesmith Ryuta Karimu and Shokichi Yagi.

Source: BaiduTVXQ + Ticketing
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] Yunho message in No Limit OST

To Everyone ~♥

There are a lot of memories also in this OST.
I’d like to value it with you.


source: YHS
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

[NEWS] 100824 Will Giant get an extension?

Another well-performing show = another broadcaster keen to stretch its good luck with more episodes.

SBS’s Monday-Tuesday show Giant is currently doing very well with both ratings and audience praise, and at about three-fifths of the way through its run, it’s picking up steam. It’s doing so well that it put the pressure on MBC’s Dong Yi, which was easily beating the competition for most of its run but recently found itself slipping to second after Giant.

Now SBS is looking into the possibility of extending the series, which was originally slated to end on November 2 with 50 episodes. However, according to a source at SBS’s Dream Center, even though it’s still too early to decide, “the feel is positive so there’s a big possibility.”

Before any decisions are made, the broadcaster will have to get all the actors to agree. With big names onboard, scheduling conflicts will have to be worked out if any cast members have signed on for other projects with the original schedule in mind. But the source did explain that the cast is also looking favorably at the extension.

Furthermore, producers and broadcasters probably won’t be making any decisions until they monitor the performance of its next upcoming rival, the upcoming historical romantic-comedy series Sungkyunkwan Scandal. The rep said, “If Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘s ratings rise, Giant‘s has a big chance of falling. After we closely watch how Sungkyunkwan Scandal does, the final decision will be made whether to extend Giant‘s broadcast.” The source added the assurance that the writers have been completing the scripts quickly and shouldn’t face too much trouble if an extension is ordered.

Credits: Sports Chosun
Trans by: dramabeans
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[VIDEO] 100825 Yoochun - Making of SungKyunKwan Scandal

Credits: bananamonkiez
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[NEWS] 100824 YunHo and SHINee Helps Children in Need

YunHo and SHINee gathered together to donate to children who are in need living in war zone areas.

SHINee and YunHo will attend the DMZ National Documentary Film Festival on the 31st to assist with the donation.

The film festival held on the 9th of September will also be towards assisting those in need living in war zones. The donations will go towards funding their basic needs such as water, food and clothing.

The event will begin on the 31st at 3PM with YunHo and SHINee directly giving donations.

The relations of DMZ National Documentary Film Festivals said “This event will hopefully allow people to realise the importance of peace and life, the participation of YunHo and SHINee will encourage citizens to donate as well.”

source: tvdaily.co.kr
translation: netizensusadae @ kpoplive.com
shared by: DBSKnights

[VIDEO] SungKyungKwan Scandal Press Conference (ENG SUBS)

Credits: crazykaiyi
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[INFO] Unofficial Lyrics – Homin’s New Song “MAXIMUM”

August 21, SMTOWN LIVE’10 World Tour in Seoul @ Seoul Olympic Main Stadium


Standing in front of a mirror that, no matter who created it, is bound to break anytime
My face amidst it is consistently filled with weakness
Now, I must turn my back and leave, a wall that supports me but is solely mine
Currently rupturing in front of me, I must unconditionally transcend myself

Look at me, conquering everything that has happened to me and arriving here
Unsatisfied with being imprisoned in a narrow tower
From the beginning, my path has always been different from others
Now I’ve found my real voice
The closed door has been opened, my all has began

Shouting, you are the world’s most beautiful
Shouting, you are the world’s most beautiful
Scream, I’m the world’s most beautiful
Scream, I’m the world’s most beautiful

The things that allow me to be free, will never stop me from changing
Wanting to see a strength that doesn’t feel restricting
A completely beautiful me, an uncomparable fervor
Nothing to owe, the world has already taught me the initiating law

I will show to you, follow me, move your body, everything together
Surpassing myself, I will see a newly transformed me


Let me want this way
Want this way
Want this way
Want this way

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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[VIDEO] 100821 Cassiopeia - SMTown Seoul Red Pearl Balloon event

Credits: Yunhospace
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[TRANS] 100825 The Special Relationship between Choi Yoon Young, TVXQ's Xiah JunSu and SUJU's EunHyuk

'King of Baking - Kim Tak Goo's popular actress Choi Yoon Young (as Goo Ja Rim) speaks up about her special relationship with TVXQ's Xiah JunSu and SUJU's EunHyuk has become a popular topic.

On 23rd August, Choi Yoon Young expressed that she was classmates with Xiah JunSu and EunHyuk on KBS 2TV 'YeoYouManMan (여유만만) - King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo Special'. Choi Yoon Young said that she was in the same class as JunSu and EunHyuk during primary school and was in the same dancing group as well . She even recorded a video clip for JunSu on the show that said, "JunSu-ah, how are you recently? Remember to contact me after watching the drama. See you at the broadcasting studio".

Other than that, Choi Yoon Young also stated that her introvert character is totally different from the cheerful and lively Goo Ja Rim in the drama.

Source: BaiduTVXQ
Translation: sshutingg @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks

[NEWS] 100823 Yoochun - The challenge from being Idol to an Actor

Transforming from an idol to an actor can be tricky.

Not only does it require superb acting skills to wash away that idol image, but he or she must go through worries, criticism and also harsh self-discipline. Amid the numerous crossovers of young and determined stars, a particularly famous one is aiming to captivate viewers with his never-before-seen acting.

Dressed in “hanbok,’’ or traditional Korean clothes, TVXQ member Micky (real name Park Yoo-chun) looked proud, yet a bit nervous to represent his first–ever drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal’’ at a press conference held at the W Hotel, northern Seoul, last week.

The doll-faced 24-year-old will appear as Lee Sun-jun in the period drama and work with fellow actors Park Min-young, Song Joong-ki and Yoo Ah-in.

The soap is a “campus romance drama,’’ according to the production company, and will bring Korean history, comedy and romance to the small screen.

Korean period dramas have not only been popular here, but also overseas, and they tend to have certain patterns: traditional dress, ancient Korean vernacular, love triangles, and the inner struggle between personal goals and traditional traits.

“Sungkyunkwan Scandal’’ is no different. The heroine Kim Yoon-hee, played by Park Min-young, has been responsible for her household after her father died and brother became ill in the busy times of the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910). She decides that the only way for her to not worry about food and money is to disguise herself as a man and try for the state examination and become a court official.

She enters Sungkyunkwan, or a Confucian Academy, to study and meets fellow classmates: the strict and handsome Sun-jun, the playboy Koo Yong-ha (played by Song) and the rough and wild Moon Jae-shin (played by Yoo).

The journey begins as Kim, a pretty-faced student in disguise, struggles to fulfill her dream to become an official and hopefully discover true love along the way.

The biggest concern is not the familiar storyline or good looking stars dressed in colorful hanbok, but the acting. The four main actors are relatively young ― all are 24 except for the 25-year-old Song ― and have not made lasting impressions in their acting careers as yet. Additionally, period dramas are known to be especially tricky due to the old-fashioned dialect and behavior.

Despite these worries, the drama’s producer Kim Won-suk expressed his confidence in working with the young actors, especially Park Yoo-chun.

“Park was already on the team when I decided to helm the drama. But if I had the chance to pick the actors again, I would have picked him. I know many people are looking forward to, and are also worried about his acting, but I can tell you all that he is doing great,’’ Kim said.

Park also had to deal with the interest and pressure put on him, though he did a pretty good job in keeping a straight face and calmly answering questions regarding his lack of acting experience.

“Of course, being my first work and all, I thought about my acting a lot. I think this was a chance where I discovered a new me. The staff were generous enough to pick me for the role,’’ he said smiling.

“I have been dancing for a long time, and I had a pretty tough time realizing that the martial arts sequences were not to be shown as choreography. I have been immersed in the drama and although it’s been tough with the weather and the bugs, it’s been fun,’’ Park added.

It was hard not to notice the enormous interest showering the star. Even the press conference was a bit overdone. The event seemed to have lost its true purpose and turned into a promotional circus. It included two fashion shows; one by 2009, 2010 Miss Korea contestants and models and another by the actors themselves. The hanbok display was, indeed colorful and beautiful, but there was nothing different from those seen in previous and even current historical series.

A preview screening is one of the most important channels that uncovers the gist of the drama and also help the press understand the storyline easier and faster. The 8-minute highlight video was not enough to bring out the overall vibe of the work. It took an hour and a half to finally bring out the actors and producer to the table for a Q and A session.

Micky was introduced as “Park Yoo-chun’’ from start to finish, probably because he really wants to turn over a new leaf. The TVXQ member may have found it interesting to discover the actor within, but it will take a bit more than generosity and soul searching to spearhead a full-length drama, especially when all eyes are on him. Will he be able to shine in the spotlight? Fans will find out on Aug. 30 at 9:55 p.m.


[INFO] “Heading to the Ground” will be broadcasted in Central and Latin America

The Korean drama, protagonists by Uknow Yunho, leader of the Popular group TVXQ pass the borders of Asia reaching
different countries of America including Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. This is because at the last Fair
NATPE 2010, the largest convention of television stations throughout America and the channels that reach around the world
to offer their series and franchises, channels such as KBS, MBC and SBS in South Korea, announced to have closed
successful negotiations in order to their most popular dramas are transmitted in different contries around Latin and Central America and is expected that the called “Korean wave” invade these countries.

Although not yet know the exact date of commencement of emissions or schedules are known to “Heading to the
Ground”, arrived in the Latin countries under the name of “Sin Limites” (“Without Limits “), in the case of Peru is known to be delivered under the open signal chanel “Panamericana Television”, HTTG would arrive with different success of korean television such as Boys Over Flowers, Spring Waltz, Full House and Love Strikes.

Sources: Blog.pucp + mundohallyu+PanamericanaTelevision
Written by: Nononi @ TPF / TVXQPerú

[VIDEO] 100821 Changmin - Don't Don HQ Fancam

Credits: Lovelymax
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[TRANS] 100823 Choi Soo Jong's New Political Drama "President" - Shim Changmin To Participate?

Choi Soo Jong finished with the filming of "Comrades"

With the filming of "Comrades" closing to an end, Choi Soo Jong will take the lead role of upcoming KBS2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama "President".

With the subject centering around politics, "President" will reveal the many strifes and intriguing conflicts that revolves around the presidential elections through the main character's step by step journey in achieving Presidency.

It has been said that "President" will be the sequel "Runaway", airing early December this year. Currently, actors for the drama are in the midst of being selected, with Korean female actor Shin Se Kyeong and TVXQ member Shim Changmin as popular candidates.

(irrelevant materials omitted)

Source: [korea.sohu]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
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[TRANS] 100823 Changmin's Gravure Photoshoot

Changmin, member of TVXQ, releases a gravure photoshoot filled with a new charm.

On the 23rd, SM Entertainment announced that Changmin had recently participated in a gravure photoshoot for the fashion magazine [W Korea]. For this gravure photoshoot, 5 popular designers - Hong Seungwan, Jung Ookchun, So Sungyeon, Kim Sukwon, Han Sunghyuk - have specially designed 5 different styles just for Changmin, as the main theme.

A representative from SM said, "Changmin managed to work all the 5 designs, from a youthful image to a manly charm, showing off different images. We hope you'll be able to see Changmin in a dandy and chic light."

An interview was also conducted during the gravure photoshoot and Changmin will talk about things that happened to him recently. The gravure photoshoot and interview will be published in the September issue of [W Korea].

Source: [chosunonline]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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[TRANS] 100822 Osaka A-nation Fanboy Account

8/22 Japanese Fanboy Fan Account

I went to watch A-nation with my family, and when we arrived at the station, there were about 1-2 fans already there. I was surprised by the number of fans.

JYJ’s fans got off the tram, and beside me they were all wearing orange t-shirts or orange towels; I was really surprised.

Also, when I arrived at the venue, about seven sections were all full of Tohoshinki fans!

They’re truly amazing~ These five people!


When they came on stage, the entire venue turned red! Why was it red? Because at Tohoshinki’s concerts, the lightsticks are always red~

Every year when Tohoshinki’s opening begins to play, the entire audience would yell “START! 5, 4 , 3, 2, 1~ *Scream* “ Like that. (lol)

When JYJ came on stage the cheering in venue was like an earthquake!

Like the Thanksgiving Live in Dome, the beginning song was “Itsudatte Kimi ni”

Why must they sing the type of song that makes people want to cry first~ (lol)

1. Itsudatte Kimi ni
2. Intoxication
3. Colors~ Melody and Harmony
4. Get Ready
5. Long Way
6. W

Overall, they sang six songs!

The outfits they wore were very similar to last years.

Jaejoong’s light blonde hair has become a slightly darker shade of blonde, and it is also a bit longer.

Junsu cut off his side fringe, and he also dyed his hair blonde, it’s very handsome!

Yoochun’s hair is also longer, and a bit curly.

After the first song ended, they greeted everyone and Yoochun shouted “Everyone~ Get ready OK?”

During the second song Junsu’s charisma exploded (lol)

For the third song, Jaejoong and Yoochun’s harmonization was perfect! And both of them were very cute (lol)

They sang the fourth and fifth songs together!

The sixth song, W, was so sad (tears) When I heard the song, it made me think of Changmin and Yunho. I cried during this song too, it really was heartbreaking.

However, when I was loudly shouting “Jaejoong! ~Yoochun~” the people around me stared at me, probably because they don’t see fanboys often (lol)

Next time I see them live, I hope that I can see all five of them together, I hope that I can see the smiles on all their faces…

Source: TVXQbaidu
Trans by: Cherryripe@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

[NEWS] 100823 SMTOWN Artists Will Fly With Private Chartered Boeing 747 to LA

A private plane will be chartered for “SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR in LA” performance.

In upcoming November 4th, SMTOWN LIVE performance, the same as one held in Seoul on last August 21th, will be held in Staples Center, LA, United States. Line up SM artists such as Kang Ta, BoA, Yunho, Changmin, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, f(x), TRAX, Kim Min Jong, Yeon-hee, and Ara will unite to do the concert performance together for all fans in LA. For this purpose, a Korean Air Boeing 747-400 that has capacity of 300 people is specially chartered to fly all the artists and staff members.

“SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR” is not only a massive world tour that mobilize a lot of top artists, but it will also become a show of many exceptional performances that ever seen, meanwhile using a chartered flight for a tour to move all the artists and staffs together is still very rare especially in Korea. Therefore, with this announcement of the upcoming excellence performances from a lot of top Korean pop stars is expected to grow many interests from fans.

“SMTOWN LIVE ’10 WORLD TOUR in LA” began to sell tickets on last May 24th, and there was a huge responses for the tickets that 15,000 seats were quickly sold out as soon as it opened. In fact only top American artists could sell out all seats in Staples Center, thus according to insiders, this SMTOWN LIVE high ticket sales surprised even the local industry officials.

SM official said, “70% of the ticket buyers are non-Koreans from Vancouver, Canada including Toronto, New York, Washington DC, South Carolina, and Georgia. By looking at this, it’s proven that SM Entertainment’s attempt to advance the global competitiveness and popularity of its artists has finally realized.”

“SMTOWN LIVE’10 WORLD TOUR’ just finished its performance in Seoul Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in great success last August 21st, and is planned to fly to LA to take another stage that will draw audiences’ breath with even more passionate performances.

source: Asian Economics
trans: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: DBSKnights

Sunday, August 22, 2010

[TRANS] 100822 Fan Account Osaka A-nation - The Fan Account Which Isn't A Fan Account

My fanaccount can't really be called a fan account, as I will probably stray from the topic.

This fanaccount is the fan account of the three of us, Da Xian, Dou Bao and I.

I arrived in Japan on the 20th, and I intended to go watch their dress rehearsal, but, I'm not sure why, I suddenly had the urge tour the streets of Japan, so I did not see any of the first day's dress rehearsals, but I heard my sisters say that they seemed really nervous.

At a-nation, I didn't recognise any artists except Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi and Suzuki Ami. Most importantly, the only artists i truly knew were of course, JYJ.

Japan's weather was incredibly hot, and because my body is weak, I soon had a heat stroke, feeling cold, and then feeling hot, scaring my mum who was sitting next to me, telling me to book a ticket to Seoul immediately, to not stay in Japan any longer.

I didn't know who was performing on stage, I really didn't know. In the waiting process, I sent text messages to Da Xian and Dou Bao (who were sitting in the F section) to pass time.

Suddenly, the Korean fan at the SMTOWN concert called, she was incredibly excited, and said that the the venue was slowly filling up, said that they had prepared a surprise for Homin. We kept waiting, and the Korean fan kept calling often, asking who was performing. In the back, I could hear the sound of many voices singing Balloons, and heard yells of "Dong Bang Shin Ki, Miduhyo!"

At that moment, Dou Bao and I began to cry, not understanding; what were we doing here? Why weren't there five people on one stage? Why was it that, we, who were here waiting for JYJ, still thinking about the two who are in Seoul?

I began to feel bad, and the Japanese fans next to me chatted with me, trying to make me feel better. Da Xian and Dou Bao continued to send text messages, telling me to hang on, to wait until JYJ came on stage.

So, when JYJ finally did come on stage, I began to cry uncontrollably. I've waited so long, and now I finally see them. From their debut until now, I didn't realize how much I had missed them. However, I did notice: Yoochun looked skinnier, Junsu's blonde hair was cute and Jaejoong was still as handsome as ever.
They sang song after song, letting me remember back to their debut days; they were exactly the same.

On the way here, my mum asked me why I was so excited. I proudly replied: because of the men on that stage, because I will wait until the day when all five of them will stand on one stage.

Crying from their debut to their end, this is completely how we feel; no matter how much pain, how much sorrow we go through, as long as we are able to see them, it will all have been worth it, no matter how long we have to wait, because as Jaejoong said, the wait will be worth it, so I will wait.

God knows what I looked like when I saw them, how badly i wanted to do and touch Junsu's golden hair. I'm not sure if the Jaejoong I saw was crying because at that time I had already cried so much that my tears had mixed with my sweat.

The audience in the area which I was standing did not have a strong reaction before, but when JYJ appeared I saw that everyone around me was calling out Tohoshinki's name, we were all cheering together, all commenting on how amazing they were.

Closing my eyes, listening to Get Ready and hearing the audience scream 'OK!' made me think of Homin who are currently in Seoul. Please do your best, we will always be here for you.

I could hear the Korean fans chanting "Dong Bang Shin Ki!", and also hearing the audience cheering for them, I believe that there will be a day when everyone is together.

Itsudatte Kimi ni and Colors really made the tears pour out of my eyes, really, seeing them performing made everything worthwhile, though it was a pity that we sat too far away to hear what they said during the talk.

I'm not really a good fanaccount writer, I won't write about what they sang, because you can find the song list anywhere. What my fanaccount is about, is how I felt.

As soon as I finished watching JYJ's performance, i left; my mum wouldn't let me stay any longer. On the way back, she was very angry. A-nation on the 22nd, I had agreed I would enter the venue early, but my body just couldn't take it.

Before coming to Japan, my brother yelled at me, telling me that I was wasting my life, because in his eyes, my body was not capable of traveling long distances. But the moment I saw JYJ, truly, everything was worth it.

Also, the goods outside the venue, the mobile keychain was quite simple, the towel and tshirt were quite nice. Most importantly, the bow headband everyone had been so hyped about, the Japanese fans proudly told me: This is DBSK's spirit, this is Jaejoong's effect. I am so proud of them.

All photos of a-nation I will give to (囧囧有神), so everyone, please anticipate it. Yesterday i felt so bad I barely had the energy to hold up the camera, but today I will do my best. Dou Bao will also try her hardest. As for Da Xian, it is good that she is excited.

After watching the perfomance, I went to Waseda, I took my mum and showed her all the universities I wanted to go to. I will definitely go to Waseda Research Institute!

Also, I secretly keep from my mum, that when JYJ come to China I will go see them, because I simply can't miss the chance. This time, I really have to thank Xiao Xue for looking after Dou Bao and Da Xian, I really am thankful, for helping me look after my little sisters. I will prepare your tickets for 911 (SMTOWN), I will wait for you to come watch. And to the people who accompanied me to the airport, thank you. I said I would give you the tickets to a-nation, so stop mentioning paying for it!

Finally, thank you to my mum, I know always going from China to Japan made you worried, and when I started spitting out blood you nearly fainted, afraid that I would be like I was after 1002 (I think she means the Mirotic Concert last year in Shanghai) Don't worry, I'm fine. Thank you all for your support, I will keep my promise.

Source: HAPPYWING1988
Trans by: Cherryripe@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

[TRANS] 100821 Yunho and Changmin at SMTown Live

Dong Bang Shin Ki members Yunho and Changmin, who have not been seen on stage for quite some time now, finally made an appearance and met with their fans.

At the second last part of the concert, Yunho and Changmin descended onto the stage from above. Suspended by wires, they flew towards the stage from 50 metres away (2 storeys high). At that moment, the entire stadium heated up.

The performance comprised a medley of Dong Bang Shin Ki's hit songs as well as a brand new track. The members also appeared on stage with Kyuhyun, Jonghyun, Yesung and Onew as special guests, and performed 'Don't Don' with Super Junior. The new song 'Maximum', which was prepared especially for this event, was received with much enthusiasm from the fans.

Despite being absent from the stage for such a long time, they are nevertheless, Dong Bang Shin Ki. Their powerful dancing caused the entire stadium, consisting of 35000 people, to erupt with applause and cheers.

Fans screamed 'Dong Bang Shin Ki' in longing to see their idols on stage. They waved their red balloons and fanlights enthusiastically to send across their message of welcome.

On stage, Yunho and Changmin conveyed their gratitude towards the fans.
Yunho said "To the fans who have waited for such a long time, thank you. Being on stage after such a long time really feels great. From now on, we will continue to show you more good aspects of Dong Bang Shin Ki' causing the fans to cheer.
Changmin also expressed that he could feel the fans' 'limitless love and care' and vowed that they will continue to be Dong Bang Shin Ki in the days to come, reflecting his affection for the group.

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

[VIDEO] 100821 JYJ - A-Nation 2010

credit: tvxq5aktf

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