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Saturday, January 30, 2010

[FANACC] 100130 Bigeast Over 185,000 Now! 10,000 New Members in One Month!

Dome Opening.

Seven Bigeast Fan Talk:

"I joined Bigeast on December 31st, 2009 and my number was over 175,000."

"I waited to join until today January 26th, on Jeajoong’s birthday, and my number was over 184,300."

"What?! I also joined today on January 26th, and my number is
around 184,600. That means in two hours 300 more fans joined Bigeast."

"Oh, I joined this morning too, and in the morning, my number was around 184,000."

"I also joined on January 26th on JJ’s Birthday around 01: 20 (midnight), and my number was around 183,900."

-(Couple days later...)

"Hi, I just joined yesterday on January 29th and my number is around 185,000!"

"Wow, that means, just in one month, Bigeast grew another 10,000?!"

T/N: That means on JJ’s birthday (in one single day=24 hours),
at least around 700 new fans joined Bigeast and now Bigeast is over 185,000!
And only in one month, 10,000 more joined!
Go Bigeast, grow to be 200,000 soon!!

P.S. There are many fans who still are not member of Bigeast, like my Japanese guy fan friend.
(He is a huge fan of Junsu’s dance and singing voice.
He likes Junsu’s asymmetric hair style so he cut his hair imitating Junsu. LOL^^)
Bigeast is over 185,000 but there are a lot more fans in Japan! Go for more TVXQ!!

Changmin VS Bigeast at DOME!

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Always Keep The Faith!

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