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Monday, March 29, 2010

[TRANS] 100329 Junsu Accepted Sohu's Special Interview after Showcase

Chapter 1
Special interview with Kim Junsu: A new Japanese single, hoping to show colorful self

Since the contract dispute between the three members of TVXQ, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yochun, Kim Junsu, and SM Entertainment in July 2009, their recent activities have always been the focus of the media. In the afternoon on the 28th of March, Junsu's twin brother Kim Junho held his debut showcase in Beijing. As a strong support, Junsu appeared on the spot, giving more power to his brother. After singing Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All," Junsu accepted the special interview from Sohu.

In the limited interview time, Junsu shows his perseverance and passion towards his music career. He is passionate towards his solo Japanese single. When talking about the Chinese fans, he first said, "I feel very sorry for them," but he specially expressed his hopes to have chance to hang on in China, to sing more songs to Chinese fans.

The exact interview is as follow:

SOHU: As the first solo which you have challenged, the Musical Mozart is very successful. What did you gain and what are your feelings during the period?

Junsu: (Thank you.) The musical is a brand new style that I challenged for the first time. I felt nervous, and also worried about it at that time. I'm fortunate enough to be able to work with experienced seniors. I feel very happy I finished it smoothly.

SOHU: Now spring is coming, Junsu catches pollen allergy very easily. So, how is your health?

Junsu: The allergy symptoms are appearing bit by bit, so I drink a lot of water everyday and I wear a mask in order to prevent it.

SOHU: I remember in a interview in Japan, you said that you like coconut; isn't that because coconut doesn't have pollen?

Junsu: Ah, I heard it IS really an advantage of coconut!

SOHU: Actually, coco gives a passionate feeling to people. Do you like it because of that?

Junsu: In fact, the reason why I like coconut is because in Korea, I hardly see it except in Chejudo. If I go overseas, seeing the coconut, the feeling "I am now in another country!" would become dramatically strong! Compared with the scenes in the city, I prefer the sea and the warm sunshine. So, I feel comfortable whenever I see coconut. Besides, I think it's the best-looking tree among all. (Smiling ^^)

SOHU: There is rarely a way to get to know your schedule recenly because of the lack of public activities. Chinese fans are concerned about your current work.

Junsu: I'll release a solo single in Japan. The recording is almost done, and we are ready to enter the post-production and the choreography work.

SOHU: Do you have any expectations for your single? Such as "to be the number one in the Oricon Daily Ranking"?

Junsu: Although it's possible, there are many excellent singers in Japan, and the competetion is stiff. So I'm not going to take "I must get the number one on Oricon Daily" as a goal. I just want to show my own characteristics, my style, and my music. I'll feel very satisfied if you think "Ah, it's really Xiah" when you hear the single.

SOHU: Then, back to the issue of your twin brother. You are a master in creating musical pieces; did you participate in Junho's Chinese single production? Do you have some wishes or expectations for Junho's development in China?

Junsu: My brother would ask my opinion during and after the recording. He let me listen to it first when he finished the recording and I went to see him often when he was practicing dancing. I think brother (as a singer) performs very well, and he is really hardworking. I truly hope he will improve more and more. I'll stand by him and support him all the way.

SOHU: And as a senior in the music industry, do you have any suggestions for your elder brother as a novice?

Junsu: Ah, actually I (being a singer) am in an -ING level. I am still not good enough now... But if I have to give some suggestions as a senior who debuted earlier, I think that he should have the confidence that "I am standing on the stage, I am the best!" Only when you have the confidence will the audience see it when you are performing. I think that is absolutely necessary to be a star. I saw the performance on the stage just now, and he did well in dancing to the music. I am proud of him.

SOHU: Yunho, Jaejoong, Changmin now has experience in acting in a drama. Fo you want to have a try or do you have any plans on this field?

Junsu: Well, although it is not orthodox, I think I have challenged a new style which requires acting skills through the Musical. Of course, the musical requires both singing and acting skills. So, I performed it with high proficiency. To do the drama work, I surely want to challenge it, but I need to improve my acting skills. Besides, I prefer developing myself in the realms of music. I have many talents in music that I haven't shown to people, and I hope you will see much more of my development in this. The matter of acting in a drama would be set aside at the moment. Of course, if I get a proper chance, I'll challenge myself again.

SOHU: Have you ever thought about what kind of hero you'll want to portray?

Junsu: Whether it would be a hero or a walk-in, it's okay with me if it fits me.

SOHU: Do you have any plans and development to your acting career in the future?

Junsu: Like I said just now, I should devote myself to my new and upcoming Japanese single. And then I want to see the World Cup in June... (Smiling)

SOHU: Will you focus more on overseas activities? Or will you have a showcase in China like your brother?

Junsu: Up until now, the activities are focused more in Korea and Japan and there is little opportunity to come to China. We feel sorry for this. If there is a chance, and I can hang on in China (smiling), I really want to pay the Chinese fans back with music. I am convinced it will come true oneday.

SOHU: Lastly, please say something to "Long time, no see" Chinese fans through our camera!

Junsu: Today, through my brother's showcase, I was able to get together with you. I feel very sorry, and I miss you very much indeed. Please just wait a while, and I sincerely wish you to be happy and healthy. Moreover, I hope to stand in front of you again soon, to sing for you, not just one song like today. Please look forward to that day together with me. Thank you for your love!

Chapter 2
Kim Junsu attended the special interview, talking about his recent life. He will release a new solo single in Japan

Not appearing before the media after TVXQ's contract issue, Kim Junsu accepted the special interview with Sohu Yule (portal website in China) backstage. He expressed that he has been devoted his time into preparing a new single. The recording is almost finished, and is ready to enter the post-production and choreography.

When the other members are working hard in showing themselves on the screen, Kim Junsu said that he doesn't have any plans (of acting) for now. He says, "I want to focus in music now. I think I haven't shown my many other capabilities in music, and I hope people could see my development in this field. So, the matter of acting in dramas may have to be set aside at the moment."

To the question asked by the jounalists, "the future of Dong Bang Shin Ki," Kim Junsu just smiled. He expressed that there will be opportunities to develop in China. "If there is a chance that I could stick to China, of course, I want to return to Chinese fans with music, and I am convinced that it will come true."

Source: korea.sohu.com
Translation: zoe91 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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