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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[TRANS] 100427 Yamada Meikyo mentioned about Jaejoong

The Korean youngsters give courtesy to their seniors.
Also, when they go out to eat together, they will only start eating after the seniors have touched the dish.

And they’re also earnest about education!

My children piano teacher became a Korean teacher from a Japanese.
There is a different heat of eagerness (in study).

South Korea, we can say it’s a nation with an education-minded!

Ten years ago, I went to Seoul alone for one week.
It’s a safe country, the people are kind, prices are low, the food is delicious with richness in taste, the subway is also great.

And the hotel where I stayed at was pleasant with many backpackers who came from all over the world, we enjoyed the evening together.

There are a lot of Korean youngsters now in Japan.
Even the entertainment world has been infiltrated much as well.

Korean has kind of pronunciation twice than Japanese has.
While Chinese has four difficult tones of pronunciation.
Isn’t it the most difficult skill for a Japanese?

Japanese is more complicated in term of the usage/meaning of each word in a sentence than its pronunciation.

The people who studied Korean has been increasing under the influence of Korean drama.

I met Jejung of Tohoshinki at work.
He is a polite young man and seems to be likeable.
His Japanese is fluent, too.

Perhaps because Japanese had been living in such isolated islands, thus the tendency to learn other foreign language is rather low?

However right now, Korea and Japan are having a close relationship.
After all I want to be able to speak Korean too.

source: Yamada Meikyo
trans by: sulyu@sharingyoochun
shared by: dbsknights


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