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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

[TRANS] 100601 Musician's Choice – U-Know Yunho

[Every week, this program aims to introduce the music that guides the musical style of the musician based on different themes. Through this you can also discover the recent thoughts of the musician.]

Music You Listen To On A Rainy Day
U-Know Yunho, the leader of Asia’s leading group Dong Bang Shin Ki, recommends us the music he listens to.

Music Yunho Listens to On A Rainy Day
While I was on the way to interview DBSK’s U-Know Yunho on the 24th, it was drizzling. The weather that day coincidentally matched the topic which he had chosen earlier – “Music Suitable For A Rainy Day”. He was already waiting at the front door of the office of SM Company, and he welcomed me warmly. He was in a daily, casual outfit, and with a bright smile, said to me, “I am feeling very relaxed as it is raining outside.”

“I usually do self-reflections on rainy days. My other friends would usually have a drink on days like these. However, I would usually drive to a botanic garden or choose to listen to some good music.”

When I asked about his recent activities, he first talked about his photo shoot.

“A few days ago, I went to Hong Kong for a photo shoot. I was very happy to do the photo shoot and the individual interview. I am always showing the side of me that is bright and capable, but I never got the chance to talk about my real personal image.” Let us await his next personal development.

U-Know Yunho shared, “I don’t want to give up on the music which I have been working with for the past 5, 6 years, at the same time, I definitely am considering also to hone my acting skills.”

“What I am trying to say is, I wish to test out my personal limits in every area and aspect.”

It was surprising, yet understanding at the same time, to see that U-Know Yunho, who idolizes Michael Jackson, had arranged for more sad or melancholic melodies rather than dance tracks on his song list. Of course, from the song list, you can feel that he is someone whose taste in music has evolved from rock music alone to a vast variety of music from other genres.

“I listen to music frequently whenever I am on the go. If I like the tune, regardless of what genre it is, I would put it into my song list immediately. During times when I feel like I am going to explode, I would listen to heavy metal music, when I feel tired physically, I would listen to soothing instrumentals. However, the music that I will introduce today will convey my recent thoughts and feelings.”

U-Know Yunho’s dream is to build a welfare centre one day. Influenced by his father to be a volunteer to help others, he actively seeks out volunteer work to help others. From the first time he appeared as DBSK’s leader, his firm tone and his strong albeit short accent often let the opposing conversing party feel apprehensive, however, as he was being interviewed today, he kept a gentle tone and warm attitude.

Towards the end of the interview, he revealed that “the deeper the hurt, the quicker you mature”. To the writer, it seemed like his words were more sincere than before.
- Kim Pyung (Composer specializing in popular music)

U-Know Yunho First Album Recommendation: Chris Spheeris [Best of Chris Spheeris: 1990 – 2000]
Two years ago, we once listen to all the CDs that the fans have given to us. This was one of the albums amongst the pile of CDs and I got hooked on it the moment I heard it. Even though it contains a huge amount of instrumentals, but it still has a natural sound when the music enters my ears. Such a sound captivated my heart. It is not a distinctive melody, but permit me to say this, that everything is expressed through this melody. After that, I went online to research on this composer, and I heard his songs coincidentally on a rainy day. The guitar parts in the entire album are very beautiful. Most of the other resources focuses on the strength and skills of the guitars, but in this album, there are no signs where he uses too much of the guitar, you can differentiate that the singer is trying his best to duplicate the sound after nature. I feel the part of the guitar represented his heart, his feelings. Even though it’s very calming but I hope everyone can experience the profound emotions.

U-Know Yunho Second Album Recommendation: Kevin Kern’s [Summer Daydreams]
One of the songs [Return To Love] is a very famous tune, and it has been used extensively in dramas and advertisements, every tune in this album can change your heart. This is the song that I listen to most when I am down or depressed because it cleanses and stabilizes my heart, but it also brings about a rather sorrowful atmosphere. The first time I discovered this song was through the movie “Autumn In My Heart”. After that, I heard it very often on the screen. I discovered that I have been listening to it a lot of times. On the road, at home, at the coffee house…this song has brought about a huge influence in my life. At times, I would think, maybe I would try out this genre of music one day in the future. It could be like mixing this music with another type of music, or it could be a new composition that a DJ can broadcast along?

U-Know Yunho Third Album Recommendation: Kim Hyun Shik's [3rd Album]
“I first discovered Kim Hyun Shik's music through the voices of Kim Bum Soo and Yu Jae Ha. The songs are excellent so I also practiced them for a while. After having done that I felt that I should have understood a little more, and after looking around, I met an artiste like Kim Bum Soo. The first song that caught my attention was [Eclipsed Road]. I said before that I like singers like Michael Bolton and Lim Jae Bum, but Kim Bum Soo’s voice just happens to be of the same kind. Even though it is not wonderful or clear, but the beauty that comes from within the deep, sorrow-filled voice will cause a sort of throbbing pain in your heart. In this album, you simply have to listen to [Before Going To Sleep On A Rainy Day]. When you listen to it you will discover that it is very attractive.”

U-Know Yunho Fourth Album Recommendation: X-Japan’s [Star Box]
“This is one of my favourite artistes. It was probably when I was in my third year of middle school, when my cousin, who is a first-year in high school and knows how to play the bass, is a fan of this group. Due to her influence, I began to like rock music. However, this artiste’s music is not really equivalent to that of rock. [Endless Rain] is one such example. You can completely feel that this song was sung out from the sorrows of being in love, and I thought, is not that the real attractiveness of X-Japan? Their songs are excellent, whether it is mainstream or not. Even though it is genius, but it was the way they worked hard to lead in those times which became an example for me to follow. To be able to express both the Eastern and Western feel, that was the epitome of a band that is able to display its fullest attractiveness to the audience.”

U-Know Yunho Fifth Album Recommendation: Az Yet’s [Az Yet]
“I would go for a slow jog sometimes during rainy days, and I would listen to a lot of albums during that period. As I am in charge of the bass parts in the group, so I would pay more attention to such music. This is a different style from Boyz II Men, especially in the bass parts; it lets you feel as though you are singing in a game, it is really glamourous. It does not lose the basic attraction, you can say that it is like how the melodic instrumentals would lead the other parts. Such music is very suitable for times when you are going for a slow jog in the rain, or when you are drinking red wine. The music itself does not purposely construct a type of feeling, and that is what is interesting about it. If you like a cappella you would probably love such music. Compared to girls, It feels like more guys would prefer such music.”

“After having kept the promise to myself, I would let go and cry my heart out.”
The topic then switched to MJ (Michael Jackson). U-Know Yunho appeared on stage a while back for a MJ memorial concert. The American crews, who initially ignored him and treated him as just another well-known artiste in Asia, changed their attitude immediately upon seeing him in the performance. This news is quite famous in the industry. U-know Yunho said, “I want to become an artiste like Michael Jackson, whose legacy still shines even as time goes on. “ Also, “to not be affected or shaken by all those rumours, not just in singing, but even if you received a ‘there’s an improvement’ on your character, such comments would be good enough.”

“Before as a leader, it felt like I was always keeping a very bright image. In actual fact, I am someone who feels lonely easily, but because I have the mindset to always give my best, that is why I always work hard at [keeping that image]. Music, in that sense, played the part of cleansing that part of me that is lonely and sad. People say I am the strong type who does not cry, but that is because I have been holding back based on the promise that I have made with myself. When I was at the top of the world, I really wanted to cry my heart out for once at that moment.” Even though he could not do that in the mindset of a leader, in his heart, he was probably already crying.

Source: Musician's Choice + baiduTVXQ
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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