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Saturday, June 12, 2010

[TRANS] 100611 Hanako Interview: Jung Yunho

Born in South Korea on 6 February 1986
Blood type A
Debut in South Korea on 4 January as DBSK
Debut in Japan the following year
Participated in KĊhaku Uta Gassen consecutively for two years (2008, 2009)
Successfully held performances at the Tokyo Dome last year
Performed in the Michael Jackson Memorial LIVE performance jointly held by South Korean in March this year

Debuting as an actor through being the main lead in the television drama [Heading To The Ground], Yunho, who began accumulating new experiences as an actor, is one who has manners, a straightforward attitude, and a maturity that is beyond his age.

“No matter what obstacles I have faced, Bong Gun has given me a lot of encouragement.”

Yunho, who appeared in the studio in high spirits, is just like a gentle breeze in the early fall, emitting a mint-liked flavor that is fresh and sweet. His actions and mannerisms was presentable as always, and he is a youth who excels at everything.

He continues to maintain his perfect body shape, and a smile shines brightly on his small and delicate face.

Despite his outstanding virtues, unexpectedly, in his first step as an actor, he chooses the character of Cha Bong Gun, a simple and average-intellectual soccer player.

“No matter how hard it was, Bong Gun had an attitude of absolute focus on soccer – even if he had nothing, he would continue to work hard while holding on to the dream that someday he would be up on stage, and that resounded strongly with my past when I was still a trainee. I felt that this character could help me to mature too.”

Be in jumping into the sea, or escaping from a fire, such intense, exciting scenes in a drama series are bound to cause worry and anxiety to the fans.

“It was really scary falling into the sea. But because I was still a newcomer in terms of acting, thus I felt that it would be a fortune for me as an actor if I was able to complete every scene on my own. That was why I rejected the suggestion of having a stand-in.”

After spending half a year making every effort to play out the role of Bong Gun, currently, [Bong Gun] still resides in the heart of Yunho.

“It was only in the eighth episode that I felt for the first time that, ‘Bong Gun is now a man’”. Even though it was just a scene of a competition with another soccer player, up till now, however, the determination felt by Bong Gun then is still deeply etched within my mind.
Every time I meet an obstacle, this scene would come back into my mind. As long as I think “if it was Bong Gun, he will definitely overcome it”, I would continue to walk on with a positive attitude.”

When asked if he had unusual experiences during the process of the filming, Yunho said,”I would become a bit chauvinistic when I interacted with people.”

The progression of the filming for the television drama went on simultaneously with discussion with the staff.

“Initially I would just take action, like in the scene where I jumped into the sea, but now, I have slowly learnt to listen to what the other party has to say from the beginning.”

When the television drama was on broadcast, friends and family members were all very happy to be able to watch Yunho’s debut performance.

“Initially, everyone watched it with an expectation of “Look, it’s Yunho”, but from the fourth episode onwards, it became “Look, it’s Bong Gun”, so I felt very happy then. (Laughs) Compared to my own character, Bong Gun is someone who would bring more sorrow to people. I still hope to challenge my acting skills, and I really want to try the sorrowful role [of a man] who deeply loves a woman even though his feelings are not expressed in a obvious manner.”

Just to mention also, Yunho is currently passionate about food.

“That is because while I was in Las Vegas for the Michael Jackson Memorial Concert, I was deeply obsessed with Indian cuisine. [I was also obsessed] with South Korea’s very famous offal hotspot, wings and those type of food. I prefer going around to try different types of cuisines, then introduce them to my friends if I manage to find any better stores, than listen to other people’s recommendations. That is how I am. (Laughs)”

Lets talk about the much-awaited World Cup, and the thoughts of Yunho, who personally like soccer very much. Bong Gun was a mid-fielder, but what position does Yunho think suits himself most?

“Probably the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is someone who watches over and out for his team-mates, and that’s most like the style of a leader.”

source: baiduTVXQ
translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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