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Saturday, June 26, 2010

[TRANS] 100625 'Musicaldols' How Far Have They Come? with Lee Gyung Mi

You appeared in Mozart! with Xiah Junsu. How was he?
He did really well. Out of the four people who played the lead role in, he was the first to memorize all of his lines, blocking and lyrics. He would work hard during rehearsals and he had a strong foundation of determination to work off of. A couple of days ago, I heard that he won the Best Male Newcomer Award for 'The Musical Awards', and I worried that people who hadn't seen his shows properly would devalue his achievement and call it 'an award that caters to popularity'. My role (Mrs. Weber) was a villain who torments Mozart, but his acting was so good that I felt bad for tormenting him. I told him that I wanted him to keep acting. He himself said that he wants to keep doing musicals.

Are all idol stars like that?
Not at all. Aside from Xiah Junsu, I heard that Yesung from NamHanSanSung worked very hard as well. I also heard that Daesung and Seungri did well in Cats and Rain Shower respectively. I heard that although Jessica was lacking in preparation time, she had a desire to perform in the musical. These are the most unfortunate cases; they have plenty of drive, but lack the necessary circumstances to succeed.

It seems that not many idol stars appear in licensed musicals. Cats, Mozart, and Legally Blonde seem to be it? Why is that?
With big productions, foreign staff from overseas come for the audition process. People are never cast just because they are idol stars in these situations. Therefore, there is a chance that idol stars may not get the part. So entertainment agencies usually don't let the idol stars audition in the first place because of this.

Source: [waddang.com + DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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