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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[FANACCOUNT] Yunho - HTTG Fanmeet in Kobe

More summaries from first and second events besides the "Yunho was really great, cool, cute, nice", etc.

Event was about 90 minutes but fans thought it was way too short and time passed by too fast.

Yunho did three short dances-moonwalk, some step from MJ concert and finally a short dance part from smooth criminal. He was going to do only one but the fans started going crazy so he did the second dance then they went even more crazy so he did a little part from smooth criminal to which fans went beserk.

There were male fans in the audience and Yunho must have seen/heard them so he asked if there were male fans. Male fans shouted out yes and Yunho was really happy. A male fan account said that he was in 11th row and could see Yunho really well. Haha he was fanboying and he said he couldn't calm down from the excitement even though event was over. He said at the end, Yunho told the audience "Don't cheat (on me)" and made a peace sign. (I'm impressed that male fans were willing to spend so much money buying the DVD box set and also go to the fanmeet where majority would be women and they would stick out like a sore thumb. My hats off to them :))

Another fan reported that at the end, the fans looked so sad Yunho said "Don't go back!!" and got closer to them so he could look at them and told them not to worry because they will see each other again. He waved to the fans and gave his final farwells until the very last moment when he disappeared behind the stage.

It was also reported that when they were doing to quiz for the posters, the question was how many successful shots did BG shoot. The choices were #1-3 times, #2-7 times, or #3-24 times. Fans choose the answer by clapping. The audience was divided between choice #1 and 2. This fan chose #1. Yunho was nice enough to to tell them he thought it was #2 to which all the fans weren't completely convinced including this fans so Yunho said "Believe me!" and the audience eventually decided on #2 as the correct answer. Well, when they showed the video, Yunho was right, it was #2-7 times. Hehehe the fan who didn't believe him said he was sorry and said that from now on he will always beieve him no matter what.

When they were showing the kissing scene, Yunho got embarrassed and couldn't look at the video straight and told Ara to talk about it. Ara didn't (hehe she's so cute and smart) and passed it back to Yunho. Yunho said originally, the director told him to start kissing Ara from the lower lip and so on and the audience were like "what?!" A fan said she got so jealous at Yunho's and Ara's interaction starting from Ara calling Yunho "oppa" and Yunho calling her Ara that her eyes were shooting fire and probably made the people around her hot.

When it was time to draw names, Yunho was really worried because he said in the event at Tokyo, he kept drawing people from the first floor and he felt really bad so this time he thought maybe he should draw the names with his right hand instead. Sure enough he picked lots of people from other levels besides the first level. He was so happy. However, when he picked names with his left hand, he picked names from first level. He started talking to his hands, praising his right hand and scolding his left hand. The fans got such a kick out of this and thought he was super cute.

Credits: lovelyunho@JungYunho Soompi Forums
Shared by: DBSKnights


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