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Saturday, July 3, 2010

[TRANS] 100702 - Yunho “I want to show all fans the new Yunho”

TVXQ Yunho whose group is currently in activity suspension declared, “I want to show all fans the new Yunho”.

DVD-BOX of ‘No Limit~Heading to The Ground’ which is the first Korean starring drama of inactive TVXQ leader Yunho was just released. During the interview, Yunho shared experiences about his first challenge as an actor, story behind the scenes, and also spoke about future activities.

The drama is about a protagonist named Cha Bong Gun who is a talented yet trouble maker soccer player, the whole story tells about his hard struggle both in love and soccer, portraying the fresh/young figure of the character.

‘No Limit~Heading to The Ground’ was already broadcast in Korea last year, the fact that it was Yunho’s first acting attempt in drama was garnering a lot of interest at that time. There are many interesting scenes in this drama, other than the definitely soccer scenes, there were also scenes such as diving into water, fire scenes, and more.

Yunho has made it to be a huge artist in music area, however as for drama, it would be his first time. “On stage, I show everyone a tough and strong image, however as an actor in this drama, I have to show a soft and gentle image of Yunho, therefore (through this drama), I’m able to show all of you the new side of me.” he said with confident look on him. He then continued, “Even in the future, I feel the challenge to show you even more various sides of Yunho.” he made a firm promise. Seems that Yunho will keep challenging the chance to be an actor.

As Yunho looked back to what happened during the filming, “For the filming, even between one schedule to another, I still practiced soccer. It was hard, but I feel matured through this experience.” he smiled. Yunho also said that due to his role as a soccer player, he slowly began to actually liking the sport as well, just like how he already favorites other sports such as snowboarding and basketball. During the interview, Yunho answered each question politely. Being a sincere and friendly character Yunho is, tells all the reasons of why he got all the popularity in Japan since the first time.

When he was asked about the actor he concerned the most, “For actor, it’s Takeshi Kaneshiro. He has own uniqueness,” he replied. While name as Hayao Miyazaki was mentioned as his favorite Japanese movie maker.

For his first musical stage ‘Goong’ (role as Prince Lee Shin), Yunho revealed that they already started practicing. “Because I like writing, I also have a dream that one day I’ll write my own script.” saying his future wish.

The future activity range of Yunho seems to be infinite. “Even during the painful times, I’ll try to be positive and believe in myself. From now on, I’m going to work even harder, so that I’m able to show all the fans the new Yunho!” he said with bright eyes. He committed himself, “Absolutely not wanting any regrets!” he said. In the future to challenge various things, looks that he’ll keep entertaining us.

DVD “No Limit~Heading to The Ground ~” BOX I & BOX II is 15,750 yen (including tax) sold by Avex Entertainment.

“No Limit~Heading to The Ground ~” Original Soundtrack will be released on August 25, for 3,360 yen (tax included), released by Avex Entertainment.

source: hollywood-ch
trans: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: DBSKnights


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