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Saturday, July 17, 2010

[TRANS] 100715 Q & As during SungKyunKwan Scandal Press Conference

1. [asiae]The reasons why Micky Yoochun doesn't have abs.
Park Min Young said, 'During the drama shooting on 13th, I thought Yoo Ah In and Micky Yoochun are manly, therefore they have some nude scenes naturally.' 'However both of them didn't eat much. So after they stripped a little, Kim Young Shik PD asked Yoochun jokingly,"You didn't exercise during TVXQ's activities?" Yoochun answered,"I cann't let my body as fascinating as my face, so I purposely don't exercise."

2. [TVDAILY]Embarrased Micky Yoochun's reply to 'Bed scene with Park Min Young'
Micky Yoochun said, 'The bed scene with Park Min Young... After all, a drama won't only just show a bed right...' and liven up the atmosphere with his funny answers.

3. [asiae]Park Min Young, 'Micky Yoochun was sweating too much...' known as 'SungKyunKwan's sweat jar'
Park Min Young laughed as she said, 'Micky Yoochun, Song Joong Gi and Yoo Ah In, three of them sweat a lot, that really shocked me.' She continued saying that, 'Their faces covered in sweat even though three of them just filming for one shot. Song Joong Gi was like that, so as Yoo Ah In and Micky Yoochun.' 'Their clothes all soaked inside, and it took a long time to wipe off their sweat, so we called them "Sweat Jars of SungKyunKwan".

4. [MK]Park Min Young highly praised Yoochun, 'Micky Yoochun is born to be an actor'
Park Min Young praised, 'In Micky Yoochun's case, he was able to act a scholar which was different from his real personality. He lay down in an appropriate way, and his stares was steady. He is a born actor and gets into the character in the drama well.'
Before this, Micky Yoochun said, 'I really envy other actors.' Yoochun who showed his desire in acting said, 'I have great interest in acting. I am a singer since debut, however through acting I am able to challenge various characters, so that's why I am really envy those actors.'

5. [TV report]Song Joong Gi who acted as playboy in 'SungKyunKwan Scandal' said, 'I learned from Micky Yoochun'
Song Joong Gi said, 'The director told us to act like Micky Yoochun.' Yoochun always keeps a 100% low profile in his usual life. We said,'Will he able to receive an acting award?'. After hearing this, Yoochun who stood beside said, 'I will pretend that you guys have never said this before' and we saw slight worries in his face...

Credits: TVXQBaidu + mrpark
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


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