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Saturday, July 24, 2010

[TRANS] 100722 KEJ Special - Musical 'Goong' Press Conference

*Yunho turned into a crown prince on stage
Yunho (24) once again accepted the new challenge. He first took his challenge for his acting skills through MBC drama "HTTG" last year, this time he challenged the musical which is adapted from drama series and comic "Goong". With Yunho's participation, it has become a hot topic. Now with each TVXQ member's solo activities, what kind of result will Yunho achieve has garnered great attention.

*Original comic “Goong” is going to present in musical version after the drama adaptation
In Korea, comic “Goong” was sold over 1.4 million pieces and drama “Goong” also achieved the record of 30% viewing rate. This musical adaptation of “Goong” was produced by the production company, 8eight which produced the drama version of “Goong” before. The show will begin in September. TVXQ's Yunho who will take the role of Crown Prince Lee Shin which was played by Joo Jihoon originally in the drama version, has attracted wide attention.
The musical “Goong” press conference which held at 2pm on 16th of June in Imperial Palace Hotel attracted more than 300 reporters from different Asian countries. Lee Shin's role will be played by Yunho, Kim Dong Ho and singer RUN, and the role of Crown Princess will be played by Gwak Seon Young and Shin Ui Jung. Lee Chang Hee and Jung Dong Hwa will both take the role of Prince Lee Yul, whereas Choi Soo Jin and the other girl will be playing the role of Hyo Rin.

8eight reprentative, director, scriptwriter and “Goong”'s original author attended this press conference. During the press conference, the actors said, 'Although it is hard, but with the best staff and the unity among the actors, we have confidence that “Goong” can become a great piece of work. SNSD's member Soo Young's sister who was looking forward to it said, 'I am paying close attention to the methods of production.'
Kim Dong Ho said, 'We are going to present a musical version which is different from the original “Goong”.’

*Yunho: 'I want to become as independent as Lee Shin'
Among the actors, Yunho who challenged musical for the first time as RUN, didn't hide his overwhelming excitement. He said, 'Last night, I was still worried how to face all of you in today's press conference. But then, I thought of just be myself.' 'To be able to work with great actors and staff, I feel glad. If I strive hard to perform it well, it is going to be a wonderful piece.' Before this, Yunho had read the comic and drama version of “Goong”, and like them very much. Due to this, he decided to take the role. He said, 'Through its remake into musical version, we are going to present it with our own style.'
‘Although I feel the pressure, but I also hope to have everyday which is filled with happiness.'
As for the reasons for him to challenge musical, he said, 'I always work hard to take up challenge in different fields, before this I acted in "HTTG" too, this time is musical. For me musical is attractive because it mixes dance, music, and acting together and able to convey emotions to the audiences. Because I believe that I am more hardworking than the others, so I think I received a very good opportunity.’

Lee Shin, the role which Yunho will be playing in “Goong” musical, is a crown prince with outstanding appearance, intelligence, cold and can be harsh sometimes. After the announcement of musical cast, there was heated response on internet which agreed Yunho is the most suitable candidate in appearance for Lee Shin's role. Due to this, Yunho said, 'Lee Shin and I do share some similarity, but at the same time there are some differences between us too.'
'Lee Shin is like Prince Harry in England, who receives support and loves from netizens, but at the same time he is a lonely youth who dreams to be free from his current life. I also hope that I can be loved by everyone as Jung Yunho, however on the other hand I would like to approach Lee Shin this character with the attitude which is different from the usual me.
Sometimes I also dream of breaking away from life like him. But the difference is, I am not as cold and harsh as him. (lol)
Because Lee Shin does not have experience in a relationship, and not good in maintaining it, he wants to show his warm side more if compared to the others. I am similar to him in this. As for the other parts, I have to ask my inner Lee Shin before I know the answers.’

Yunho expressed his appreciation to “Goong” cast by saying that,
'I interacted a lot with other actors during the press conference. Since I am the youngest, so they were really taking good care of me. The musical itself has high quality, so I am looking forward to bring a fresh stunning performance to everyone,' For the question whether there is going to be RAP in musical, he said, 'We had discussed it a lot, either it is RAP, or dancing, they can be used if they can help to approach the audiences naturally.'
Yunho also determined to have a good performance as TVXQ's Junsu. Junsu who challenged musical 'Mozart', won the best newcomer and popularity award in 4th Musical Award, and recognized widely as a musical actor.
'I heard Junsu played Mozart role perfectly, I have confidence and I am going to put in all my efforts while performing it. Therefore I hope that everyone can give me lots of love and attention, and support me with passion.'

* Musical which combined both traditional and modern elements
The production company’s representative also mentioned their difficulties during the production. They wanted to let other company to produce it initially. However they decided to take over it since they were the one who know the comic and drama version well.
For the question of differences between the musical version, drama version and original comic, he answered that it was their most problematic part.
He stated that if adapted fully from comic and the short version of drama, the contents will become incomplete. It is also very difficult if only concentrated in one part. So this time they emphasize on the love, and describe the hardship and growth of an ordinary high school student who suddenly becomes a princess, as well as her love towards Lee Shin.

Apart from that, I hope the director can choreograph the dance steps that can emphasis on Korean style. We hope to present a musical that mixes with traditional and modern elements to everyone. We had done two screen testings within three days, as well as solo screen testing. All the actors’ acting skills are good, so we were hesitating when choosing the cast. Ultimately we chose the actors based on their skills and attitude.
He expressed his satisfaction with the lineup, especially the casts who are going to play Lee Shin’s role.
He said, 'Kim Dong Ho was chosen because of his experience and confidence, RUN was chosen after he passed the screen test. Yunho was chosen due to his high popularity in whole Asia, and his outstanding skills in dancing and singing.
Director Kim said, ' The crew and cast cooperated well in order to produce a great musical. To be able to create the music which can express a person’s inner feelings, we are going to work hard for it.’
‘In order to detach from the serious and rigid atmosphere, I will try to add in comical and sweet touch to it while describing the events happened in palace, and of course we are not going to give up the Korean element.’
They put in great efforts in the opening stage of coronation and wedding. As for the kiss scene, the actors who are going to get involved in it still remain unknown.

On the other hand, today's press conference began from the song ‘Perhaps Love’ in drama “Goong”, later on was their greetings, Q & A session and photo shooting session.
At the end of the press conference, in order to lift the spirit, all the cast shouted, '”Goong” fighting!'
Musical “Goong”, is a musical with unique fantasy setting of 2010 Republic of Korea which still retains its constitutional monarchy system, with story revolves around the life and events after the marriage of a naive ordinary high school student to a charming but cold crown prince. Besides this, together with Lee Yul who competes with Lee Shin for the throne, and Hyo Rin who is Lee Shin’s ex-girlfriend, four of them caught in the love rectangle.
The production team and actors are currently working hard in preparing for the musical performance.
Musical “Goong” will begin to show from 8th of September to 24th of October at Korean National Museum in Seoul.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + 中国U-KNOW允浩房
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


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