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Sunday, August 22, 2010

[TRANS] 100822 Fan Account Osaka A-nation - The Fan Account Which Isn't A Fan Account

My fanaccount can't really be called a fan account, as I will probably stray from the topic.

This fanaccount is the fan account of the three of us, Da Xian, Dou Bao and I.

I arrived in Japan on the 20th, and I intended to go watch their dress rehearsal, but, I'm not sure why, I suddenly had the urge tour the streets of Japan, so I did not see any of the first day's dress rehearsals, but I heard my sisters say that they seemed really nervous.

At a-nation, I didn't recognise any artists except Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi and Suzuki Ami. Most importantly, the only artists i truly knew were of course, JYJ.

Japan's weather was incredibly hot, and because my body is weak, I soon had a heat stroke, feeling cold, and then feeling hot, scaring my mum who was sitting next to me, telling me to book a ticket to Seoul immediately, to not stay in Japan any longer.

I didn't know who was performing on stage, I really didn't know. In the waiting process, I sent text messages to Da Xian and Dou Bao (who were sitting in the F section) to pass time.

Suddenly, the Korean fan at the SMTOWN concert called, she was incredibly excited, and said that the the venue was slowly filling up, said that they had prepared a surprise for Homin. We kept waiting, and the Korean fan kept calling often, asking who was performing. In the back, I could hear the sound of many voices singing Balloons, and heard yells of "Dong Bang Shin Ki, Miduhyo!"

At that moment, Dou Bao and I began to cry, not understanding; what were we doing here? Why weren't there five people on one stage? Why was it that, we, who were here waiting for JYJ, still thinking about the two who are in Seoul?

I began to feel bad, and the Japanese fans next to me chatted with me, trying to make me feel better. Da Xian and Dou Bao continued to send text messages, telling me to hang on, to wait until JYJ came on stage.

So, when JYJ finally did come on stage, I began to cry uncontrollably. I've waited so long, and now I finally see them. From their debut until now, I didn't realize how much I had missed them. However, I did notice: Yoochun looked skinnier, Junsu's blonde hair was cute and Jaejoong was still as handsome as ever.
They sang song after song, letting me remember back to their debut days; they were exactly the same.

On the way here, my mum asked me why I was so excited. I proudly replied: because of the men on that stage, because I will wait until the day when all five of them will stand on one stage.

Crying from their debut to their end, this is completely how we feel; no matter how much pain, how much sorrow we go through, as long as we are able to see them, it will all have been worth it, no matter how long we have to wait, because as Jaejoong said, the wait will be worth it, so I will wait.

God knows what I looked like when I saw them, how badly i wanted to do and touch Junsu's golden hair. I'm not sure if the Jaejoong I saw was crying because at that time I had already cried so much that my tears had mixed with my sweat.

The audience in the area which I was standing did not have a strong reaction before, but when JYJ appeared I saw that everyone around me was calling out Tohoshinki's name, we were all cheering together, all commenting on how amazing they were.

Closing my eyes, listening to Get Ready and hearing the audience scream 'OK!' made me think of Homin who are currently in Seoul. Please do your best, we will always be here for you.

I could hear the Korean fans chanting "Dong Bang Shin Ki!", and also hearing the audience cheering for them, I believe that there will be a day when everyone is together.

Itsudatte Kimi ni and Colors really made the tears pour out of my eyes, really, seeing them performing made everything worthwhile, though it was a pity that we sat too far away to hear what they said during the talk.

I'm not really a good fanaccount writer, I won't write about what they sang, because you can find the song list anywhere. What my fanaccount is about, is how I felt.

As soon as I finished watching JYJ's performance, i left; my mum wouldn't let me stay any longer. On the way back, she was very angry. A-nation on the 22nd, I had agreed I would enter the venue early, but my body just couldn't take it.

Before coming to Japan, my brother yelled at me, telling me that I was wasting my life, because in his eyes, my body was not capable of traveling long distances. But the moment I saw JYJ, truly, everything was worth it.

Also, the goods outside the venue, the mobile keychain was quite simple, the towel and tshirt were quite nice. Most importantly, the bow headband everyone had been so hyped about, the Japanese fans proudly told me: This is DBSK's spirit, this is Jaejoong's effect. I am so proud of them.

All photos of a-nation I will give to (囧囧有神), so everyone, please anticipate it. Yesterday i felt so bad I barely had the energy to hold up the camera, but today I will do my best. Dou Bao will also try her hardest. As for Da Xian, it is good that she is excited.

After watching the perfomance, I went to Waseda, I took my mum and showed her all the universities I wanted to go to. I will definitely go to Waseda Research Institute!

Also, I secretly keep from my mum, that when JYJ come to China I will go see them, because I simply can't miss the chance. This time, I really have to thank Xiao Xue for looking after Dou Bao and Da Xian, I really am thankful, for helping me look after my little sisters. I will prepare your tickets for 911 (SMTOWN), I will wait for you to come watch. And to the people who accompanied me to the airport, thank you. I said I would give you the tickets to a-nation, so stop mentioning paying for it!

Finally, thank you to my mum, I know always going from China to Japan made you worried, and when I started spitting out blood you nearly fainted, afraid that I would be like I was after 1002 (I think she means the Mirotic Concert last year in Shanghai) Don't worry, I'm fine. Thank you all for your support, I will keep my promise.

Source: HAPPYWING1988
Trans by: Cherryripe@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


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