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Saturday, September 4, 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 100902 - SMTown at LAX


Ok so Charmaine (writer @dbskknights) suggested that I write a fanaccount on my experience today and everything I did. I wasn’t going to LAX today because I thought that I wouldn’t make it in time. I took the flyaway bus from Union station at about 9:15 and arrived at LAX a little before 10. I have never been to lax and I was alone so it was a bit overwhelming. I got off at Tom Bradley International on the 2nd floor but was confused because I didn’t see anyone. I was freaking out because I thought they left already. But then I realized that the arrivals were on the 1st floor OTL lol.

I soon saw all of the fans waiting here

They WERE supposed to come out from here but we got tricked!!

There were rumors that they were going to land at 11 am but instead they landed at 10:20 (scheduled to land at 10:30 am) So there everyone was waiting for them to come out. It was like 11 and still no sign of them. I was getting suspicious that they were going to come out from somewhere else. While I was waiting I met some people next to me who said that last time that SHINee came for KMF they used another exit. (the exit was a little to the left of the lighted wall. Then a guy ran up to a man who had a professional camera and started talking to him really fast, they left almost running out of there. I became suspicious so me and a friend who also came alone and I met there, followed them to the other arrival area. There we saw guys in all black with radios and I saw the people who were next to me but disappeared (the ones who told me about the other arrival area).

They were sitting down and telling me to be quiet. I asked what was going on and they said that the artists were coming from here for sure. They already saw about 4 SNSD members come out. So we waited for about a minute and then U-know and Max came out. I was about to drop dead on the spot. It hit me right there that after all those times watching them on my computer screen I was finally seeing them in the flesh. No one screamed when they came out. Partly because I was in shock and they look really hot and I was intimidated by there beauty so I didn’t approach them sadly. U-know just oozed out sexiness and Max has grown up so much. He started smiling after he saw us and started following U-know who still had the same serious and cool expression.

About five minutes later everyone realized that they were coming out from here and that’s when it started getting crazy. Everyone ran to where we were and the some Korean guys in all tan (no idea who they were..body guards probably) Started getting mad and one of them was repeating “aish” over and over again. Then about 3 minutes passed and some of the SNSD members came out. I’m not to familiar with them but they weren’t smiling :( The airport police told everyone that no one was going to come out till we split up towards the middle (it was giant blob of screaming fangirls and fanboys)

After that f(x) came out and I don’t really know them either. The one with the orange blondish hair was smiling and saying hi to her fans though.

Then BoA came out. That was when it got crazy. She didn’t go through the middle of the space that the fans created but through side so the fans then started running after her and not letting her walk.

The came out 4 out of the 12 Super Junior members (included Henry and Zhou Mi). Super Junior is my favorite group so of course I was excited. First came out leader Leeteuk and man this guy never fails to amaze me. He was smiling and greeting fans with the biggest smile on his face. Eunhyuk was right behind him along with Shindong and Donghae (Eunhae can’t be separated). All the boys look so much skinnier in person even Shindong, it’s true that the camera adds 10 pounds. Donghae was way shorter than I thought but who cares because he’s still hot. Yes I was close enough to touch all the artists and I was tempted too but I didn’t because I felt bad.

Then came out Shinee!!! I think a lot of the people there (comparing with the other groups) were more excited to see Shinee. The screaming got louder and so did the pushing. First came out Jonghyun and he was covering his face (he didn’t feel good??), next Key and I swear this boy screams DIVA lol, then Taemin O_O This boy is gorgeous and so cute. You just want to give him a hug. He was wearing a white face mask but you could still tell that he was laughing. I didn’t get to see Minho and Onew because there was a semi-circle around them and they were being covered. Some people started pushing once they got closer to the car and began touching them.

After them came out some snsd members but no one was screaming as loudly for some weird reason. Still shocked from SHINee?? I know I was.

Then came out the second batch from Super Junior. They were lead by Siwon who was such a gentlemen. He was bowing his head slightly to his fans, Yesung followed him and didn’t look like he was okay :( Then came out my number one bias Kyuhyun. He was covering his pretty face with a hat and sunglasses. It felt like he was gone within seconds . Sungmin also came out after him. Next came out Heechul, Henry ( I just want to squeeze those chubby cheeks), Zhou Mi (he looked really tall compared to the others), Ryewook.

They were the very last ones to leaves. They left in mini vans (those soccer mom ones lol). They weren’t expecting it to be so crazy therefore some people were so close that they could touch them. I’m still on cloud nine and wish I can go back because it went by too quick. Can’t wait to see them actually perform this Saturday!!! XD I know this is really long but I didn’t want to leave anything out for those of who didn’t get to go.

Credits: liveinthesunshine12.tumblr.com
Shared by: DBSKnights


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