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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 100904 - I'm TVXQ's fanboy in SMTown LA!

Hello ~~ Im Tristan Jay B. and I'm a major TVXQ fanboy !
At SM Town concert in LA i was being the biggest fan i could be !
Everytime i saw someone with a TVXQ shirt i would scream Always Keep The Faith !
I believe always keeping the faith is the best thing we can do right now because all Cassie's want TVXQ to remain as 5 members .
But i still LOVE them .
I saw a group of TVXQ fans with their red shirts and i just had to yell ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH !!
It was the best feeling ever .
They screamed back and it was amazing !
To show our love and support for TVXQ , me and a couple fans led a big group to sing the song Balloons .
It was loud and amazing . I was glad to be a part of it .
While waiting in line to get into Staples Center i was leading a countdown so they could hurry and open the doors ! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 !!! But they didn't open it until like 5 minutes later ..
But it was still fun .
Then we finally got in and we found our seats and stuff .. The place was so huge !! I was screaming so loud when they just had the SM Town sign up . I was excited .
I was screaming for every singer there was but i was saving alot of my voice for Changmin and Yunho .
Once they came on i was SPAZZING !!
I jumped out o f my seat and was screaming sooo LOUD .
A lady who worked there made me take my seat because apparently i was being a "disturbance" .
But anyways i took my seat and i was SCREAMING so LOUD that everyone near me was looking at me like i was crazzy !!
It was one long scream after another !
And after they were done performing i gasped for air and people asked if i was alright .
I was better than ever !
And then the concert ended and i was happy !
After the concert my friends and i stalked Super Junior from outside the window of the after Italicparty .
Amazing day and i wouldn't have changed a thing .
Always keep the faith . I love you TVXQ !

Thank you for the fanaccount!
Credits: Tristan aka Xiahker @ twitter
Shared by: DBSKnights


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