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Sunday, October 10, 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 101008 Junsu's Musical Concert

First, I would like to celebrate the fact that I finally get to see you, Kim Junsu. Even though you are the only one of them, but you are the first who I saw in person.

My friend and I took 8th line, and it turned out the exit is too far away from the gymnasium when we got out from the subway. We were half dead when we finally reach the venue where it was crowded. The official merchandise seems to be sold at the entrance (I'm not so sure since I don't understand Korean). I bought a CD and a T-shirt. However, what was so depressing was, when I reached home, then only I realized that the CD I bought doesn't even have one song sang by Junsu. I really wanted to scold someone at that time. TT.TT

It is prohibited to take pictures inside the venue as in other concerts. Although the whole place was drowned in craziness over the song 'intoxication', everyone was well behaved.

First, I need to state clearly that due to my poor Korean, I don't quite understand the songs. When Junsu came out with little Mozart to do the introduction, he accidently stepped on a tape which was left on the floor and it sticks stubbornly on his foot. In the end, he had to tear it off himself. We all burst out in laughter. Regardless the songs from Mozart or Elizabeth, Junsu had provided us a superb stage. His overall condition was great today. The other actors were good too, especially the actress's solos.

After that, it was the grandfather’s turn who came from a far away country to greet us on stage. Grandfather Levay wore the hanbok given by a fan site at the ending. He hold little Mozart's hand while they were going around the stage.

Please forgive me as I can't recall the sequence clearly.

Later on during the MC part, Junsu changed his Mozart outfit into white clothes and his hair style was back to normal. During the MC part, because he was teased by the others, he had to sing 'hug'. Although it was very short, everyone was very happy.

He is so handsome, but under his white leather shoes there are black shoe heels. Junsu, do you think that I won't notice those high heels? Hehehe... *evil grins*
It was followed by another song and he dressed up nicely in grayish blue silky suit.

After that was the focus point of the night - 'Intoxication'.
It was overflowed with sexiness even though the song was short.
Initially, he was dancing at the main stage, and then he moved towards the center of the front stage.
You have to witness the sexiness of the choreo with your own eyes before you could tell how stunning it is.
The fans whose seats were at the inner field were so lucky... %>______<%
When he reached the front stage, he knelt down and took off his clothes. My soul was completely taken away by his sexiness...
Everyone was squealing insanely.

When everyone was calling for encore at the end, Junsu... you...
We only shouted encore for few times, but you already couldn't wait to appear on stage.
You are too adorable!
After that, it seemed like his eye was itchy.
So, he rubbed it and eventually smeared his eyeliner. I think it was the fans sitting in the front row who told him about his eyeliner. And again, he rubbed it. And... It became worse...

Junsu walked to the left side of the stage. He walked towards my direction! My friend's reflex was fast, she darted to the inner field. I was hesitating. The others just about to rush there moments after.

Kim Junsu, you were just 1 meter away from me.
That was really close.
Finally, I get to see you, the one out of five.
There I was, standing there, dumb folded.
I even forgot to take pictures or video.
I only get to get a hold of myself after he went back to the stage.

Last but not least, thanks for reading.
I have spazzed too much.
Marvellous Mozart! A Wonderful night!

It was very late when we came out. There are merchandises sold at the road side. The small pillow is so cute! However, I was dragged away by my friend because she was afraid that we couldn't catch the train. I am considering of buying that pillow tomorrow, and the idea of stopping by at the entrance to listen to the songs again is not that bad too...

Credits: TVXQBaidu + 瑞の傻秀
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


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