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Friday, September 25, 2009

[TRANS] 090924 Appealing Magazine October Issue, JaeChun

The song which was first sung in Tokyo DOME and made all fans turned into surprises, “COLORS ~ Melody & Harmony ~”

When they’re asked, “What was the feeling when you wrote the lyrics?” while grabbing Jejung’s shoulders, Yuchun said “A feeling like this (laughs)” showing their dazzling friendship!

Jejung: In Tokyo DOME, with Yuchun singing this song while were looking at each other, truly a hard experience. The feeling was different like when we’re performing with complete members, when there are only the two of us, there’s no place to hide (laughs).

Yuchun: In the middle of the song, there was part when all audiences were singing along with us “lalala~”, this part was Jejung’s idea. Actually I was pretty worried before, since this is a new song, will everyone be able to sing it together so quickly?

- But the truth is, in Tokyo DOME you guys could successfully sing together (with all the fans)

Jejung: The purpose became true! Since the very beginning, we already decided that we’d compose a melody in which everyone could sing it easily.

- For next, what do you guys want to do?

Yuchun: I want to go to Hawaii
Jejung: when we both of us hang out together, the one who will decide the time and the place (to go to) is always Yuchun. Yuchun will never go to a place that he doesn’t like.
Yuchun: Ah….. that’s true (laughs). I will even check the place from the internet first.

- In the song’s lyrics, there’s a line about the mind that is filled with colors. Have you ever seen a colorful dream?

Yuchun: Never have one. But sometimes I really want to have one (laughs). Most of my dreams are sad ones, and eventually I’d cry in my dream, even when I already wake up, I still cry.
Jejung: In 1 year, 365 days, I always see colors. I ever dreamt about a very lovely girl who really suits my type. But, when I stretched my hand to reach her, she slowly disappeared…

- With Yuchun as your room mate, are you able to go back to that love scene (when Jejung found the lovely girl) again?

Jejung: Not at all! It was really in a perfect timing (of almost touching the girl), but then I heard the sound “waa…” from Yuchun who’s crying, I was suddenly awaken!! I tried to continue my sleep, trying hard to go back into my previous dream.
Yuchun: Jejung has been through a lot of wrong illusions~ I do hope he can further increase the level of his dream to be something that is more flexible and predictable. So that he may be able to predict what is the next question that is going to be asked (laughs)

- If you have to pick one color, what color that is recently most reflecting both of you?

Jejung: Since in recent days Yuchun has become an early riser human, so he’s a white. As for me, I’m very dark (laughs).
Yuchun: Jejung is a blue black. There’s a lonely… yet cute feeling?
Jejung: Nowadays I have become a black image of the ocean. The outer and inside appearance of ocean is not the same right? But sometimes Yuchun is also like that. (>> which one? lonely or cute? lol)

- You both are O-blood type, you must have a lot of similarities. However, is there anything your counterpart has that makes you envy about?

Jejung: skinny chest, very broad shoulders, when wearing T-shirt he looks so good. For myself, I have a thick chest….
Yuchun: I’m not like that~
Jejung: So what are you?
Yuchun: (laughs) Ever since I was born, I already have asthma, so I envy Jejung who is so healthy.
Jejung: But if you’re too energetic when you’re young, the energy will disappear soon, right?
Yuchun: What the heck that will disappear? (laughs)
Jejung: It’s the same case like battery… don’t you think?

- But there’s always charger (to re-charge) right?

Yuchun: But there’s also a kind of battery that can’t be recharged. Once it loses its power, it will be trashed away (cold laugh)
Jejung: ……………a. (lol)

- They’re so matched even when they’re pouring cold jokes to each other. Please looking forward to their harmony!

Credit: appealing magazine + withtvxq
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + oneTVXQ.com


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