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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

[TRANS] 090928 "Heading to the Ground" (Starring Yunho of Tohoshinki), Shooting On-Location Scenes and Interview will be Aired Free of Charge

MBC JAPAN started a free broadcast for the special images of "Heading to the Ground," starring Jung Yunho and Go Ara. Three films will be aired, namely, "Praying for the Success of the Drama, Plus Yunho and Ara Interview," "Close Coverage of Yunho," and "The Drama Posters’ Shooting Scenes."

"Praying for the Success of the Drama, Plus Yunho and Ara Interview" includes the August 24th praying ceremony and the interview of Jung Yunho and Go Ara.

"Close Coverage of Yunho" includes scenes like Yunho looking nervous for his first drama, Yunho impressing the director with his marvelous acting, the real Yunho after shooting, and Yunho lifting soccer balls after the interview. This is a must-watch for fans!

In "The Drama Posters’ Shooting Scenes," you can see the fresh four starring members, Jung Yunho (Cha Bong-Goon), Go Ara, Lee Yoon-Ji and Lee Sang-Yoon. Especially for Yunho, you can watch him take off his soccer uniform (which is now the hottest topic), and you can also see him in an animal costume, and in waiter clothes, too. His style is full of variety.

"Heading to the Ground" is a success story of a nameless soccer player, becoming the representative by the power of love. Since Jung Yunho (who is a member of Tohoshinki, a very popular artist in Asia) will be starring in it, the drama has become the center of public attention even before the broadcast started.

Cha Bong-Goon (Yunho) has being kicking soccer balls all his life, and he became a soccer player in an unknown semi-professional team. He was a prominent player in taking soccer positions, and his ability in kicking soccer balls was very high, but he had some problems with his character. He always heated up, and was the center of problems. On top of this, his team broke up, and he was in a desperate situation.

There arrived a soccer agent, Hae-Bin. She concealed the fact that she was the daughter of the team’s owner, and she had the strong will to create a career by her own. In the game of the semi-professionals, she was fascinated by Bong-Goon’s volley shoot. How would the romance between proud Bong-Goon and Kang Hae-Bin proceed?

The actress Ara, who will be the sweetheart of Yunho in the drama, was the winner of the SM Entertainment contest in 2003. She was also the winner for the “Actress Audition” (total number of application: 40,000) held by Haruki Kadokawa’s office x Avex. She's truly a Cinderella girl. Her real name is Go Ara.

In MBC JAPAN’s site, there is a photo gallery for the rest of the starring stars, also a must-check item.

In Navicon's “I Want to Know This Point About Korean Dramas!”, there is a section called “The Wonders of Dramas.”*** We have uploaded an article concerning the hint of the title "Heading to the Ground." Please also check the article!

*** Article coming soon

Source: navicon
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