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Sunday, November 29, 2009

[NEWS] 091126 'What Tohoshinki Can Do' A News From Korean Media

Tohoshinki, as they are called in Japan, is set to resume their activities in the country, according to reports. According to Japanese media including "Daily Sports", the group is set to appear on Nihon TV's year-end awards ceremony "Best Hit Festival 2009" on November 26. They proved they remain a force to be reckoned with, being nominated for the Gold Artist Award alongside top Japanese singers including EXILE and Koda Kumi. TVXQ has also decided to show up at Fuji TV's "FNS Kayousai 2009" on December 2 and have also been juggling their schedule to make appearances on NHK's "Kohaku Uta Gassen", translated into "Red and White Song Battle", and other year-end music ceremonies.

Hence, TVXQ will undertaking their activities in Japan as a five-member group for the first time in three months since last performing together at the A-Nation Osaka concert on August 30. After Japanese media quoted Korean reports saying the group may be on the verge of disbanding over legal disputes, TVXQ's fans in Japan had been as worried as fans in Korea over what lies in the future for one of Asia's most popular boy bands. NHK broadcast a rerun of an episode featuring the group in its music program "Music Japan" upon receiving endless requests from viewers. And Ishihara, producer for the program and also executive producer for NHK's "Kohaku", wrote on his blog, "I know many of you TVXQ fans out there must feel insecure in many ways these days. I really hope this rerun makes you happy and we hope to be able to make a second TVXQ special in the near future."

Meanwhile, TVXQ's Japanese agency Avex reaffirmed its stance it announced on August 6, saying it will continue to carry out full-fledged support of the group's activities in Japan. Other than making TV appearances, the band is also set to release their 29th single "BREAK OUT!" in Japan on January 27 next year. But fans will get to hear the lively dance tune ahead of the single's release, as it will be the theme song to NHK's Thursday night drama "Tomehane! Suzusato High School, Calligraphy Club" premiering January 7. TVXQ also plans to meet with fans thereafter, starting with Kobe between January 19 to 20, a week later in Sendai and on the two last days of the month in Yokohama.

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