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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

[NEWS] 091221 ‘News Track’ will Reveal to Public about Japanese Reaction Regarding The Disbanding Issue of TVXQ

he 23rd SBS ‘News Track’ will broadcast a flashback of 10 years Korean market in Japan. The first issue of ‘News Track’ is going cover a debate of the over 5 years Japan career of Asia group TVXQ who is currently in disbanding issue and examines the impact of the disbanding to Hallyu wave.

From the called of “All Hallyu fans are ahjummas” to the broadened age range of TVXQ Hallyu fans to the 20th females, TVXQ achieves over ₩ 90,000,000,000 in 2009 for Japan market alone from the sales of their music records and DVDs thus is ranked the third as artists with most sales. Therefore the disbanding of TVXQ will definitely gives impact to the Hallyu wave in Japan.

‘News Track’ will also be airing the controversial comments from public range to TVXQ fans, Japan music professionals, and interviews to some stations officials, who had deep interests in TVXQ disbanding controversy.

In Japan, the five members are still active together, but TVXQ future is still uncertain. Due to this fact, the disbanding issue of TVXQ is not simply an issue of one group, but can be considered as a large issue as if a ‘Korean problem’, since it’s related to the sustainable of the spread of Korean music.

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