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Sunday, December 27, 2009

[TRANS] 091226 Chinese Fans Release Ad In Korean Newspaper On

Chinese fans of group TVXQ, whose certain members are locked in a dispute with their agency, released an ad in a daily Korean newspaper to commemorate the group's 6th anniversary since their debut and the fans pressured the agency by saying, "Stop harassing TVXQ."

'Baidu BAR', a Chinese fan group in China's biggest portal site Baidu, released an ad on the front page of Korea's Gyunghyang Newspaper on the 26th. In the ad, they said, "You are trying to cut the dreams the five have been creating for the past six years and you are hurting the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people who were happy because of the five of them. Stop your actions that are hurting the five. Let the five sing freely without constraints. The current storm will soon wither. We will forever protect them so they do not get hurt and we will forever wait," and sent a direct message to the agency.

These fans also received the help of Korean TVXQ fans and sent information of this ad to media companies to explain the reasons for such an ad and said, "To commemorate the group's sixth anniversary, TVXQ's Chinese fans decided to release an ad that showed our current feelings to Korean medium across the sea," and "At the moment, the agency is constantly hurting TVXQ but all of their fans will stay together and form a knot that will protect TVXQ and their dreams."

In their informative material they showed their determination to continue their activities and said, "We will wait until they are able to sing without burden under a clear sky when the rain stops pouring," and "Until SM stops hurting TVXQ, we will not stop either."

On the other hand, the five members appeared on TV Asahi 'Music Station Super Live' on Christmas. The five members will also attend the 'Japanese Record Awards' on the 30th and NHK's 'Kouhaku Uta Gassen' on the 31st.

Source: [newsen+DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net


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