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Friday, January 22, 2010

[TRANS] 100121 Interview With Xiah's Mom 'Junsu Moonwalks to The Restroom'

Picture credits: Xiahbaidu

The condition of the bride to be?
-A Christian lady who believes in God.
-A person who can support her husband well in every possible way for his best.
-A person with a good nature.
-If she can play piano well, it will be nice.
-Would be even better if she can play sports well.

Is Junsu homey/domestic?
He seems to be able to help us well at our house, and he will not say "this is unpleasant";
If he marries, he will help his wife.

Which of the two boys is your favorite one?
I cannot pick which boys are better, whether it's the younger one or older one of the twins.
They both have their exceptional talents and each has wonderful charms.
Junho, the big brother, is stouthearted, handsome and reliable.
Junsu, the younger brother, is cute natured and beautiful.

The hopes of the mom:
Junsu desired to be an athlete earnestly, but we, the parents, thought that modern dancing or even ballet would be good for a person like Junsu. We wished for him to play musical instruments and learn to sing, be a singer, or a musical actor.

How does Junsu usually express his love for you, his mother?
A lot of endearments are expressed by Junsu. He uses the decorated letter with a heart mark in it and sends it to me by text message.

Have you ever beat Junsu with a whip when he did not listen to you?
No, never.

When Junsu wants to marry and brings a woman in your house and you don't like her, what would you do?
I will persuade him till the end. Because I believe Junsu's image of the ideal woman resembles my thoughts. (T/N: Mom and son both like the same kind of girl.)

Till when did he wet his bed?
I do not have any memory of Junsu wetting his bed.

Is he similar to you or his dad?  
His appearance resembles some of me and more of his dad.
As for his build, he resembles more of me.
His personality resembles a lot like his dad. They have a similar character, spreading amiability and
optimistic attitude everywhere they are.

Has the twins made you cry?
I have clapped their buttocks when there was a little bit of authority-resisting time.

Does Junsu wear ▼オパンツ /Opantsu? (Underwear?)
I hear that all the people who dance must wear ▼ オパンツ /Opantsu? (Underwear?)
(T/N: does not know what this word is. May be it is a special brand of tight underwear.
Any of you readers know what that is?)

Something you think that twins should do?
Do their best in what they do in life, without holding any regrets.
Continue to keep their brotherly love a lot and eternally and live an authentic life.
Always believe in Jesus Christ and keep their faith, trust Christ always and live a fulfilling life.

The habit of Junsu?
He moves his body always even when he is standing.
When he talks to me, he dances and waves and even when he goes to the restroom, he moonwalks......
There was a time when I told him to be still because I was distracted during our conversation.

If Junsu says that he wants to quit being a singer?
Please encourage him together by telling him to continue it because it is his "God-given vocation".

What do you think of the singer Xiah Junsu, not looking at him as your son Kim Junsu?
A cool figure who does his best very eagerly. When his figure is reflected on the stage,
I become a Junsu fan not thinking that he is my son.

What would you do if Junsu said he wanted to have a sex change to be a woman?
I trust the will of Junsu.
Because I wanted a daughter, I might possibly tolerate it rather smoothly?

Source Credit:tomomama+sharingyoochun@wordpress.com+xiahbaidu
Trans by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com
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