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Thursday, January 28, 2010

[TRANS] 100127 Unique Birthday Gift To Yunho

Fans Donate KRW$3,000,000 To Gwangju
The fanclub for U-know Yunho, a member of popular group TVXQ, aroused interest when they donated KRW$3,000,000 to Gwangju, in aid of the needy.

On the 25th, according to a representative of the Gwangju Social Welfare and Fundraising Centre (T/N: name is loosely translated), a person from the fan club called a week earlier to say that they will come down to make a donation of KRW$3,000,000 in the name of U-know Yunho, who was born in Gwangju. The representative said, "To celebrate U-know Yunho's birthday, the members of the fanclub pooled their money together to come up with this sum."

Initially, the members of the fanclub wanted to use the money collected to buy gifts, but recently, Yunho expressed, "For the many people who are suffering, how about donating together instead?", and the fans decided to respond to his view and made the donation instead.

U-know Yunho, who graduated from High School in 2004, visits his alma mater every January, sponsors scholarships, as well as does charity work in the area. Also, Yunho's father recently donated a sum of KRW$5,000,000 under Yunho's name, through a programme run by a local broadcasting station, "Help the Haiti Earthquake Victims", and this caught the eye of many as well.

Source: [baidutvxq]
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