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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

[Trans]The Television Magazine March 20~26 Issue part 3

O- Otousan [ Father ] (from HEY!HEY!HEY!)
This is what Yoochun said about the group Gospellers. When they were in the same television show Hamada from Downtown introduced them as “the artist they love the most in Japan”. Yoochun with a smile said “they’re like a father”. Also Jaejoong added “but we are better at sports since we have more physical strength”.

-Oyaji Gag Encyclopedia (from HEY!HEY!HEY! and Gokigenyou)
This is Junsu’s favorite book. Junsu who learned Japanese from oyaji gag and introduced this book. “I’m so into it. I have new ones that I made on my own too” said Junsu showing off. He read the book “Oyaji Gag Encyclopedia” (written by=Hara Yutaka/Popura Shakan) to learn Oyaji gags. Also when this book came out he said excitedly “this is my friend!”. When he performed a gag on “Gokigenyou” the MC Kosakai said “It seems like a Murakami George (gag)”. Hmmm that’s true!

P- Pants (from THE M)
In the beginning when they came to Japan, the 5 who couldn’t speak any Japanese were afraid to go shopping so they even shopped for underwear at the same store.Since they bought underwear at the same place, at their house there was a lot of the same underwear! After thinking, they decided to write their name on it but there was members who wore other members without caring. After showering it wasn’t surprising to see other members wearing the underwear with a different name!

Q- You can’t answer a Q with a Q~ (from HEY!HEY!HEY!)
This is what Jaejoong was told by Hamada(downtown). At their 2008 March concert at Yokohama Arena they were told that they’re using Edo Harumi’s “gooo”. When Hamada asked “are you going to use ‘goo’ this year?” Jaejoong who was asked answered “really?”. The Downtown looked at each other and cracked up saying “I don’t know what to say if you answer a Question with a Question!”

R-Ryouri [ Cook ] (from music fair)
This is what Jaejoong is good at. But Changmin complained saying “I said I can’t eat but he makes it and says ‘lets eat!’ And makes me eat”. But Jaejoong who said “I hate how Junsu and Yunho doesn’t eat midnight snack! Its more fun if you eat together!”. Changmin who started to say “but…” Jaejoong right away said “But it was good right?” to that Changmin who answered like a well mannered puppy and said “Yes!”.

S- Sonkei and Suhai [ respect and worship ] (from music fair)
This is how Changmin felt towards Junsu. Changmin who said a shocking speech “I said I worship Junsu but that was a mistake.” Junsu who got worried kept asking “why!why!!” Changmin calmly answered “In the world there isn’t a lot of funny people like Junsu. But when I got home and thought about it, (I noticed) that’s not true”.

T-Tsukomisugi! [ plunge into ] (Oshare ism)
When they were asked if they ever get in a fight Junsu said “with Yoochun i get in a word fight saying ‘why is your forehead so wide?’ “. Jaejoong who laughed and said “Junsu and Changmin punches each other but it doesn’t look serious”. Junsu said “with me and Yoochun it’s my fault but with Changmin its Changmin’s fault. He plunges in too much! Its too much!”. But he also said “‘Lately if he doesn’t its a little sad”.

U- Universe (from Tetsuko no Heya)
This is what Junsu said about Changmin’s stomach since he eats 8 times a day. When the MC Kuroyanagi Tetsuko was surprised Changmin said “I used to eat that much but now I don’t have that much time and I can only eat about 3 times a day. I think my height grew because I ate a lot”. This is a story that makes girls jealous~. Junsu who said “Changmin’s stomach is like the universe” and Yoochun who said “you can play soccer too” Kuroyanagi said “Yoochun-san you say funny things” and was impressed of Yoochun.

-Ukenai Gag [ gag that isn't funny ] (from Shabekuri007 and SMAPxSMAP)
This is what Junsu thinks of his gags. Introducing what he’s good at he said weakly “its not a normal gag. Even if I try hard its a gag that’s not funny”. He answered to the request and performed “Noborenai Yama wa Aoyama(the mountain you can’t climb is Aoyama. Yama=mountain and Aoyama is a place in Tokyo). Ueda who strictly said “sorry but are you making fun of Japan?”. Horiuchi Ken who said “Its the same how we do gags that isn’t funny” and showed his gag “jun jyuwa~”. But on “SMAPxSMAP” Junsu said “I quit”. Junsu who was asked to do a gag showed his newest gag to Nakai Masahiro but Nakai said “I think its right that you gave up”.

V-Valentine Chocolate (from ontama carnival)
When asked what kind of chocolate they want, “I forgot how it feels since I haven’t got one in like 10 years” answered Jaejoong. Yoochun who said “that’s a lie for sure~” and Yunho who said “Its a lie!” the members kept going on… Jaejoong desperately said “its true!”

W-Wolf (from Hanamaru Market)
The Japanese that Changmin learned recently was Okuri Ookami (an escort with lecherous motives)…At the after party to the people who left in the middle of the party a staff said “okuri ookami”. Yakumaru and the others laughed saying “why that kind of word” but Changmin who is passionate to learn Japanese explained his feelings when he meets new words.

X-Xmas (from The M)
When they debuted in Japan they were already very popular in Korea. On Christmas they thought if they go to the cities they might get pictures taken and get asked for autographs. Then they got asked “Can you take a picture?” and they thought “yes!!!” but they were told “you just need to push that button”..they were asked to be the cameraman.

Y-Youkai Ningen 999 [ Monster Human 999 ] (from Mirai Sozou Dou)
This is the anime title Jaejoong mistaken.
The 5 who said they watched many Japanese anime. For the introduction quiz “Youkai Ningen Bemu” went on and Yoochun who couldn’t remember said “the…ummm..youkai..what was the name!” and MC Kinashi Noritake gave a hint saying “youkai ningen?” as he said that Jaejoong stood up and shouted “999!”. That’s Gingatesudou! (a famous Japanese anime called Ginga Tetsudou 999)

Z- Zuru Shinaide! [ Dont Cheat! ] (from Mirai Sozou Dou)
This is what Junsu said to Jaejoong for the introduction quiz. At the introduction quiz Junsu who raised his hand first and patiently waited for Kinashi to pick him but Jaejoong answered first lively. Junsu who said “don’t say it~!” and seemed to be unsatisfied but Jaejoong said whoever says it first is the winner. Junsu was upset and said “I was raising my hand first so raise your hand and then say it. Lets do it right!”

trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
shared by: kurumi@shinkifive


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