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Monday, April 26, 2010

[TRANS] 100424 Sunao ni Narenakute Episode 3 Preview

2010.4.29 (Thr) PM10:00~10:54
“Sunao Ni Narenakute” Episode 3

Haru (Ueno Juri) was drunk and on her way back home. She met Nakaji (Eita) who was heading to his work at the subway station. Haru was coming home from the date Nakaji set up secretly with Doctor (Jaejoong). Haru screamed “I hate you” to Nakaji who was on the other side of the station, she squat down and started to cry and murmurs she actually likes Nakaji.

At the same time Linda(Tamayama Tetsuji) was called to Okuda Editor(Watanabe Eri)’s house. Okuda called him to tell him he can use Nakaji for their magazine. Linda was called in to the bedroom and she hugged him. Linda made his mind and pushed Okuda to the bed.

Doctor who has feelings for Haru didnt have the courage to call her after the date.His little sister Minha(Kinami Haruka) saw him and joked telling him I’ll call her for you.

Peach (Seki Megumi) who got pregnant with the person she is having an affair with went to the maternity and gynecology department. But when her doctor showed her the echo image she hesitated on having abortion.

One night Kiriko(Igawa Haruka) visits Nakaji’s apartment. Kiriko who was watching him sleep noticed he had an e-mail from Haru and…

Source: FujiTV
Translation: Rieko @ sharingyoochun.net
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com


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