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Saturday, May 29, 2010

[TRANS] 100526 The Television Magazine No.21

Sunanare Now! Vol.7 Eita x Jaejoong x Tamayama Tetsuji
The close boys team’s imaginary animal talk!?

Jaejoong: J
Tamayama Tetsuji: T
Eita: E

This week is the Sunanare boys team who has a deep bond!

Jaejoong: We became close quickly, and from the beginning showed ourselves. I think its not good because I’m showing too much of myself…

Tamayama: mm, why?

J: Aren’t I loud?

Eita: That’s not true. Your a good mood maker

T: Jaejoong-kun says jokes with full confidence. Like “Taberarenai sando was omotesandou~” (the sandwich you can’t eat is Omotesandou) *laugh*

J: When I’m with you guys, its so fun that I become like a spontaneous character

E: That’s true. That’s Jaejoong-kun’s role *laugh*

T: But about 70% is a subtle one that’s hard to react too!

J: ha~a (sighh)

E&T: *laugh*

The talk went smooth and went to how Tamayama’s habit is to compare people as animals.

T: Okay, if I were to compare Eita as an animal… it’d be “a camel that is weak to the hot weather”.

E: eh? Its a camel but its weak to the hotness? *laughs*

T: yep, seems like it *laughs*. Jaejoong-kun is “a slow monkey”. Since you’re a little clumsy right?

E: that, I understand so much!

J: what’s “ochokochoi”(clumsy)?

T: Like… spilling the water from the cup (this day while filming he made a mistake to spill water)

J: oh~ *laughs* then next I will compare you. Tamayama-san is a….”dog that’s like a cat that gets carried away”!

E: what’s that *laughs*

T: a dog that’s like a cat? *laughs*

J: Cats have a sneaky/sly image right. But Tamayama-san isn’t sneaky/sly…

T: My image is bad *laughs*

J: But then it is a dog, the master loves the dog. Like your loyalty is strong…

E: oh, I thought of one too. “A raccoon that used to be a rabbit”.

T: Isn’t that hard to understand?

E: It got tired of being a rabbit that jumps around so it evolved. A raccoon seems cute but it has it fierce side. So it has both sides.

T: oh~*laughs* what about Jaejoong-kun?

E: Golden Retrievers have lots of babies right. So “a golden retriever puppy that was born last, and is always on the side, so it can’t even get milk”

T: hahaha *laughs* I understand!

J: what~you understand?

E: but that puppy is the one that you want to touch the most.

J: ohh, really! Can I be happy?

E&T: *laughs* of course!

New this week: “Jaejoongs murmurs”

During the discussion the topic went to Jaejoon-kun’s jokes. When they were filming at his company, he held the pen that was in front of him and said “oshiri pen pen ball pen!” *laugh* (penpen is the sound effect when hitting a butt. Oshiri=butt. Ball pen=ball point pen)

Left & below: he shows a smile and a serious face when checking his acting.

source: miemie0606
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
shared by: DBSKnights


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