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Sunday, June 6, 2010

[FANACCNTS] 100605 JYJ - Thanksgiving Live in Dome Day 1

(4th account shared)

I went and took some notes
about the MC arrangement and concert’s contents.

Of course, it’s probable that I made some mistakes that would blow you away.
So please don’t take it too seriously.

The concert began with a video where three letters appearing one by one.
The order was:

1st performance (3 members)
Jejung cried, to the extent that he couldn’t even sing.

MC (3 members)
Jejung, “I was really worried whether people would come to this concert.”
Jejung cried again.

2nd performance Shelter (Yuchun and Jejung)

3rd performance Beautiful Love (Junsu)

MC (Junsu. Then on, Yuchun came from under the runaway in the middle MC-ing and joined him. Jejung came too later on)
Yuchun and Jejung’s drama introduction. A little bit synopsis.

4th performance Kanashimi No Yukue (Junsu)

MC (Jejung)

5th performance 君のために - Because of You, Korean ver (Jejung)

6th performance New song? (Yuchun)

7th performance Been So Long (Yuchun and Jejung feat LISA)

About the dancers

MC (3 members)

8th performance Rainy Blue (3 members)

9th performance 君がいるだけで (3 members)

10th performance an English song, but I’m not too sure, I think it’s Whitney Houston? Only 1% sure…

Making of The Concert

Yuchun started to look for the chosen girl to be raised on the stage for the next song.. NOOO NOOO

11th performance My Girlfriend (Yuchun)
the 15 year old girl was chosen

12th performance Maze (Jejung)

13th performance XIAHTIC (Junsu)
In rap part, Yuchun participated

14th performance COLORS (Yuchun and Jejung)

MC (Junsu)
The oyaji gag “JUNSU TIME” blurted out.
“Although Haru likes Nakaji, but I like Kuroji (black word)”

MC (3 members)

The whole venue sang a happy birthday for Yuchun as a surprise.
Saranghae pose. Yuchun was happy.
Jejung and Junsu said that Yuchun’s birthday is always during the concert season.
They were so envious. Junsu wished that the next concert would be in December (laughs)

15th performance New Song

Choreography exercises video

16th performance New Song (GET READY?)


17th performance Intoxication (Junsu)
As back dancers, Jejung and Yuchun came to participate
The singing wasn’t weak at all and the dancing was so good.

MC (3 members)
The three were MC-ing with red eyes.
Up to this point, from several MC sessions, there were various facts you could hear, but at this time the talk was getting even deeper.

“It is possible to say it here? I really want it…”

Such kind of talk.

Until now, we haven’t heard anything from Junsu, Jejung, and Yuchun themselves. So for them to have a say in front of fans like this, I’m really grateful.

18 performance New Song? W (Double)?
Jejung “This is our true feeling” with the say, he began to sing.
The lyrics is dedicated to Yunho and Changmin.
In the middle way of singing, Junsu started to cry.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t take a proper note of the lyrics.
Actually I had started to write, but then I was crying too.
I was afraid that I couldn’t keep the lyrics in my memory if I continue writing, so I stopped halfway.

It’s a concert where you can see them crying, laughing, having fun, laughing, and then crying again.

Junsu, Jejung, Yuchun, they looked really happy, whether it’s crying and laughing, but they sing in grateful feeling.

I will continue to support them in the future!!!

source: junsu0310@ameblo
trans: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: DBSKnights


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