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Saturday, June 26, 2010

[TRANS] Next lifetime... let's not have TVXQ.

I trans-ed this because I believe that this is what all of us should be doing-- keeping our faith and hoping for the best. If you have the time, please read through this. It will truly reach your heart.

TVXQ, I miss you all.
I really really do.
I miss you. I miss TVXQ.
In this lifetime, I cherish you with all my heart, with all my might.
However, let's not have TVXQ in the next lifetime.
Not because my love has changed--I can't love you any less-- its because I can't bear to see you getting hurt anymore.
So... in the next lifetime, let's not have TVXQ.

Kim Jaejoong.
The innocent one with impeccable features.
Why did you have to go through so much like no others?
Why do you keep wearing a smile even when you are down?
Why did you get criticized by anti for all your hard-work?
Kim Jaejoong. Let's not be this "Kim jaejoong" in your next lifetime.
So that you can live normally.
You can go out with your beloved.
You don't have to breakup with your lover for the sake of your dream, your debut.
Kim Jaejoong. I love you dearly.

Kim Jaejoong.
In this life, how much did you sacrifice in exchange for this "Kim Jaejoong," for what you have right now?
Kim Jaejoong, why are you still singing when you need to cry?
Kim Jaejoong, why can't you ever let the tears out?
Kim Jaejoong is an idiot.
But I love this idiot, and my heart aches for this idiot.

Jaejoong, let's not be the same "Kim Jaejoong" next time.
Be a normal person,
A blissful one with his own happiness.
Don't bear so much pain
Don't be as exhausted as you are now.
Kim Jaejoong, I love you forever.
However, I won't love you in our next life;
because all i want is to witness your happiness... Kim Babo.

you are the leader,
So it's a given that you must endure more than others.
Jung Yunho, are you still well?
I haven't seen you around recently.
Are you still alright?
Jung Yunho, is the company treating you right? How about the people around you, are they?
Jung Yunho, I wish you all the best.

Yunho, you deserve your title.
I know you want to show us a strong image.
But you will wear out in time if you keep on forcing back the tears by biting your finger.
Yunho,please cry next time when you need to.
We promise we won't look at you any differently.
Other than the love we shower upon you, our heart aches for you a lot more.

Jung Yunho, let's not be so handsome in your next life.
Be a normal person, not TVXQ's leader-sshi.
Don't be weary of harmful substance purposely put in your drinks.
Don't worry about the media catching you smoking.
You can share a kiss with your lover down the street.
You can have as many sons to make a soccer team.
You can fulfill a lot without being attentive of your actions.
Jung Yunho, be a different "Jung Yunho" in your next life.

Park Yoochun,
a stunning man to the world with a mere turn of your head.
Someone who is full of emotions and gentle smiles.
One who cares for his brother, Yoohwan.
One who whines on the floor because dancing is just too much sometimes.
One who captures millions and millions of woman's heart.
Park Yoochun, you've received a lot of love with the prize of overworking yourself.
So... let's not be the same "Park Yoochun" in your next life.

Park Yoochun. Ever since I started loving you, your smile has been my favorite.
But I don't like seeing the fake smile you put on for us.
Park Yoochun, if you are to be a different "Park Yoochun" in your next life,
You will be a lot more blissful, right?
If you aren't the same "Park Yoochun,"
Then you don't have to go through so much
And there's no need to cry when Yoohawn wants to enter the entertainment industry.
You don't have to attend social parties just because you have to.
The "Park Yoochun" in next lifetime have to be blissful.

Park Yoochun. Park Yoochun.
Next life, you must live in a small, peaceful town with your beloved happily ever after.
You must continue protecting your brother.
You must have an obedient, smart daughter.
You must not be the same "Park Yoochun" as you are now.

Kim Junsu,
you have the best smile that I adore.
It really does resemble the sun and its warmth.
Junsu, too much pain was put upon you.
The voice change that went on for six year must've had been difficult to live through.
Thank you for not giving up.
Kim Junsu, I love you forever.

Kim Junsu, I like the very first smile you wore.
Even without the charisma, it was pure enough to make one's heart beating frantically.
I like your single-lidded, tiny eyes.
Just love, love, love your everything.
But this idiot has been working too hard.
In the next lifetime, let's not be the "Kim Junsu" you are right now.

Junsu, be joyful in your next life.
Perhaps that Junsu won't receive love from as many people, but his wife will love him and will forever stay by his side.
For that, I am content.
Kim Junsu, there won't be as many people loving you,
But your family and friends, for sure, will.
Junsu, your next life, has to be flushed with joy.

Shim Changmin,
the makenae we love the most.
Having an undefeatable and vicious tongue,
Yet you have a tender heart.
You treasure your 4 hyungs more than any other people.
With a beautifully sculpted side profile,
You are a youngster always willing to learn.
Because of the rumors circulating around your debut,
You haven't had a girlfriend.
You are a youth who likes to eat.
A youth whom I hold close to my heart.

Changmin, you are all grown up now,
With the strength in your eyes, and the confidence in your voice and dancing.
Never again are you as shy as before,
you've slowly advanced to become a star.
However, all that was built upon by tears.
Shim Changmin, once upon a time, you couldn't sleep since you were afraid of offending some seniors.
But this won't happen in your next life,
Because that "Shim Changmin" won't be the same as this "Shim Changmin."

Shim Changmin, you have to cry less in your next life.
You will successfully finished school with a steady occupation,
Then marry a pure, wonderful woman and welcome the birth of your son.
You don't have to be pressured by the company,
You can do whatever you want
The "Shim Changmin" in the next lifetime, you have to be content.

TVXQ. There will be no TVXQ in our next life.
I have loved too deep, hurt too much.
I will return the peaceful world to you.
You can do whatever you want.
You can be with whomever you want, holding hands down the street.
You can smoke when you feel the need to.
You can cry a little less.
Just be blessed, be happy a little more.

TVXQ, you won't be "TVXQ" in your next lifetime.
There's no need to suffer,
no need to do what you don't like,
no need to dance when you are drained out,
no need to break through your limit.

no need... to overcome this sorrow you are experiencing.

TVXQ, you won't be "TVXQ" in your next lifetime.
And I wont' be a Cassiopeia.
By chance maybe we will meet down the street, our shoulders brushing past.
Yet, in this lifetime,
I fell for you...
Fell for the rest of my life, without any regrets.

In this life, till my heart stops beating,
I will continue waiting for the day when the 5 of you will return.
TVXQ, I must love you forever.

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: x9095x@DBSKnights


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