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Monday, July 5, 2010

[TRANS] JaeChunSu: The Truths & the Lies

Most of this is old news so I've only translated a summary of the article.

1. What is the point of this article?
Ever since the three members filed the lawsuit, the internet has been flooded with unconfirmed reports and false claims, and such rumors have spread to fans in foreign countries including China and Japan etc. The point of this article is to clear up some of the rumors about the three members so that they will not be wrongly accused.

2. Did the three members demand 10 billion won each from SM?
The trio's lawyer Lim Sang Hyuk stated that '”We have asked that SM Entertainment pay each member one billion Won first. The amount we file for compensation will increase but ten billion Won, which is the amount reported in some news articles, is a false report. We have not yet decided upon a final compensation amount.”

Whilst the trio have not filed lawsuit seeking a compensation of this amount, reports of them demanding 10 billion won from SM have spread quickly throughout the Korean media and such erroneous reports have yet to be corrected. This is a typical SM strategy: 'adding a zero after the initial figure' to mislead the audience, the same tactic was employed in the case with Crebeau, where members of the public were misguided and manipulated.

According to SM's contracts, if an artist were to violate the contract, then they would have to pay a sum of 400 billion won.

3. Did the letters 'CJ' appear in 'Heaven's Postman'?
Funds for the production for 'Heaven's Postman' came from the Korean Film Council, the financial industry as well as the distributing company itself.

There are 2 possible explanations for 'CJ' appearing in the movie:
1. During the filming of 'Heaven's Postman', Youngwoong Jaejoong was still under SM Entertainment. The production company accepted funds from CGV (a company under CJ which is also responsible for the production of Changmin's TV series)
2. 'Heaven's Postman' is distributed by CJ

4. Is the trio's new manager involved in triad activities?
Kim Yong Ho wrote two articles in total; the first claims the trio's manager to be a triad member whilst the second clarifies that he is not. Unfortunately, whilst the first article has spread to countries outside of Korea and Japan, the second has not gained much public attention.

Such harsh accusations not only lack reliability, they can also be considered slander against the three members.

5. Is there a big-name company funding the production of JaeChunSu's worldwide album?
The production and distribution of the trio's album will be managed by a company in the US, but the album itself is targeted at audiences throughout Asia.

6. What is the intent of spreading these false reports?
SM is manipulating the three members' status as artists to impair their image and make the three of them lose value.

By stirring up conflict and prolonging the lawsuit, SM hopes to minimize the company's losses.

7. What should we do as fans?
Whilst SM has persisted in misleading the public by spreading lies and rumors, the three members have yet to do anything to defame SM. When faced with large corporations such as SM, as powerless individuals, there is nothing we can do other than to accept the company's manipulation through the media.

Fans of all people, should understand that 'If there weren't an unfair contract, then there wouldn't be a lawsuit'

As fans, we must distant ourselves from these fictitious reports and rumors and calmly await the decision of the court. In the mean time, please continue to look over and protect the trio.


Credits: TVXQBaidu + poplez
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


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