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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[TRANS] The Television Magazine March 26 Issue

Very Manic! What they said on television’s dictionary!
What is Jaejoongs complaint to Junsu?
Changmin looks up to ○○?etc.

When Talking with the comedian’s they continuously say the funniest things.
It’s almost 5 years since their debut. From shows like “Music Japan”and “Music Fair” that they were in ever since their Japan debut but they have also been in many variety shows, especially the variety shows who have comedian’s as the MC like Downtown and CreamStew. To the MC’s power they talked about their past relationships that brought attention!

A- Arita’s bags under his eyes. (from Shabekuri 007)
This is what Jaejoong noticed on “Shabekuri 007″. When they got asked if theyve seen this show Jaejoong said “this person(Arita) left a big impression! His bags under his eyes!”. Arita who could only smile bitterly for the MC asked “His bags were the funniest?”

B-Black Day (from Oshare-ism)
Yunho who talked about his past love experience about Korea’s anniversary. He explained that in Korea if you spent Valentines day and White day alone you will eat black jya-jya-noodles on Black day. Ueda who said “you’ve never spent black day before huh!” Yunho honestly answered saying “yes”. Also on 11/11 you send a Pocky snack to each other. Nakata (Oriental Radio) asked “do you guys Pocky kiss?” Junsu honestly answered “we do”.

C- Charisma (from Hey!Hey!Hey!)
This is what Junsu wanted to be after he graduates his oyaji-gags. “I performed at alot of place and there is more pressure, and I have no more ideas so im going to graduate from the oyaji-gags and from this year I’ll show my charisma” said Junsu. While saying that, he stared at the camera and posed but there were laughter’s from the audience. Yunho said ” I’ve never really felt it”(Junsu’s charisma)

D-Don Quixote (Japanese Store) (from Shabekuri 007)
This is where Yunho was surprised by when he came to Japan, for it had many different types of items. “The song is the best! It comes in my head before I sleep and I think [I want to go again!]” he said passionately. Junsu also said “He was singing it the whole time when he woke up”. Yunho also said that he wanted to try singing to song sadly and performed it “Don Qui~ Don Qui~ Xuote~ Xote~”.

E- “Ero” Character (Ero=Erotic) (from Shabekuri 007 and Ontama)
They were asked “is there a erotic character in Tohoshinki?” and from the silence Junsu answered “sometimes” with a bittersweet smile. They had to guess and point at who they think is the most erotic character from the Shabekuri members and they all ended up pointing at Arita. The reasons were “He has bags under his eyes and it seems lecherous” said Junsu and Jaejoong who said “It seems like hes enjoying the night time”. Also when Jaejoong said his habit is to “put his tongue out when hes singing” and sang “Beautiful You” to show it. The MC said it was “erotic” and Jaejoong got very shy.

F- Fetish (from Ontama)
Yoochun who said he has a fetish for Junsu’s smell. His question was “What you would say to today’s Junsu when smelling him” he answered “Did you shower?”. Wha..what kind of relationship do they have!? Also Junsu’s question was “What you would say to Changmin, who you see sleep everyday” he answered “I’ll be there so wait for me!!” Jaejoong who asked “go where?” and Junsu answered “I was going to meet him in our dreams”….If that’s the case its okay.

G- Genki Hatsuratsu! (from Osama no Brunch and Oshare-ism)
This is Jaejoongs type of girls. Usually he says “girls who have beautiful hands”. At the public conference for the commercial “Oronamin-C” which the members are in, he said “I want to fall in love” so he was asked for his ideal girl type and Jaejoong said an ad-lib using the catch phrase “Genki Hatsuratsu!”. When introducing himself he said his charm point was “I’m 23. I’m young and can live healthy”. Jaejoong’s standard is “healthy”?

Release Date: 3/17 Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour 2009 -The Secret Code- Final In Tokyo Dome (6,300yen)
Last years live concert comes out on Blu-Ray.
The Tokyo Dome concert, the dream stage that was held in 2009 will come out in Blu-Ray!

Tohoshinki Big Release- 3/17(wed) and 3/24(thr) 2 weeks of continuous release! single,album,DVD and Blu-ray the 4 title!

Year 2010 is also the best! Releasing 4 title!
The CD single they released in January “BREAK OUT!” was number1 on the Oricon Chart.
Continuing from that they released a best album in February that sold over 40,000 copies from the start and created a new record. After entering 2010 Tohoshinki keeps the popularity. They are releasing 4 titles 2 weeks in a row. The song that every fan wanted became a CD single, Re-mix album, and music video collection o 26 songs. Also the live DVD they released
last year will be released as a Blu-ray. Its the4 titiles that you can enjoy their charm.

Release Date: 3/17 TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP -THE ONE- (4,500yen)
Enjoy 26 songs and their music video on DVD. From their Japan debut song “stay with me tonight” to their newest “BREAK OUT!”. It has 26 songs and is a full volume that has songs from dance tunes to the drama song “Stand By U” that had Tanaka Kei and Iriyama Noriko.

Release Date: 3/24 TVXQ NONSTOP-MIX VOL.2 (2,625 yen)
Nonstop-mix vol.2! The first volume was released in October 2007 and was loved! It has their hit song “Why Did I Fall In Love With You” to upbeat songs such as “Share The World” and “Survivor” that you can listen to non-stop.

Release Date: 3/24 Toki wo Tomete (1,890yen)
The phantom song is finally becoming a CD single! Their 30th single is the song that was used to Menard’s commercial in 2009. All the fans were waiting for this song to become a CD. This song has string instruments at the main sound and their beautiful voices come together. It is one of the biggest ballad song. There is a CD+DVD version that has the music video and also a CD version that comes with the re-mix of “Toki wo Tomete”.

Translation: Rieko@sharingyoochun
Shared by: DBSKnights


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