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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[TRANS] The Television Magazine Part 2

H-Hitsumabushi Professor (from Music Japan and Ageten)
This is what Yunho said to Junsu who loves Hitsumabushi. When he was asked “when you think of ’summer’ what food comes into your head?” Junsu answered “I can only think of one. Hitsumabushi”. The members all said together “You said that in the winter too!” Junsu who got a little upset said “The season doesn’t matter! In the winter…it’s good for the cold!” said fighting Junsu. As Jaejoong said “after coming to Japan he’d go on many TV shows and talk about Hitsumabushi”. Junsu’s Hitsumabushi boom has brought many attention. Junsu calls himself “the Hitsumabushi promotion club”. Yunho seemed to be giving up saying “he’s becoming a Hitsumabushi professor”

I-Impression (from Ontama)
Jaejoong was asked for Yoochun’s first impression. “we were told that a person might come from America to become our member. And I was really looking forward to meeting him. But when Yoochun appeared he looked like a Chinese action actor and I was disappointed”. Also Jaejoong was asked about Junsu’s first impression. “He was a little hard to take. But now in a different way he’s hard to take *laughs*”

J-Jyu Kara (spice level 10) (from HEY!HEY!HEY!)
This is what Jaejoong eats at the CoCo restaraunt. The 5 said they all love the curry there. The number one member who loves spicy food Jaejoong said “Lately im getting used to it but it hurts my stomach. It’s like ah! Stomach hurts! But its good!”. Why are you forcing yourself to eat it~!

- Who understands “J”unsu the most (from Hey!Hey!Hey!)
This is what Sekine Tsutomu said about Yoochun. Sekine said “Yoochun is really nice and relaxing. Plus he understands Junsu the most”. Junsu who thanked Yoochun saying “if Yoochun wasn’t here I can’t survive. Even if I say a boring gag he reacts the most and im really thankful.” But to that Yoochun answered “its sad if I don’t”.

K- Kujyou (complaint) (from Music Fair)
The complaints towards Junsu. Jaejoong and Changmin who said “He drops/spills the food he eats!”. To that Junsu replied “I eat very fast. So my body can’t catch up to the speed”. When asked what kind of MC they do at their concert and Junsu answered “gag”. Jaejoong who said right away “Junsu’s the only one who is doing it. I don’t want to do it. But Junsu involves the other 4 so we have to do it” but Junsu who made excuses saying “I don’t want to do it either! But I have the pressure that I have to. Everyone is waiting for it”. Its okay..we know you like it.

L- Picked to be the Leader by himself (from Hey!hey!hey!)
This is what Jaejoong said when explaining why Yunho’s the leader. When Matsumoto Hitoshi from Downtwon asked “who is the leader? How did he get picked?” Yunho said “there no specific reason” but Jaejoong added “he’s doing the leader on his own ” to this Downtown seemed surprised!

M- Maji Urusai Junsu (seriously/really loud Junsu)(from Ontama)
Jaejoongs comment towards Junsu who won’t stop stalking. “If Junsu would be quiet I think the dressing room would be quiet too” said Jaejoong. Junsu who passionately said “I sacrifice myself to make the members tense feelings go away.” Changmin who made everyone laugh by saying “That’s useless self-sacrifice”. While everyone was laughing Jaejoong was reading the e-mail shown on the monitor and commented “maji urusai Junsu (seriously/really loud Junsu)!”


N- heart is full with Nattou (oshareism)
Junsu who loves Nattou. Yunho said “Junsu eats nattou as a snack”. Junsu said “Just with Nattou I get excited! Just looking at it makes my heart full!” he said relaxed.
Changmin who said a complaint representing the members “sometimes he eats nattou in the back seat! Its really troubling!”. Even with this complaint Junsu said “Just nattou and rice makes my heart full” and just kept talking on.

- Nikkan oufuku 35times and 20 times (how many times they went to Japan and Korea) (from Japan Record Award)
This is how many times they went to Japan and Korea in 2008,2009. This was from the Japan Record Awards which they received the best work award 2 years in a row. And as they looked back at the year this was the amount they went to Japan and Korea. To this number Jaejoong said “we’re completely fine!” and Junsu who said ” we get power (from the fans)”

Trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
Shared by: sharingyoochun.net + DBSKnights


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