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Monday, May 24, 2010

[TRANS] 100523 Smart Editor's Blog - Junsu Shooting Report Vol.3


Soon, smart's July issue,
that Junsu will be on will be released!
Look forward to it~♪

I wanted to introduce more before the release,
and the shooting report is nearing its climax soon.

By the way, vol.2 of the report,
Did everyone read it???

It was during then,
Where we updated this blog a lot,
Are there any that didn't notice?

Vol.2 of the report is here!
http://blog.smart.tk...es/1366778.html (http://tohosomnia.ne...ng-report-vol2/)

In the last report, we introduced about the shooting scenes,
But this time is about after the photoshoot.

Cool pictures were perfectly taken,
And in the midst of the staff congratulating,
This time's photoshoot ended well.

But, Junsu still had one thing to do,
He had one big job left to do.
Yes, it's the present to the readers,
A polaroid picture to take, and to sign it!

The polaroid present from last time,
really received a lot of requests,
so thank you all very much!

We really received a lot of postcards from everyone,
And after we sent them, Junsu's reply was
"Really? I'm so happy!!"
along with a happy smiling face!

This time too, please send in your requests
We're waiting for them!

After signing, and putting back on his own clothes,
Junsu still had to go to his next schedule,
And moved to another location...

Even though he should of been tired,
He kept his smile and did his greetings right till the end,
He really is a nice person,
And I felt that again!
And then, I felt very energised from that (laughs)

The shooting report is now finished.
And to the readers of this blog,
And especially the name of the brand that Junsu collaborated with,
We'll release the name now!~

That, is this!!!

It's only a picture of part of the cover,
But can you see it?

That's right, it's "that" PRADA!
A huge Italian brand,
PRADA and Junsu's,
Super rare collaboration!

A super star and super brand,
To see this special pairing,
It's only on smart!!!

This time's special,
has more pages than last time,
and you can see different expressions of Junsu!

With a brand like PRADA,
To wear it so elegantly,
There really aren't many who can pull it off, seriously!

Junsu wearing PRADA,
Kitagawa Keiko, AKB48
and such popular people gathered together,
and on top of that, Miwa Akihiro (!) will be featured too
smart July issue will be released on the 24th of May!


Source: [smart blog + XIAHKING]
Translation Credits: tvxq_luv@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
Please do not add on/remove credits


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