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Monday, June 14, 2010

[FANACCOUNT] 100612 JYJ - Thanksgiving Live at Tokyo Dome Day 1 (PART 2)

My heart is still thumping restlessly… What should I write? Ahh Yoochun ah... I love you

Basically, I couldn’t stop screaming ‘Yoochun’

There was a lot of musical equipment blocking my line of vision, so I missed out on some parts of the performance.

But it was a magical seat~~ I was directly in front of one of the stages, 3 lines back~

It wasn’t very close! Lol

When the live show started, Junsu appeared right before my eyes!! Kyaaaaa~~~~~

All three of them were teary eyed from the beginning…

Throughout the concert, each of the 3 members sang in front of me periodically

Listening to their voices so closely, I felt like they were singing for me alone

Yoochun was very shy, so he didn’t look this way very often… But after 2 times, I finally caught his eye~~

Junsu ah~~~ His voice was amazing! It’s no wonder they call him Asia's top singer!

The high school student next to me was a Jaejoong fan, and everytime he came close to us, she’d start screaming. Hahaha

I felt like I was living a dream when Yoochun crossed the top of my head on his ladder… I was only 4-5 metres away from them!!!

Yoochun… his butt is really small..kekeke..

Jaejoong… his skin is so pale…

The signed ball Junsu threw landed nearby… A war broke out between three mother fans who fought over it as though they were scrambling to pick up discounted goods in a supermarket~~

They continued to squabble and fight even after one of the fans successfully took it… In the end, they had to call the security guards over to settle everything… Seeing such a terrifying side of these women… kekeke…

When Yoochun started ‘My Girlfriend’, I thought maybe he’d pick me!

Eventually, even though he looked in my direction, he picked a 16 year old student who was closer to the front… She was so cute!

During ‘Colors’, Jaejoong came on stage right before my eyes yet again!

Oh god! Jaejoong ah! The child next to me was so touched, she started crying… kekeke…

But it was truly amazing…

I’d really like to go through the tracklist…

In the end, all three of them came over to greet us… Yoochun was crying… I kept watching him, the cute, yet shy Yoochun

Thank you. The things you're feeling deep down, we understand, we can feel it...

When they’re looking in this direction… it really is different to watch their performances live. They put their heart and soul into each of their songs, and this will no doubt leave a mark in everybody’s hearts.

The three of them must be suffering immensely deep down… Even though HoMin couldn’t be there, I’m sure they will receive their sentiments!

Source: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


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