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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[TRANS] 100613 The Tokyo Dome Performance “Just Being Able To See Your Smiling Faces Makes This Live Meaningful”

Tohoshinki members Junsu, Jejung and Yuchun, whose group has currently paused all activities, held the final leg of their Dome Tour on June 13th at Tokyo Dome.

◆Junsu, Jejung, Yuchun’s Photo Gallery@2010.06.13 JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME Tokyo Dome

This Dome tour was spread between two locations, Tokyo Dome and Kyocera Dome, and had four performances in total. There were over one million applications for tickets to all four concerts. They set a record for the biggest audience at the Kyocera Dome legs, held on June 5th and 6th, with 46,000 people showing up per day; this was a performance Tohoshinki fans had been waiting for.

At the Tokyo Dome performance, which attracted 54,000 fans, the starting time passed and the opening video began. After each member spoke of their current plans on video, the three appeared from different sides and walked towards the center of the stage. There was no sound other than the loud cheers from the over 50,000 people who were there. And then the three reached the center stage. Jejung began with their new song, a medium tempo ballad titled “何時だって君に (For you, Always)”. Not one of them were smiling. However, it seemed as though their eyes were filled with happiness and gratefulness at being able to meet with their fans once more.

“We are happy that so many people came today like always. We will work as hard as we can, so please help us liven up the atmosphere.” – Junsu

“Are you well? This is Yuchun. Yes, I want to work hard till the end of… (Looks at the other members)? Don’t laugh. (Laughter) Please enjoy the performance till the end.” – Yuchun

“Hello everyone, this is Jejung. Are you well? We’ve come all the way from Osaka, and reached Tokyo Dome safely. We are thankful to see so many people here today. Many came to support us so we will smile in return. Enjoy the performance till the end.” – Jejung

During the live performances, the crowd would cheer every time the members’ gazes hit them as Jejung, Junsu and Yuchun moved around. On stage, Junsu interrogated Yuchun about the fact that, “During the drama shoot, you kissed(Aya Oomasa) without it being in the script”. The three replayed the best scenes from their dramas and made the audience laugh during their talks.

The three sang three new songs ‘君のために(For You)’, ‘Get Ready’, and ‘Long Way’, Junsu sang a song from his single “XIAH” which was released on May 26th, and the JEJUNG & YUCHUN duo sang both songs from their single “COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~/Shelter”. Yuchun & Jejung each sang a solo, and the three sang covers of J-POP songs, Hideaki Tokunaga’s ‘Rainy Blue’ and Kome Kome Club’s ‘君がいるだけで (As long as you’re here)’. During the cover of m-flo’s ‘Been so Long’, LISA appeared on stage as a guest and the four of them had the whole place fired up.

Yuchun chose 15-year-old Miki out of over 50,000 fans to sing ‘My Girlfriend’ to, inducing loud screams from the other females present as he placed his arm around her shoulder, held her hand and knelt as he presented her with flowers. Jejung’s rock solo ‘Maze’ covered the Dome in lasers, and the wind coming from below Jejung’s feet fired up the audience’s red glow (red is Tohoshinki’s color) even more. Junsu showed off a perfect dance performance with his song ‘XIAHTIC’ and showed off his muscles in a tank top as he danced seductively with female backdancers. The three sang eighteen songs, including an encore, for around three hours with 12 dancers, five band members and 70 support dancers.

“When it was decided that this performance would happen, I believe that you all decided to come here hoping to see our smiling faces rather than to hear our sad and unfortunate stories. On the first day in Osaka, because there were only three people on stage, I fought to hold back the tears I’d been storing from all the hard, sad things that have happened and all the things we haven’t been able to tell you. When we let out all our emotions at Osaka, it was so sad to see your crying faces, and I thought, “I shouldn’t cry in front of everyone.” I feel it is better to leave the stage as a place where we can show ourselves singing, dancing and enjoying our time there. Just being able to look you in the eye, see your smiling faces makes this Live so meaningful. I want to hold that pure emotion, that is like your smiling faces, and carry it with me as I sing with you by my side.” – Jejung

The three who said, “We shouldn’t show any tears on stage,” finished their final farewells and left the stage. As soon as they got off stage, they said, “We were happy,” with fat tears rolling down their cheeks.

And there is good news for those who could not make it to the dome tour. So that the three can send their gratitude to more people, the digest video of , which attracted 200,000 people in four days, will be available on mu-mo, NICONICO Videos and Myspace USTREAM for free. Furthermore, there is no need to log in to watch the video on NICONICO videos. This means that anyone can watch the video.

Digest Video Schedule
June 16th 9:00 pm
June 17th 1:00 pm
June 18th 9:00 pm
June 19th 1:00 pm / 9:00 pm
June 20th 1:00 pm / 9:00 pm

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