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Sunday, June 20, 2010

[TRANS] ODINA July Issue -- Junsu's Girls Award 2010 - TVXQ SPECIAL HISTORY2004~2010 (Part 1)

Junsu's Girls Award
Junsu who is having his solo activities, was performing in Girls' Grand Ceremonny 'Girls Award 2010'!
Junsu in his new image made his solo debut in 'Girls Award 2010'. The event was held on 22th of May, in 1st stadium of Yoyogi National Gymnasium, participated by popular models Marie, Yona, Lena Fujii, artists Natsuki Kato, IKKO, Akina Minami, Sasaki Nozomi and singers Kana Nishino, Meisa Kuroki, 青山teruma and the others (Erika Sawajiri's debut stage received the most support). Junsu as XIAH Junsu appeared finally at the last performance. When the music of his first single 'Intoxication' from his solo album started, the cheering of the audience reached its peak (exceeded the expectation for 20 times). There was a lot of people waving in red glow sticks, as if the nearly 12000 audience in that venue were all Junsu's fans. Under the stage lights, Junsu in black suits, along with his back dancers, dancing into his sexy dance, once in a while he will take off his jacket to show off his body. In second song 'Xiatic', he danced with female dancer, at that moment the venue was filled with fans' screaming. (Able to watch) the incendiary performance which full of charm of a man, for fans, who had waited for 6 hours was worth of it?! The single debuted On 26th of May, but unfortunately lost to AKB48 and came in 2nd place.

TVXQ special history 2004~2010

2004 Emergence of Dong Bang Shin Ki! Prologue of a Legendary Group
choir, acapella, dancing, these are essential qualification needed to be fulfilled by an idol group. However, it is difficult in pursuit of high quality skills in all members. Hence, under these circumstances, specialization among the members into member who is in charged of vocal, in charged of rap and in charged of dancing. However, it is totally different in DBSK. This group is formed by members who has capability to be the lead vocal equally.
DBSK begins on 14th January 2004, when debuted gorgeously with single 'HUG'. In Korea which was in the midst of cooling down Idol fever, even debuted may need to struggle (before achieving any result). However 'HUG' won no.1 in various musical programs for countless times, and gaining popularity rapidly. This is like the meanings that expressed in their group's title, the moment of 'Rising Gods of the East'
Later on, the boys who were instantly turn into popular singers released their first album 'TRI-ANGLE' in October the same year which sold a total of 100 thousand copies. With wining the Best New Artist award in the year end Musical Festival, they nominally, practically ranked among the top stars in Korea. At this time, a press conference was held in Narita International Airport, to prepare for their debut in Japan officially.

2005 As JPOP rookie, they tasted bitterness during their stay in Japan
Debuted only for 1 year, they already considered as top stars in Korea. Taking advantage of effects from Korean series drama 'Winter Sonata', went into Japan which was in the midst of Korean wave.
Although having possibilities in gaining popularity through debut, they did not take the short cut. In order to let their abilities being recognized, and to maintain long term popularity, although achieved extreme popularity in Korea, they still choose the path to debut as JPOP rookie. Five of them officially switched their activities towards Japan, and begin their life together in Tokyo.
After learning Japanese language and vocal practice, on 27th of April 2005, they released their first Japanese single 'Stay With me tonight', but it did not get the same response as they debuted in Korea. They can gather 50 000 fans during LIVE in Korea, but in Japan only 50 people. Walking on street, people surrounding them also won't be surprised... stunned and mortified by such kind of popularity, and the gap between their recognition in Korea and Japan, they even produced ideas to give up their activities in Japan. However they did not depressed because of that. In order to get recognition from Japanese, in order to understand the lyrics, and can communicate fluently, they put all their efforts in studying Japanese language.

2006 First LIVE tour -- Cumulative efforts begins to bear fruit
On 23rd March 2006, their first Japanese album 'Heart, Mind and Soul' was released. Their continuing and practical efforts started to display bits by bits, gradually gaining recognition and popularity. The close relationship between Tohoshinki members, their stiff but cute Japanese language, as well as the personalities of each member that showing off gradually, not only captured attentions of fans who are attracted to their songs, but also increasing in wide range of fans.
From 13th of May till 28th of June, they started their first ever Japanese LIVE tour '1st Live Tour 2006 ~Heart, Mind and Soul~'. This LIVE tour was performed in small scale, the tickets were all sold out within 1 day. In this LIVE tour, the members probably had concrete feelings towards their activities in Japan for the first time. In summer, they took part in grand musical festival - 'a-nation' which was organized by their Japanese Record Company for the first time. There should be a lot of fans who were influenced by their high quality enthusiastic performance at that time. This year was the year of LIVE, in February there was 'The 1st Live Concert Rising Sun' in Korea, in July was 1st live tour 'Rising Sun 1st Asia Tour' which unfolded in Malaysia, Thailand.

2007 Realization of Live Tour in Budokan, Moments of Locking vertex
DBSK besides focused their activities in Japan, they also maintained their regular activities in Korea. In 2005, they released 2nd album 'Rising Sun'. In between, they still released their mini album, and performed in 3 different live tours. No matter how young they were, their exhaustion in these densely packed schedule was beyond imagination. Therefore, there was quarrel between members during dance practice for LIVE.(I think this sentence referred to the scene found in the film 'Vacation' = =)
Under these circumstances, they still released 7 singles and their 2nd album 'Five In The Black' in Japan. In May they began their '2nd Live Tour 2007- Five in The Black', performed in Budokan for additional 2 days which attracted a total of 22,000 fans. With a grand total of 77,000 fans, it showed more affection if compared to 1st live tour. And starting from that moment, their single debuted in upper position on the Oricon chart for the first time. It was not far from the day when TVXQ Fever swept through Japan.

Credits: TVXQBaidu + XIAH俊秀吧
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights


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