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Sunday, June 6, 2010

[FANACCNTS] 100605 JYJ - Thanksgiving Live in Dome Day 1

Account #1
I’m back.

Just want to talk, and reveal some information
Those that are planning on going, please don’t look
Because the stage was in the middle, you can see very clearly
I felt that way.

Maybe just for today. But they gave Yoochun a birthday surprise
In the beginning, there was a video “Yoochun’s birthday surprise plan”
(this was in Korean)

“Be ready” appeared on the screen, asking everyone to pose in a love you position

Who prepared this one?
When Jaejoong and Junsu were singing, they said “Yoochun, Happy Birthday!”
After that “Be Ready” everyone posed in the love you position
Yoochun said “What~~~?” He was very happy when saying it
Though there wasn’t a cake

Junsu says “Yoochun gets to celebrate his birthday at a concert every time, very envious. Next time, I will have a concert on my birthday too!”
That will be December 15th

There was a special guest
Not sure if this person, from m-flow, will apear every time
Songs include solos, j-pop and western style. There were new songs, and encore. It lasted for 3 hours.
At the end, there were jyj’s promotion dvd
Even though they say the encore new song is for “singing today’s feelings”
But it feels like it was sang for the other two members.
I will go again tomorrow.

Account #2
I don’t want to write an report
just want to express how I feel
I may reveal some information though
When the area turned black
There appeared a red sea

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

The dome as an entirety was very beautiful
As the three of them got on stage I began thinking
Is this real?
I was excited to the point where I couldn’t believe
until the end when I saw the DVD
I had this floating feeling

But after hearing their voices
Seeing them in front of my eyes
I cried
Starting from the first song
Jaejoong cried
Even though he repeated a lot
But he was restless
The three member’s expressions
Seemed to convey this feeling
From the very first song
Tears began the live concert

I wish with all my heart
That they could smile as much as possible
When they cry, we will cry with them
I want the live concert to be like this

If there’s restlessness and pain
Let us share it together
If there are happiness
Let it double
This is really my thought

The last MC part
When they were telling us
Jaejoong’s restlessness
Yoochun almost reading his limit
Junsu feeling there is only singing
Anything and everthing
They just want to tell us
Jut want to express to us their feelings

The three of them that used their heart to sing until the end
Thank you all so much

Yunho and Changmin
Please come and support them
The three of them miss you two so much
It must be this way

Maybe they need more time
But I hope one day we’ll see the stage that belongs to all 5 of them

This is a good wish
These five stars
Must shine continuously. Cassiopeia.

Account #3
Areas C and D were the best places
There were three areas in front of the stage

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
And there’s one in the back
Jaejoong cried in the first song, I did as well.
Everyone was smiling welcoming us there
Trying to smile, trying so hard, but were still restless
When they entered, Jaejoong was in the back.
In the front were Yoocun and Junsu
Wearing white shirts
The came on stage with a very subtle expression
Jaejoong’s expression felt very laborious
Seeing his face, I was also restless
The first songs, the lyrics were amazing.
About meeting again.
JYJ and our feelings were the same.
So Jaejoong cried starting from the beginning
There were J-Pop and K-Pop
Xiah Junsu danced and sang
Yoochun and Jaejoong’s dance in intoxication was also amazing
Lisa and Jaejoong had performed together.

Account #4
This arena was only a little smaller than Tokyo Dome
But for just the three of them it might have been too big

The stage was arranged like this
In the center was the main stage
From the middle there were stages extending in four directions

At first there was a video of Junsu, followed by Jaejoong, Yoochun
Everyone talked about how the felt about this live concert
(I was too excited so I couldn’t hear the content……)

The the three members appeared on stage
Wearing white tuxes
Sang a song on stage, it was probably a new song.
Even though I can’t really remember the lyrics
But it had the feeling of “Want to meet you”

Jaejoong cried
Followed by Yoochun… In the end Junsu cried too

The 3 of them used the sadness never expressed before to sing this song


“Didn’t think this many people would come… Really appreciate it”
Felt like there wasn’t much spirit in this MC

Yoochun and Junsu seemed more rested when they saw so many fans there
Untl the end, Jaejoong looked like he was restless and wanted to cry…

As long as the three of them are standing on stage everything will be alright…
I always thought this way

I really want to eliminate the restless feeling

The second song is Shelter
Can’t remember, but it seems like the two of them came out and walked to where it was closest to the fans.

The third song is Beautiful Love 君がいれば
Jaejoong really can sing (T/N: I thought Junsu sings this song? typo?)
This song expresses love
Even though this is just the 2nd song he sang, he was sweating already

Seems like he used his whole body to perform music, Junsu himself is like an instrument


When the 2nd MS first started, Yoochun walked to where Junsu stood
Yoochun came out from the side

Shook hands with fans, being in Japan is really precious and lucky
So envious

Junsu asked everyone “Did you see Yoochun’s drama?”
Yoochun said “Someone didn’t see it!”

Then Jaejoong got on stage
Talked a lot about topics related to his drama

The forth song is 悲しみのゆくえ

From topics revolving around the drama to topics of the theme song
It is still impressive
In the middle of the song they showed the drama scenes
Hearing Junsu’s song, I got goosebumps

The fifth song is For you
Jaejoong’s solo
Maybe because Japanese fans also listen to Korean songs, so he sang a Korean song ^^

The 6th song is Tokyo Lovelight

Yoochun have collaborated with someone on this song before
Jaejoong and Junsu came out swinging towels^^ Jaejoong wore a pink T-shirt, Junsu’s was yellow green
The stage that allows them to get as close to fans as possible is awesome

The 7th song is Been So Long

Never thought I would have the chance to listen to this song live
Lisa appeared, Jaejoong’s parts were cut short, it was a little disappointing

I will stop here for today!

source: various Japanese blogs
credit: baidutvxq+withTVXQforever
trans by: sharingyoochun.net
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + DBSKnights


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