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Sunday, June 6, 2010

[FANACCNTS] 100605 JYJ - Thanksgiving Live in Dome Day 1

(2nd fanaccount, I'm going to share)

Today at 1:37pm
FANACCOUNT: JYJ Thanksgiving Concert at Kyocera Dome Osaka
[Make room for things lost in translation, thanks. Square brackets are my thoughts.]

Lights went out a little after 18:00. First shots onscreen were individual interviews of the 3.

+ Title Unknown
I didn't catch the title, but it featured the three.
A ballad.
Rather than upbeat songs, they chose this kind of song to sing.
I'm starting to tear up at this point.
Its a joy hearing these three voices, but not hearing five makes me lonely.
Its the same with the others, I think, as we listen to this song.
Jae started to cry while singing.
I've never seen a man cry so so beautifully, really.
While watching, I cried even more.

After the song ended, there was a little MC.
"I was anxious about whether everyone will come."
Aah, I don't remember the order but bear with me.

If you ~Beautiful Love~ (Junsu)
He sang on the main stage while Yuchun's drama MV was screening.
It was the first time hearing it live today!
Jaejoong joked about the drama during the MC, "I heard a rumor that Yuchun tried kissing even though there wasn't any in the script."
Yuchun laughed and fervently denied it lol

+ Shelter (Jae & Yuchun)
I love love this song! ^^
Jae's hair is Dr's, Junsu is Junsu's, while Yuhcun is...how do I say it...since when did your hair grow so long? I'm not even sure if its his real hair.
It kind of reminds me of Changmin's hair in FITB...

+ 君のために←めっちゃ曖昧(?) (Jae)
Before the start of this song
"How are you guys?"
"How have you been?"
Are you guys alright?"
I heared over and over.
I couldn't answer...because I was wasn't ok.
I was crying.
I'm sorry, Jae. But I didn't want to lie. 'Mianhe.'
"I've prepared a Korean song, I hope you guys will listen."
It's one of his favorite Korean songs.
I vaguely remember the title, but there was a Japanese translation onscreen.
"Because I'm dangerous, I'll leave to you."
[mishi: here's the song with eng subs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKsTISXYK_Q ]
[ http://www.youtube.com/watch#!v=UjLvQWiINNg&feature=channel ]

+ English Songs (JYJ)
I didn't know any of the titles.
They roamed around the runways while singing.
[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDTPl49e6xw&feature=player_embedded ]

+ Been So Long (Jae & Yuchun)
The M-flo tribute song
Plus a special guest appearance!
Its really LISA! :D
I could see this performance quite clearly bc I was the first seat near the end of the runway! Really exciting~

From Yumi-chan. i <3>
Translation: frostedchinadoll @ cassph.org
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